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Ryan Webb Review

Written by Anselm Anderson

Ryan Webb is Singer/Songwriter from London, England with an abundance of talent waiting to be released upon the world. I was approached a few months ago to write a review of his latest EP from his wife/ manager, Sonya. I jumped at the opportunity after listening to his music. Webb has been compared to Muse’s Matt Bellamy by his local newspaper Uxbridge Gazette , which described him as “With what appears to be an endless supply of air in his lungs” ( Hughie Dixon, Uxbridge Gazette).

Webb formed his band in 2015 and released Stop The World in June. The album was produced by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, The Killers and Liam Gallagher).

The album is 9 tracks of blistering guitar skills and heart- warming emotion that is transparent to the listener throughout. Webb produced, wrote, played and mixed the album in a 3-4 months’ timescale.

Webb is able to write introspective lyrics from a philosophical standpoint about the many troubles that face us in everyday life.

Stop the World begins with Before I Die, a mellow track with dark overtures. Webb seems to be reflective on seeking answers in life. The simple guitar chords create stark and delicate textures that supplement Webb’s musings . I feel this melancholic effort acts as a platform to what is to come from the remainder of the album.

Guilty is a more heavier rock track more appropriate for rock radio stations. This leans more towards the Matt Bellamy comparisons with the harmonic wizardry on electric guitar on display.

Immortal takes the perspective of a man who feels like he is living in perpetual motion. The lyrics are enchanting, the music more progressive. The backbeats of a thick bass sound that slithers along toward a climax of a beautiful instrumental that feels like the listener is marching along towards immortality.

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The album begins to gather pace and make strides with incorporations of different genres that reflect Webb’s influences.

Insomnia is the standout track with a heavy riff that reminds me of Soundgarden with an added snarl to the vocals.

Lucky Ones continues this entrance into more heavier rock, which I feel suits Webb’s vocals more. Because plays to his strengths as a versatile vocalist .The lyrical content looks at the juxtaposition of the world we live in compared to those less fortunate. The high energy riff builds nicely towards a frenetic guitar solo that becomes a part of the diet onwards.

Runaway and Stop The World are the right choices to finish the album. They are easy listening tracks with relatable messages. The most striking thing about the tracks are the inclusion of electrified guitar solos that adds a certain finesse to Webb’s craftsmanship as a musician.

Overall, Stop The World is a finely crafted example of song writing and strong usage of instruments and s production values that would really go places on commercial rock radio.

You can find more information about Mr Webb via his website.

Alternatively, you can follow him via Facebook  & Twitter.

Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

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