Wednesday, 15 November 2017 09:28

A New Adventurer Just Joined - Siladril, the Human Rogue -

Written by Master Athan

Siladril Grey


Human Rogue


It was another gainful night and Siladril was returning to the safe-house through her usual rooftop root. As was customary for her, she made a final stop on the roof of the building opposite the street to her destination, to admire the moonlighted view of this glorious shithole people called the City of Splendors.

That shithole was her home, and she loved every poor stinking extravagant part of it, besides, her mentor Morris would always say "œthere is so much wealth in this town, one needs only to close his hand and he will be a fistful of gold richer".

There she was, lost in her thoughts when the violent sound of metal hitting metal brought her back to reality. She, turned to face the place the sound was coming from, realizing in devastation that it was the safe-house, Morris's house. She saw the dance of shadows, the candle's light projection of the deadly combat that was taking place behind the window, and without second thoughts rushed to her mentor's aid. Dagger in hand, she jumped through the window with menace in her eyes, and landed on a black hooded bulky man. The fall was hard and clumsy, and brought both of them plummeting down the wooden stairs. The man's body hit the floor first and stopped her fall like cushion.

With dizziness and pain, Siladril stood up, searching for her dagger, and quickly found it plunged deep in the intruder's chest. In shock she took it out, and with it the hooded man's last breath, and run back to the upper floor.

And there she found him, laying down in the far corner of the room, coughing blood, a fresh deep wound adorning his upper abdomen. She knelt in front of him, but could not speak, and looked at him with watery eyes. He reached for her hands and covered them cozily inside his own. She saw his sharp eyes and in them that familiar sincerity she liked so much. There and then, in his last moments and with his last words he made her vow to leave the place forever, and never to come back.

With tears in her eyes Siladril took the vow, but there was no one there anymore to listen.


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