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Artists To Keep Your Eye On

Written by Nicole Mendes

Rai Kah Mercury


Rai Kah Mercury is a three-piece blues-rock band hailing from Staffordshire, England. Defining their music as both 'delicate and chaotic glory', the band members captivate listeners through the complex web they weave in their melodies. Influences range from Joy Division to Radiohead and Crazy House; however, once you heard the artists start to play, you will discover signature pieces that pure Rai Kah Mercury.

Rai Kah Mercury is:

Tomas Crean on guitar and lead vocals.
Reese Schaefer on bass.
Joshua Anthony Lowe on drums.

Rai Kah Mercury released their debut single, 'Terror Incognita', in September 2018, which was well received by audiences.

https://www.facebook.com/raikahmercury/ - the band maintains their Facebook site well and keeps it frequently updated with gig listing and media exposure. They have an array of videos and photos, as well as all information required for contacting the band.

ReverbNation - a good and simple Reverbnation profile page acting as an official website. Clear access to music, photos, videos and gig listings (including Google maps). Great for both fans and press to follow.


Emily Lockett


Emily Lockett is a singer/songwriter from Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Using a style somewhere between folk and modern pop, Emily has sincerity to her voice that is endearing. Having received acclaim from different music blogs and performing live on radio stations such as BBC Radio Stoke and Cannock Choice Radio, Emily is building a name for herself.

Emily recently won the British Country Airplay's 'Artist of The Year 2018 Peoples Vote'.

https://www.facebook.com/EmilyLockettMusic/ - regularly updated with posts regarding new gigs, media exposure and mentions of upcoming plans. Many performance videos available with photographs for fans to enjoy; however, the contact information is limited.

https://www.emilylockett.co.uk/ - the official website is more informative than Emily's social media platforms. A list of upcoming gigs is immediately available with information of the event, as well as a playlist of Emily's music. The news link below is updated regularly, and you can see that this website is managed by Emily through the personal writing style.


All From Nothing


All the way from Emporia, Kansas come five young Americans to form the rock band All From Nothing. Mixing alternative, modern and hard rock styles, the five-piece are slowly building a fan base while playing gigs, writing music and releasing videos left, right and centre. Their influences range from pop-punk icons Blink 182 to alternative rockers Rise Against.

All From Nothing are:

Jeff Kitselman on lead vocals.
Sage Thurston on guitar and backing vocals.
Gabriel Maruda on guitar and backing vocals.
Josh Pavlik on bass.
James Lee on drums.

All From Nothing released their video 'Burning Trees' on October 11th, 2018.

https://www.facebook.com/AllFromNothing/ - the social media account is well-maintained with regular updates on releases, gigs, and further media exposure. An array of photographs and videos are available allowing fans to view band performances. The appropriate amount of band contact information is available, with some personal features to the 'about' section making it a little less business-like.

https://www.reverbnation.com/AllFromNothing - Reverbnation accounts are ideal as band websites because the site has demarcated sections devoted to shows, music playlists and a band biography. The site is updated regularly, but not as regularly as the Facebook account.



Burying the hatchet is always a good thing, as long as it's used as a metaphor and not a real hatchet buried in someone's head. Strong evidence of this is the indie rock four-piece from Portland, Oregon, known as Purusa. The band formed in 1999 and from 2000 to 2003 experienced rapid success as a national act releasing two albums, touring across the West coast, and even releasing an advance single for their third album featuring Ken Stringfellow of The Posies. Unfortunately, it would be over a decade before the much anticipated third album hit the stands when the band made a triumphant return in 2015 at the Aladdin Theater in Portland. Purusa now have a licensing deal with Merina Film Company and continue to write music moving onward with the unique indie rock sound.

Purusa are:

Kris Kirkman on guitar and lead vocals.
Zach Hinkelman on guitar.
Andrew Marshall on bass.
Andy King on drums.

https://www.facebook.com/purusapdx/ - a well-maintained social media account with an array of photographs and videos. Gig listing is available, along with links to other social media and different contact details. This is highly informative and isn't too formal, so you feel as if you are learning more about the band while still engaging on a personal level.

http://www.purusaband.com/ - a well-designed website with easy-to-view colour scheme. Each section of the website is easily reached via the menu, along with a full streaming of their social media accounts on the site. Unless you have a limited data package and have problems downloading graphic backgrounds, this is a great website.


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River Lynch and The Spiritmakers


River Lynch and The Spiritmakers is a tale of one singer-songwriter who decided to follow a dream instead of sticking to society's mainstream ideals. After realising he was more of a musician than an academic, River Lynch left college to embark on a solo career for approximately three years. In 2015, he decided it was time to move beyond singer-songwriter status combining his talents with friends; thus, River Lynch and The Spiritmakers were born. A unique combination of rock 'n' roll, blues and rock, the young men from Rochester, New York have released a single and performed with multiple touring acts including Jesse Dayton.

River Lynch and The Spiritmakers are:

River Lynch on guitar and lead vocals.
Schuyler Skuse on bass.
Tim Leverett on drums.

River Lynch and The Spiritmakers released their single, 'Straight Through' in October 2017.

https://www.facebook.com/riverlynchmusic/ - an informative social media account with a great focus on gigs. One exciting feature on this account is the Reverbnation widget with the band's full EPK available, including press review quotes, links to other social accounts and access to music. While it might not be as personalised as some other accounts, the EPK widget is a great feature.

https://www.riverlynch.com/ - the website has all contact, press, and biography information, along with links to their social media accounts. Once again, there's a link to their EPK which is wonderful for press purposes. However, the website has a video background, so it may be difficult to upload if the internet connection is bad or the user has a low data package.


Trey Connor

Trey Connor is a young pop-rock artist hailing from Hartland, Michigan. He began his career in music at age 15 as the front man for modern rock band Bulletproof; however, after two EP releases and a music award, Trey decided to pursue a solo career in the pop-rock genre. In late 2016, Trey released his debut solo EP with producer Tommee Profitt. Since then, he has released two music videos, a single, and another EP. This year, Trey is relocating to Austin, Texas, and indicates that he will be beginning another step in his musical experience. His influences include Skid Row, Goo Goo Dolls, and Foo Fighters.

Trey Connor's most recent release is his music video for 'My Ghosts' in April 2018.

https://www.facebook.com/TreyConnorMusic/ - Trey's social media account could be likened to a personal Facebook account. It is well-maintained and shares many videos not only of gigs but of covers with personal messages in the descriptions. Links to other social media accounts are available, along with contact details and information about himself. The account also has a Reverbnation app with an EPK, so fans have access to music and press reviews.

http://www.treyconnor.com/index.html - a well-structured site with a clear menu, easy-to-view setting and access to all multimedia. Streaming from other social media sites is available, along with links to charities Trey supports which is a nice, personalised touch.


White Label Analog

White Label Analog is an indie pop foursome hailing from the city of Austin in Texas. They released their debut EP in September 2016, which prompted a tour from Austin to the Pacific Northwest and down the West Coast of the US. According to Paul Driscoll from RadioBDC, White Label Analog "created a sound that echoes some of the greats in the indie and alternative genres, while remaining uniquely their own". By 2017, White Label Analog's tracks were featured in MTV shows, and the single 'Where Have You Been' was licensed to feature in the film 'My Ranger'.

White Label Analog is:

Chris Didear on lead vocals.
Heath Macintosh on drums and vocals.
Chal Boudreaux on guitar and vocals.
Mike Fisher on bass.

White Label Analog released their latest single 'Everybody Knows' in September 2018.

https://www.facebook.com/whitelabelanalog/ - a well-maintained and personalised social media account. The videos provided offer insight into the band's experiences, and lots of information is available for live events. A significant focus on community engagement, and good links to contact information and other social media accounts. Overall, a really good Facebook account.

https://www.whitelabelanalog.com/ - while there is a carefully laid-out menu to music, merch and gigs, all of this information is available on the homepage. A link to social media accounts and videos are available making it highly informative for new and current fans. A large header picture, so that could be a bit off-putting.


Liber Electro

Liber Electro is an indie electronic three-piece formed in the Ukraine, Odessa to be precise. Founded in 2013, they released an EP titled 'Liber Electro I' - an album that showed how the band uses powerful electronics to present a unique sound without being too overwhelming. Liber Electro are influenced by the sounds of Steve Vai, Led Zeppelin and Jamariquai.

Liber Electro is:

Maksin Gorovenko on keyboards.
Vasilieva Liudmila on lead vocals.
Vladimir Pavleshchiuk on guitar.

https://www.facebook.com/liberelectro/ - the social media account has a personalised touch with a lot of photographs from Instagram making it useful for people interested in following the band. The band profile widget provides access to press reviews, music samples and gig details keeping people updated for performances. Little information regarding biography, but the contact information is adequate.

https://www.reverbnation.com/liberelectro - this is a Reverbnation band profile page, so it has information regarding music, videos and shows. It also has community reviews with access to other social media accounts which is great for new and existing fans. Contact details are not available, and this should be considered.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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