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The Old School Project started at March 2013 as a traditional coffeehouse in Thessaloniki.
Among other ideas web radio prevailed and after a year of preparations started to broadcast, at 30/5/2014, transforming The Old School Project at the first coffee house in Greece with its own internet radio station.

A unique and innovative distinction is the combination of a coffee house and a radio station, as the radio shows are broadcast, worldwide, from inside the café, offering guests the chance to watch the shows live, in a specially designed studio. Enjoy some quality classic, rock, blues, jazz, funk and pop music, meet our partners and follow the producers and their shows.

With this monthly paper, The Old School Project – Typography brings radio words into written speech offering relaxing moments with its interesting topics.

Priority of the station is to promote bands from around the world and their work by broadcasting their songs, promoting their news and events.


Finally  there is a Trading Library in the coffeehouse with the purpose to trade books of famous writers and also give the opportunity to the new ones to promote their books.

Goal of The Old School Project is to expand the relations with the music world, be an elegant part of the people who surround it and enrich its activities with innovative ideas so that in the end you could say that it offers as much as possible in what is called Creation.

Our Passion to Create

The Old School’s web radio incorporates radio broadcasts in the physical space of the coffeehouse

with the priority to present to it’s fans upcoming bands and artists promoting their work, events and news through live shows and interviews.

You can also listen live from your player here or find us on TuneIn App by searching The Old School Project

 For those about to join ….. We salute you!

 We invite all the bands and artists who would like to share, promote their work and join our Project.

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  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday

  • Youth T-issue

    Youth T-issue

    Evi Andrikopoulou at 16:00-18:00


  • The Trading Library Show

    The Trading Library Show

    Free Spot at 16:00-18:00

    Literature/Book Presentation/Interviews

  • Wednesday


    Choose Your Hours

    Be A Slinger

  • Glossological Roots

    Glossological Roots

    Eleftheria Goulioti at 16:00-18:00

    The Origin And The Evolution Of Words

  • Friday


    Choose Your Hours

    Be A Slinger

  • Tuesday


    Choose Your Hours

    Be A Slinger

  • Post Office

    Post Office

    Andri Flourentzou at 18:00-20:00


  • The Buddings

    The Buddings

    Free Spot at 18:00-20:00


  • InvestiNations Center

    InvestiNations Center

    George Papadopoulos at 18:00-20:00


  • Nipping Duck

    Nipping Duck

    Free spot at 18:00-20:00

    Comedy Show

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