Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:17

Skinner's Lane New Release "Once Again"

Written by The Old School Project

Back with a bang, the up and coming Skinner's Lane released their latest single “Once Again” on March 22nd. Similar to their previous tracks, their latest release has caused ripples in the rock scene due to it’s heartfelt message and heavy guitar riffs that are reminiscent of the early punk scene in England. There is also a hint of Indie/Alternative vibes throughout the song, which could be a nod towards the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, who started out playing similar gig circuits to Skinner's Lane.

Once Again begins with a catchy Riff that immediately becomes entwined into your head, the almost mesmerising sound is only heightened by the explosive drums and hard hitting bass line. The song itself is perhaps an oxymoron. The wild and upbeat sound creates a happy and positive vibe while the emotive lyrics add a layer of depth which showcases the talent the boys have at its best. Each instrument works together to compliment the severity of the lyrics, and not one outdoes the other. Drummer Sander Valset works hard to keep the upbeat tempo, while Zak croons away in the way that only he can. Perhaps it’s the accent that keeps the listeners

interested or maybe it’s the way he words things, either way, all I can say is that he keeps us hooked. Bassist Chris Jones provides the stability throughout the song which makes this an easy and exciting song to listen too.

“It’s not okay the way you talk to me”. I’m sure that this line made you think of someone who doesn't treat you how you should be treated. It’s witty one liners like this that capture the attention of the listeners and evoke emotion from them, whether in be sadness or something else all together. The way that these lyrics were crafted immediately makes them memorable and intoxicating to listen too.

Overall, Skinner's Lane did not come to play with their latest single “Once Again”. The slightly more punk sound propels this hit into another level all together. The way that this band so easily flits between more than one genre of music makes it easily popular with people who have a wider variety of taste. Another great song delivered- when will the next be released?

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