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Highlights from The States December 2nd

Written by The States

Well it was a blast!

As expected!

And we are not just referring The States, which as you will see below, rewarded their audience, but we also refer to the fans who participated so actively on Saturday night at the Rock House Ocala.

And thank you for that!

A little taste of some new music from Rock House Ocala last night . . #wearethestates #fragilelines #livevideo #live #video #alternative #rock #indie

Posted by THE STATES on Sunday, 3 December 2017



And as we promised ... the vote for the best photo of the evening.

The Prize: A uinique handmade backpack by Handy Ingenious Tools, worth 70,00 euros

! Vote only one person ! Click on picture for a better look ! Every one can vote so share the news The vote will end on Friday night !

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The States Rock House Band Best Picture

NOTE for the next time*

You do not have to be a professional photographer or take the best shot of the galaxy. Here on The Old School Project we applaud the effort and the good will to participate.

This is how The Old School Project do things... Stay Close … More To Come!

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