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Take Your Pick. High Quality Bands Just Found

Written by The Old School Project

Joy Conaway


Joy Conaway is a singer-songwriter currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Fueled by her desire to inspire, uplift and spread JOY to others through her music, she comforts and excites the soul through every lyric and note. Her EP, "A Tale of Joy & Sorrow", written and produced by The Gigabots (Douglas Whatley & Prem Midha), is available for FREE download. The story of Joy Conaway has just begun.

For Joy Conaway all that matters is music so on the official website you will encounter first her songs and videos. You can feel her presence with the sensual backgrounds. Social media are available and you can find them at the bootom of the website.





ZØYA is an independent recording artist, singer-songwriter, musician and storyteller based in Los Angeles, CA. Her raspy, pure, emotional vocals along with unique and spunky presence on stage will wake you up if you're asleep and surely will grab your attention right away. The largest part of her music is about struggles that she was going through in her life, especially during her teenage years. Her songs are for those who need encouragement or a positive vibe throughout their day. Though mistreated by others in the past, ZØYA now imbues her music with the kind of soul somebody only gets by aligning an inner fire with a greater power.

A very well structured website boys and gilrs full of informations and profecional photographs of ZØYA. On stage or not. Very cool feature the spot where news and events are gathered on the center of the home page. Very rich social media presence also. Highlight of the website ZØYA's tour dates schedule.

P.S The old school background photo kicks ….


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Of Sea and Stone


Of Sea and Stone is an emerging Americana duo known for their polished vocal harmonies and intimate songwriting. Their sound ranges from joyful to solemn, hopeful to desperate, with raw, honest lyrics carried by their haunting melodies. The duo consists of Luke Dierker and Morgan Dierker, who met in January 2014 through the popular dating app Tinder. The two quickly discovered their natural vocal chemistry and began writing together in Morgan’s hometown of Columbia, MO. The following week, the two performed their first show at Gunter Hans, a small German café in Columbia. After a few years of regularly performing in Columbia, the two got married and moved to Austin, TX.

The Americana duo introduce it self with few HD photos and connects with the music community right aways with their social media options that you can find on the top of the website.

Music, media and tour options are in the front line for the visitors. An on line shop is open too with a special item, handy and needed for the lovers of cold refreshments or beer (beer for me boys and girls).





WD-HAN is an alternative indie rock band based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The band took its original form with Cal Henry on guitar, jamming and writing with high school friends. In need of a name, WD-HAN was considered and loved instantly.
Over the following years as the band continued to write new music and play bigger and better gigs they started to build a following. With the addition of Lea Campbell on drums and Spencer Barnes as the band’s front man, they developed their own kind of pop rock sound heavily influenced by a love of classic rock and blues.

There is only one word to describe a band with a girl on the drum set. F@@ing Gorgeous (two words but worth it).

The band as it seems cares more about the right promotion of their music. A very cool feauture is on the home page the new album promotion with a player to listen and buy their songs. An on line shop is active where you can buy T-shirts or the new album.

Social media are available too on every page on the right.

Something that the band must add on the website is the band's BIO.

Highlight of the band it is the very clever name. In fact it is more a statement of the band that they (We) Don’t Have A Name!

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