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Something We Know You're Going To Love...So Start Listening!

Written by Nicole Mendes


If you're a fan of Eurovision, then you'll definitely recognise the name Mishéll. Not only did this Ukrainian singer/songwriter make it to the National Selections for Eurovision in 2006 and 2007, but she also dominated other talent shows. It seems her music captured Ukraine in 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' 2013, and she was awarded second-place at the 2008 'New Wave' song contest.

Mishéll released her official video for 'Never Be' in January, 2018. She is currently working on a full-length album. - a well-maintained Facebook account with various photographs and videos for viewers. The profile lacks a biography, and there is little information regarding the artist; however, the necessary information is available with an email address. No forwarding links to other websites, which is disappointing. - a very well-maintained Instagram account with both personal and professional pictures. Mishéll engages well with her audience here, but does not cross the boundary of over-friendly with her followers. A link to her YouTube is available, but there is no information about her or links to other websites. More links would be useful to help followers view more profiles. - as with the social media profiles, Mishéll's official account has minimal background information. It does, however, provide links to the social media profiles with YouTube videos and a contact box - that's it. Mishéll is currently recording, so I'm unsure if gig listings would be placed on this site. My recommendation is to place more information here on this site, such as an 'about me' page, some event listings (or a page for pending listings), and a press section. Rather place items here than hope for people to visit the social media accounts.



A US citizen born in Lebanon, Mayssa Karaa is the embodiment of Middle Eastern influences merged with the US-dominated global pop/rock culture. Her enchanting multi-octave voice defines a new generation of musical inclusion with her songs connecting the origins of her homeland to the adopted home of California. In 2015, Mayssa Karaa received a Grammy Award nomination. Mayssa released the first track, 'Broken Lines', off her new album in May 2018.

Mayssa released the official video of 'Broken Lines' in September 2018. - this Facebook profile is very well-maintained with regular updates. The majority of the updates are press-related, and the audio-visual items (videos and pictures) focus on live performances. All contact details and personal information is available, along with Twitter and Instagram widgets allowing visitors to view these profiles without leaving Facebook. This is a highly professional profile and offers something for both fans and publicists. - a regularly updated Instagram account with various personal and professional pictures. Personal information is absent and there is no link to any other online accounts or websites. It's good for engaging with followers, but links to other accounts would be recommended. - a highly professional official website with everything you could want available on the landing page. Mayssa has background information, videos, press links, contact information, newsletter subscription, a music playlist and links to all social media is available without needing to leave the first page.


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Franklin Boone

Franklin Boone is a singer/songwriter hailing from Durham, North Carolina. While he seems to lean towards an indie rock/alternative style with his music, this is not necessarily the sound he presents all the time. Based on his wide musical influences, Franklin has developed a unique, multi-genre sound that comprises jazz, indie rock, folk and rock. Franklin's aim is to share his music and take the listener on an exploration of the human experience from alternate perspectives. He wishes to bring life to others by sharing his gift.

Franklin Boone recently released the demo of his song 'Everything' on iTunes. - the Facebook account is a regularly updated one with an array of photographs, videos and press-related posts. Several of the videos are covers, which is always enjoyable to watch as a fan. The account has a Reverbnation app sharing all videos, press photographs, event listings and a music playlist. My one concern is the lack of personal information and contact details. He does have a link to his official website, but more details to other social media accounts would be useful. - one thing I dislike regarding professional social media accounts is when the handle is completely alternate to the artist's name. While Franklin indicates his official website and name in the personal information section, the account may be overlooked because of the handle. The account is also poorly maintained with only five posts made in 2018. - the official website is well-maintained with access to music, event listings, a music playlist, videos, personal information and social media links on the landing page. A menu is available to direct you to specific sections, which is useful to avoid scrolling down. The press image background is attractive making it an aesthetically pleasing website to peruse; however, there are no contact details.



Pop superstar ROMII, previously known as ROMY, has never been afraid of hard work. Trained in all forms of performing arts (singing, acting and dancing) from a young age onwards, ROMII wrote her first song at the age of seven; once the bug bit, there was no stopping her! Working with industry professionals such as Savage, Bad Boy Records and T-Pain, this Los Angeles/Brisbane-based artist has been carving a name for herself on an international scale. Sworn to remain independent, ROMII self-produced debut single 'Wild Heart' received high acclaim from radio stations across the globe. Her performance of the song at the Queensland Music Awards 2017 won her the title of 'Urban Song of the Year'.

ROMII released her single 'Cupid Love' in September 2018. - this Facebook account is very well-maintained with posts made on an almost daily basis. The posts tend to focus on press and promotion, as do the videos and pictures. Event details are easily found, but regarding personal details, ROMII provides basic information with a biography, link to official website and email address. I would recommend links to additional social media accounts for the visitor's convenience. It should also be noted that the 'BandPage' app no longer works. - a well-maintained Instagram account with both professional and personal posts; however, more professional and press images than personal. While little information is available in the Instagram 'about me' section, ROMII has placed a linktree hyperfollow URL with access to all of her online accounts. - the official website is a basic landing page with a press image, expired countdown and links to social media accounts. It's evident that ROMII has ignored this website and I would recommend updating it by at least removing the expired countdown.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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