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The First Worth Mentioning In Our Long List

Written by Anselm Anderson

Chasing Shadows


Chasing Shadows are an Indie / Pop/ Rock act formed in August 2010 at The King’s Head in Rhuddian, North Wales.

The five-piece consists of Sam Roberts (vocals), Ben Etchell- Rimmer (guitar) Russ Pearson (bass) and Chris Leonard on drums. Their music will enrapture you with its raw energy and catchy pop choruses that will captivate any true fans of British bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and Razorlight. Robert’s broody vocals blend with the smooth harmonies of Etchell- Rimmer's guitar lines create a melodic pop sound.

The band claim to write ”music about everyday life because there is nothing much to write about from where they are from”. They don’t define themselves by any genre and invite the audience to make up their minds to what they think.

Chasing Shadows recently released EP “Darker Days in July. You can find it via Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and all good media outlets.


There is little information I could find on the band to write this article. However, you can find out more about upcoming gigs and music via their social media accounts.

This is the band’s official website that is a work in progress. There is a music video for latest single “Warning Signs” plus an option to access the band’s catalogue. Overall, there is not much choice for new visitors.

This is a more accessible site for fans. I feel this offers a more intimate insight into the group’s relationship with the listeners through videos of the band rehearsing and more music videos from the band’s releases.


Best Not Broken


Boston’s very own Best Not Broken are an infectious Pop/Rock act, who have built a sturdy reputation for high energy shows and catchy, power pop/rock original songs. They draw influences from Brit Pop, Alternative Rock, New Wave, and a brand of singer-songwriter.

Their Live performances draw fun from the audience ad are as every bit as energetic as their music. They won the 2016 New England Music Awards. And since then, Best Not Broken have received regular radio airplay with tracks “Tell Me That You Want Me” and “I Won’t Stop Loving You”, as well as the recently released “Faster”. On top of this, the band have released several music videos, including the release of the video-single “What the Night Has Left”. Best Not Broken have also rubbed shoulders with legendary acts by opening for Pat Benatar, Little River Band, Gin Blossoms, The Baby's and Jefferson Starship as well as contemporary chart-topping artists like Jason Derulo and Matt Nathanson. They have also played venues all over the Northeast including the Blue Ocean Music Hall and Brighton Music Hall in MA, The Aura and Maine State Pier in ME, The Bitter End and Parkside Lounge in NYC, the Casino Ballroom and Tupelo Music Hall in NH, and The Met in RI.

The band’s sound plays radio friendly rock with punchy hooks and musical passages that are progressive. Jackson’s harmonies blend with the guitar orientated timbers of Shah’s guitar.

Best Not Broken are led by Eric Jackson (vocals, guitar), Mark Oswald (bass, vocals), Carlo Carluccio (drums, percussion), Anand Shah (guitar) and Brian Eyberg (keyboards). The band’s debut EP, ”Somewhere Good” was produced by David Minehan, a Boston Music legend , who also produced Their follow-up EP, Falling In, The band is currently recording a new album and touring throughout the Northeast.

You can hear latest single “Brain via Soundcloud and Spotify

This is a good site for listeners with an updated news feed, a link to the band’s latest tracks plus some fantastic colorful images of the band on stage and in rehearsals.

This is another accessible site that shows a willingness to interact with the fans. There are a selection of home videos and gig videos, plus some more of those nice colorful pics of the band at work

The band continue their trend of producing good professional social accounts for listeners. This site is more of an intimate account that allows them to promote latest gigs and music videos for the fans.

This has some great images that really captures each member in action and some personal ones of the band backstage.

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Dream Spectrum


Dream Spectrum are an instrumental progressive rock act from Buffalo, NY, blending Classic rock, Jazz and Metal to create a unique sound that is sure to impress with blistering guitar solos, simplistic melodies and dual harmonies.

The band have formed a reputation for supporting established acts like Buckcherry, Molly Hatchet and Goo Goo Dolls, which helped the band be nominated for best new band in Buffalo in 2016.

They were formed in 2013 by Alex Braun and Jake Schoenle, with Sam Osmond becoming the lead guitarist soon after followed by Todd Glosser in 2015. Jeff Miers of the Buffalo News described the band as 'all instrumental melodic metal,'. The band’s debut album is now available on their website

This site grabs the viewer immediately with the background artwork depicting hot air balloons gliding through a storm. The videos are equally impressive with an array of music videos of the band’s latest singles. The site is informative and the photos show a look through the band’s equipment

This provides updates for the band’s tours and music. The videos show footage of the band’s gigs and strong images of the band on stage.

This is a more personal account to allow listeners an opportunity to listen to the band’s newest releases




Purple? Are a Pop/Rock act formed in 2010 in Miami, FL. They started off as a few kids interested in creating their own blend of mainstream music. The band write and perform original music with a meaning, substance and creativity. They have received applause from a loyal fanbase that continues to grow with appearances at battle of the bands, private events, as well as clubs like tobacco road and will call miami.

The band are Amaury Rovira (Bass, Vocals), David Hidalgo ( Guitar, Vocals),Aldo Canals ( guitar) and Juan Seijas on Drums.

The band create beautiful atmospheric melodies with heartfelt lyrics and impassioned vocals that share comparisons with acts like Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio.

Purple? released their most recent EP “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” last year.

The site provides an accessible link to the band’s music videos on YouTube ,but little else to access. This is one thing the band need to improve.

This is a more personal site for visitors to get a real sense of the band’s personality with some nice photos of the band at an awards ceremony, album work, in the studio, as well as pictures from their childhood. This form of intimacy will endear most to fans.

The listener is greeted by a nice background pic of the group relaxing. The site is more to remind fans of upcoming gigs and competitions.

This has an array of lovely colorful pics of the band in rehearsal, as well as relaxing at home. There are also some footage of the band travelling to gigs and rehearsing in the studio.

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Sleep Signals


Sleep Signals are a Hard Rock act from Minneapolis, who have garnered a huge following through a relentless tour schedule, and explosive live performances.

They instantly grab your attention with catchy hooks, impassioned vocals and melodic guitar lines that are similar to acts like Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold and the Dillinger Escape Plan.

The band were formed in 2014, and immediately began to tour the following year. The band have played over 250 shows in 36 states, sharing the stage with Korn front man Jonathan Davis, Seether, the aforementioned Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die plus a lot more. They have also played at several festivals including Northern Invasion, SXSW and Heart of Texas Rockfest, supporting Soundgarden and Vince Neill.

The band have spent the best part of 2018 touring their latest release “At the End of the World”, produced by Grammy-nominated Justin Rimer (Saving Abel, 12 Stones) and features guest appearances by Marty Mcoy of Bobaflex and Josh Brown (Full Devil Jacket).Sleep Signals will be going on tour this November and Decemebr in support of Atreyu ,Memphis May Fire and Ice Nine Kills.

There is little to divulge on this site other than a link to the band’s latest album. I feel the band can benefit from some pics and videos of the band in action, which would allow new fans to grow closer.

This is a more fun and personal access to the band’s music and tour schedule. I found the videos to be engaging with a selection of new music videos, footage of the band on tour, plus breaking news.

This is another fun and personal introduction to the band with constant promotion of the band’s tour dates, plus a fun caption contest fans can get involved with.


Bad Mood Band


Bad Mood Band are four men from Liverpool, UK consisting of Liam Deval,Tom Carrol, Shaun Lanceley and Dave Walker, who write music as “ escapism through music, drink, poetry, dreams and never forgetting your roots ” The quartet write songs based on social commentary, and play raucous punk rock with thunderous bass lines and a high tempo guitar sound. The band recently released new album “A Victory for Propaganda”. Their music is catchy and energetic which is bound to leave fans wanting more.

There is a nice link to the band’s new music videos, which are fresh and amusing.

Otherwise, there is little else for fans to really get to know the band

There is an eclectic array of pics to look at of the band, and their venues they play at. This is a nice site for fans to follow for updates and music videos.


Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

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