Thursday, 21 June 2018 00:00

[Acoustic LIVE] @LaGrma

Written by Slow Motion Suicide

Recorded live @LaGrma

Mixed & Mastered by The Bald Man Himself, I.Rogovic

Shot & Directed by V. Rapo

Edited by H. C. Baudelaire Baudoin

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Why am I the only one?

Who can see thru this facade

Viciously I raise the gun

Silently I kill your God

Chamber's cold, I'm like the Sun

Bullet ride and spitting blood

Chewing foil and pulling teeth

Forgot to breathe...

Mother, this fear just won't go away

Father, animal inside of me

Mother, my mind playing tricks on me

Father, throw away the key

Iron bars defy the sun

Moon is casting shadows down

Fly away on paper wings

Don't you think that...

As dark fades right before the daw

Love is a game and I'm merely a pawn

As dark fades right before the dawn

Love is a game and I'm merely a pawn

About The Band

Name of the band comes from the idiom of everything pretty and ugly that is slowly and unknowingly killing us, like junk food after a bad hangover, witty beautiful women, cigarettes after sex, guilty conscience, or laziness in the Sunday afternoon.

Slow Motion Suicide is a collective of human beings crafting melodies for maladies (and ladies) in the 21st century. A four-piece band supported by a wall of sound in our live performance influenced by everything and anything simple, sounding unlike anything else you’ve ever heard whilst sounding exactly like everything else you would ever want to hear.

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