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Queens Over Kings EP Review

Written by Sophia Garvey

QOK are a family band from North Virginia formed in 2009. The band is lead by vocalist/pianist Ingrid Roberts and singer/songwriter Kristyn Roberts, who mange to harmonize and pave the way for the musical accompaniment led by guitarist Jerald Roberts, bassist Loren Roberts and drummer Hallie Roberts. The band gained attention by winning the North Virginia Best Nova Band award, which has gained them more fans, and a wider range of listeners. The band is able to work cohesively, and quickly to create impactful and honest songs, which is uncommon in many other family orientated bands.

The songs themselves are a mystery. The lyrics depict some of the harsh realities that people go though day to day, which helps the listeners to connect more with the music. The mystery is created when the harsh lyrics are sugar coated by the sweet and whimsical musical accompaniment. The band has managed to create an EP that takes you on a journey from one genre and message to another, and it exposes you to a whole new side of music- its up to you to decide if you are willing to take the leap.

Opener Family Affair is impactful with its reggae groove and pop vocals. The song highlights the many emotions felt during a family gathering and its relatable to many people. The reggae beat keeps the listener interested and the vocals provide an extra layer to the song.

About A Boy is a heartbreak anthem. The shared vocals allow the listener to experience the heartbreak from two different people and it exploits the sad truth about some relationships, which is what people need to hear about. The nursery rhyme rap helps carry the song along and highlights the childish feelings that arise during heartbreak.

Lock And Key, is to me a song about loving yourself, with the chorus about having beauty on the inside. The guitar in the background during the verse helps the build up of the guitar-orientated chorus, which makes the message more impactful and easier to understand.

Always is the complete opposite to About a boy. It most definitely is a love song. The guitar is very catchy and the tight drumming pattern creates a rhythmic structure that you can’t help but feel hooked to. The soft vocals match the guitar and drums perfectly and create a soothing harmony.

Finally, the song Unknown Soldier is a lot harder hitting with its rock sound however, there is a sci-fi feel to the song at the start. The lyrics depict someone who feels like they don’t fit in which many people do today. The up to date song meaning helps the listeners connect, and this allows people of all ages to listen and agree with the song.

Overall, the EP is something that you need to listen to and soak in, in order to understand the full effect it can create. It has the potential to mend broken hearts or have you weeping. QOK are on the rise, and are a band you need to watch out for. The 5 track EP is certainly something.

Read more about the QOK here.

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Written by Sophia Garvey - Singapore

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