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Not All About The (Hush) Money! Bears, Poro And Foxes Can Play Music Too!

Written by Sophia Garvey

Hush Money

Hush Money is a diverse and fresh southern rock band hailing from the foothills of the southern appalachians with a sounds paying tribute to vintage blues, outlaw country, punk and metal. The band originally was just a small town band but recently they have managed to reach out to fans all over America, Australia, Canada, and Mexico by playing Festivals all over the south east.


Hush Money consists of:

Seth Weaver- lead vocals/rhythm guitar

Greg Weaver- drums/backing vocals

Caleb Logan- singer/songwriter and lead guitarist

Nathaniel Newberry- bass guitarist

Hush Money recently released their music video to song “Bourbon Street Queen” which oozes sex appeal which pays homage to many rock bands that they were influenced by.

http://www.hushmoneyband.com - cool, fresh and up to date. The website hold the information about the band and has links to their music. It has a great colour scheme which is not only appealing to the eyes but keeps the reader interested too.

https://www.facebook.com/HushMoneymusicinc/ - home to many photos of the band and keeps fans regularly updated as to where gigs and other appearances are to be held.


The Charming Beards

The Charming Beards are an american based folk rock band. They write soulful lyrics with the intention of getting people to dance with the funky sounding music. They brand themselves as “upbeat and emotive” which i must say certainly is true. They have opened for many bands like Hank and the cupcakes and Black Horse motel.

The Charming Beards consist of:

Katie Kelly- vocals/acoustic and electric guitar

Lisa Dietterich- bass/vocals

Jordan Hine- electric guitar/vocals

The Charming Beards released their EP “Cigarettes and Whiskey” in 2014 and it was nominated for a steamtown music award.

https://www.facebook.com/TheCharmingBeards/ - frequently updated and very informative designed to keeps fans in the loop, with an organised array of photos and videos for old fans and the new ones alike.

https://www.reverbnation.com/thecharmingbeards - keeps fans up to date with the dates of gigs and other appearances. All music is stored in one place which is brilliant to see.


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Poro is a indie pop band who create overall feed good music for people of all ages and genders, drawing influences from musicians like sufjan stevens and phoenix and copeland, all while making anew sound of their own. The band is based just outside of Cleveland and is rapidly rising in the music scene.

Poro consists of:

Mark Porostosky

Susan Ulle

Ryan Walker

Poro recently released their debut EP titled “Eyes’ which has gained much media attention and a rise in monthly listeners.

http://www.poromusic.com/about.html - this website is informative, and frequently updated with the latest news on the band ventures and future happenings.

https://www.facebook.com/pg/poromusic/ - sheds light into the bads personal life and allows for the audience to connect with them which helps create empathy in their music.



The Foxfires

The Foxfires are a blend of indie pop, indie rock, folk, surf rock and shoegaze combined together with their own personal positive messages and a ambient tone that they refer to as “seagaze” . The band has gained a magnitude of followers in a relatively short time due to the touchy subject matters and the sweet way they deal with them. Most notably is the song “Don’t give up” which is an anti suicide anthem fueled by the recent deaths of Chester Bennington, kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. The band is from New York and New Jersey and was formed in 2013.

The Foxfires consists of:

Christian Diana- vocals/ guitar

Adam Alexander Kahn- bass

Christian Cordero- guitar/keys

Brandon Vallejo- drums

The Foxfires have released 2 singles, 2 EP’s and 1 full length record that have been performed at over 400 shows all over America.

https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheFoxfires/ - regularly updated and keeps the fans in the loop.

http://www.thefoxfires.com - it's aesthetically pleasing and captures the audience's attention, as well as being well informed and full of band photos which helps the listeners feel involved.


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Written by Sophia Garvey - Singapore

My name is Sophia Garvey and I have a deep passion for music. I myself am a Musician so I understand the need for good publicity which can be gained from well written articles. My main goal is to help promote up and coming artists so that they have a better chance at success. I love to discover new music from all genres and can’t wait to start writing

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