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It’s just another way to be heard

Written by A Second Life

One of the best bands that separated from the massive attendance in the third campaign of The Old School Project is A Second Life. As they say, we're taking a ride, going a journey, living an adventure. Hop on and enjoy it with us!

This can be understood with certainty by the social media of the band and its members personally, not only for the continuous updates on the band's progress but also for the participation in small but also big events.

An initiative that confirms the band's intention to be heard and to help other bands to be heard is the list they have created at Spotify where artists can add their music and thus have a supportive and musical brainstorming.

Chris's motto in our communication was "It's just another way to be heard."

So bands and artists do not hesitate to contact Chris to add your tracks.

The goal is 10,000 followers.

Since you've come so far ...

.... we would like to inform you about The Old School Project's operation. Over time, the number of people interested in The Old School Project has steadily increased. Unlike other websites and online media, the core of The Old School Project is not the well-known journalists and radio producers, but the young people in the field of journalism who nevertheless worthy of their place. Therefore, the resources for running The Old School Project, which requires time, money and hard work, come only from its physical place, the coffeehouse.

So to continue to provide our services to upcoming bands / artists, giving the opportunity to new journalists publish their articles, and to develop our innovative ideas, we ask you to devote a minute of your time and become a part of The Old School Project.

You want to go bigger? Enter your own contribution amount.


In the middle of May will be hosted by the Montauk Music Festival 2018 where A Second Life will be on stage for 4 days !!!

About a month away we play for 4 Days Out-in Montauk. We can not wait !!!! as Chris has recently informed us.

About Montauk Music Festival 2018

The Ninth Annual Montauk Music Festival is to be held on May 17 - 20, 2018, and will feature over 100 bands and singer/song writers to perform over 400 shows. These shows will take place at over 40 different Montauk restaurants and venues, as well as free open air concerts at the Gazebo on the Green. It will feature original music of all types, including rock, pop, Americana, alternative, reggae, blues, jazz, flamenco and country.

The Montauk Music Festival is a volunteer-run, grassroots live music event designed to celebrate, support, and promote the thriving Montauk music scene while showcasing and stimulating the burgeoning artistic, commercial and pedestrian activity in Montauk. The festival would not be possible without the generous support by businesses and individuals who, like the festival organizers, are dedicated to nurturing this vital component of the area's culture. Past performers include: Urban Sun, One Love, The Folkadelics, Love In Stockholm, Split Tongue Crow, Jonathan Fritz, Zap & The Naturals, Chris Merritt, Otis, Eleanor Dubinsky, Oogee Wawa, Kaydi Johnson, Swamp Cabbage and many more.

Montauk + Music + Friends + Family = The Perfect Weekend



In the near future, 12 May at 22:00, A Second Life will appear at The Bitter End for a night that promises to last until the morning.

Tickets $15.

Come rock all night and After party till the Am !

Stay Close Support and Enjoy!

The Old School Project - Representing A Generation -

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