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New Gems Rising

Written by Anselm Anderson

Joel Cross


Joel Cross is a Grammy- Nominated soul singer from Texas, whom achieved global stardom after his rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off “received over a million views on You Tube. Cross soon attracted the interest of Capitol Records, America’s Got Talent and Grammy- Award winner Indi Arie, whom he collaborated with on her award winning 2017 album “Songsversation: Medicine. Cross is currently recording the follow up entitled Worthy . Cross’ voice is strong, enriched in heart and raw emotion that will be difficult not to appreciate with elements of gospel incorporated into the sound. India Arie describes Cross’s voice as “beautiful baritone coming from a beautiful heart”. 

This is another well-presented site with striking images of Cross that conveys the message of a talented singer with some links to music, videos, lyrics and a compelling biography.

This is another compelling account featuring updates on cross’s performances, Magazine appearances, photos of friends and fans, plus videos of covers too. This is an all-round informative account that appeals to all fans.



It was whilst in Boarding School, Danish Grunge rockers’ InCrest were formed by Male Slywest, Jonas Tange and former Bassist Jonas Berthelsen in 2003.

The band initially formed through the inspiration of nineties' acts like Soundgarden and Nirvana with the intentions of emulating them.

In 2007, Berthelsen was replaced by Ande Hagedorn- Olson, which soon saw the band change musical direction into a more progressive sound, incorporating bands such as Tool and Porcupine Tree.. They play roaring melodies and frantic guitar- orientated rock with thought-provoking lyrics. They have released two studio albums thus far; The 2014 Rubicon Atlas & this year’s latest release The Ladder, The Climb and The Fall.

This is an accessible site with a strong colour coordination that is easy to maneuver. There are latest news updates from the band’s social accounts, music videos, photos and an informative biography. I feel this an efficient site for new fans.

This is another organized account with regular updates on the band’s promo, plus photos of the band relaxing, as well as videos of them on tour. This is certainly enough to pique the interest.

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Billy Thompson


Billy Thompson is a wily veteran, whose songwriting, slide guitar technique and performances have won him new fans across USA. His music has been described as “Hendrix meets Little Feat”. Thompson has performed with fellow veterans such as Albert King and Art Neville, along with opening up for Robert Cray and Sonny Landreth.

His styles incorporate a large pool of genres like funk, blues, rock and soul.

Billy Thompson recently released his 8th studio album BT”.

As with all the pages I have reviewed thus far, this is another well maintained site I enjoyed perusing. I can tell Thompson is a well-respected musician by the way it has been presented. I liked how it wasn’t flash and bright, which made it easy to read. There are some reviews under the news section for all of us music writers to look through (smiley face), alongside tour dates, photos of Thompson with the legendary itinerary he has befriended. There are also recordings and an endorsement link, which can be of interest to any musician out there. 

This site doesn’t have much information in comparison to the homepage. The posts are more geared towards promoting gigs, rather than informing new fans. The videos are a nice touch with some performances with renowned musicians, and the photos show Thompson’s fun side .

Greg Larkin


Greg Larkin is a something of an unusual prodigy. The self- taught guitarist plays largely acoustic instrumental through a fingerpicking/tapping style, which creates a feeling there are more than one guitar playing at once. He has been touring for 6 years, supporting stars like Nick Harper, Arthur Brown & Wallis Bird. Larkin incorporates different genres like Jazz, Blues, Latin fusion etc. Larkin recently began work with numerous figures in the world of Electronica, Jazz, Trip- Hop and Hip Hop.

Larkin recently featured on the DRS track “Your Name” with Hip Hop artist Skittles.

My first thoughts on visiting where how it is self- managed. There is little to suggest this may be a musician’s webpage, except for a gig update and a background picture of a guitar. I felt this changed when I clicked on the about section. Larkin writes a warm and personal introduction of his abilities alongside a collection of music videos and performances. I felt this was a positive for new fans. There are no photos, However, the links to Larkin’s Three albums give fans plenty to sink their teeth into.

This is another good social media page that offers more than the webpage. There are some more videos of Larkin on stage, which feels very intimate. There are regular updates on upcoming gigs and news on appearances Also, there are some great links to music too. I felt this site appealed more to the listener.

Katie Rose


Katie Rose is a Multi- Instrumentalist/ Singer/ Songwriter from Taledo, Washington. She combines Blues, Pop, rock, Soul, Latin and Reggae to create powerful choruses and easy listening beats that will leave you feeling relaxed. Rose began singing at a young age; her first performance was aged 9 at a Local Eagles show. Rose has gone on to perform with her own band, The Fun addicts, and currently attends Berklee College of Music.

I felt this was a professionally run site that appeals to visitors alike. There is a large background photo of Rose with a guitar, which instantly tells me she is a musician. The interface is easy to maneuver; plus, there is easy access to music, videos of Rose performing, as well as some lovely photos of rose out and about.

This is a nicely organized account that is targeted towards fans. There are some nice photos’ that mix performance and personal pics, which I felt involves fans There are some fun videos that appear to be recorded on home video too. The only negative point is there is little updates, but rather repeated promotion of the singer’s reverb nation page.

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Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

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