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We keep digging for new talents. Some of them are...

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Alto Key

Alto Key is a British indie folk artist, created by singer-songwriter Keian Barton. Barton composes each song at home in London, and works with musicians around the world to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Alto Key's emphasis on recording with real instruments make for a warm acoustic sound. With touches of upbeat pop elements, each song masterfully blends beautiful orchestral tones with raw, emotional lyrics.

Their first EP - 'Animals' - is now available on every digital music platform.

Τhe website has a highly artistic background but is very limited to choices and information about the artist. The only choices to learn more about the artist are to follow the social media that are not lacking. Μost of the artist's information and interesting videos will be found on his updated facebook page.


Maura Streppa


Maura is a young singer songwriter who started writing music at age 15. Born and raised in Chicago, she recently moved to North Carolina where she began performing in local music venues. She makes her music to encourage young girls to stay independent and strong, and especially to see their inner beauty. Maura hopes to help empower young woman and to inspire them through positive and uplifting messages. She just completed her first EP entitled "Empire".

Although Maura's website is fully up-to-date, we believe that social media should be informed about the best promotion of the artist. Maura's social media are very fresh so she will need a boost fro the music community so shart sharing boys and girls starting from her facebook page.


Gigi Cesare
GG, is a passionate award-winning actress and recording artist from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Las Vegas is now home where she is currently working on her next single. Signed to a record deal in spring of 2018. GG’s sound is tuneful, melodic and direct, and her stunning vocals are just as intuitive and earnest as her deep lyrics. She knows how to write poignant songs that connect with listeners in a deep and meaningful way.
GG made her break onto the global music scene earlier in 2018, releasing her striking debut EP. The new release features groundbreaking hits such as “Doing Angel Things” as well as “Valentine.” All of her tracks have received rave reviews and consistent acclaim from fans and critics alike. Influenced by pop stars as diverse as Ariana Grande, Troy Sivan and George Michael, GG has conceived a unique blend of R&B, soul and pop music with a twist.
Even at the young age of 13, she is already making headlines, not only as a musician, but also as an actress. Last year, she received an unprecedented nomination at the Imagen Awards for Best Actress in a feature film competing against fellow nominees Salma Hayek and Eva Longoria.

A fully informed facebook page with lots of professional photo shoots and videos. You can connect with the artists via Spotify to have a listen on her music.


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Almond & Olive

Almond & Olive (A&O), comprised of singer-songwriters Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson, creates inspiring songs that span the folk and Americana genres, while also incorporating Alms’ timeless vocals and the duo’s distinct songwriting. Blended together, Alms and Davidson's voices sound made for each other, soaring and guiding the music through all the ups and downs of these finely crafted songs. The music on their upcoming debut album, called Standing at the Precipice, features Alms mostly on banjo and Davidson mostly on acoustic guitar, while also deploying highly skilled professional musicians, stalwarts of Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music scene, who provide backing throughout the record. The album was recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago with incomparable producer John Abbey, who's also recorded the likes of Robbie Fulks and Jonas Friddle. Together A&O and Abbey are creating an impressive debut for one of Chicago's most exciting new bands. To help pay for the album, the duo successfully received funding from a Kickstarter, raising over $10,000 is 30 days from over 110 backers.

A professional website very well structured. Includes everything you need to know about the band with professional photos and videos but also merchentise. You can follow the band on facebook but also on the ather social media that you will find on the bottom of the website.


Just Seconds Apart

Just Seconds Apart is made up of Sela, Ari, and Alex Poulos—19-year-old triplets who have devoted most of their lives to making music. After learning to play piano at age three, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based trio formed a band at age eight and soon started writing their own songs. Featuring Sela on drums, Ari on guitar, and Alex on keyboards and bass—with all three siblings lending their vocal talents—Just Seconds Apart delivers a timeless pop-rock sound built on irresistible hooks, heart-stirring lyrics, and breathtaking three-part harmonies.

The latest release from Just Seconds Apart, Good to Know,  as described by Atwood Magazine, "is the band’s most intimate and personal song yet.  Not only is it polished and easily accessible, but it’s also deeply meaningful – a trait we can’t say for the majority of music makers in this particular pop soundspace.   'The inspiration for this song came from our own story, making this one very special to us,'  Just Seconds Apart tell Atwood Magazine.  'We were at a time where we saw things we envisioned for our career start to manifest, but for the things that hadn’t yet, we needed something good to know.'"   Atwood Magazine explains, "Ambient and boppy like The 1975’s earlier work or Justin Bieber’s latest, “Good to Know” taps into a refreshing dance-pop vibe rife with inner tension and turmoil. For all its wanting to feel positivity and warmth, “Good to Know” lurks in a dark place. It’s on the other side of happiness, an emotional mindset that longs for relief from its own melancholy and doubt." 

You can fing out more about the background of the band on the official website, see their highlights and read some interesting reviews. Also there is social media presence that youo can start ckecking and sharing... First stop facebook page.


Major Moment

Major Moment is a compelling and creative rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts that blends alternative rock, international influences, and deep-seated lyrics into a sound meant to inspire and encourage listeners in their own lives. The band has a new EP, one small stEP, that puts its kinetic, intelligent tracks on display and shows that Major Moment has the power to reach a global audience. Fan response to the new record has been extremely positive, as have been published reviews. The band is influenced by Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails but holds its own when it comes to songwriting and never imitates. 

The current lineup has come together from around the world to make this music. Guitarist/vocalist Andrey Borzykin is from Russia and lead guitarist Gabriel De Mattia hails from Brazil. They met vocalist Alexandra 'Sasha' Razumova and drummer Adam Soucy in the USA and discovered how strong they were as a unit. Each member brings a different culture and set of experiences to the group and this is what sets Major Moment apart from the cookie-cutter rock with which the modern scene is overrun.

Another professional band with a well balanced logo fully up to date website with professional live show photos, promotional shooting but also videos. Merch is available too with with a decent variety of goods. Link with Major Moment via facebook and other social media.



Scorcese are a female-fronted, four piece alternative rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2016. The members are lead singer/guitarist Thaís Amanda, co-singer-guitarist Fabricio Goes, bassist Rafael Vieira and drummer Abner Eugênio.  Taking influence from bands including Arctic Monkeys, Jimmy Eat World, Wolf Alice, Alanis Morissete, Joy Division, and more, their sound is both powerful and passionate. Scorcese have just released in May 2018 ‘Broken Inside’, a powerful and anthemic alternative-rock album. With a thundering drum sound and top-notch production, ‘Broken Inside’ is an album that oozes confidence. The thick, ‘wall of sound’ guitar tone, combined with lead singer, Thaís Lopes’ powerful voice gives a gripping sound from start to finish.

Introducing the band with a super cool photo on the website, the band keeps it simple. You can see band's bio, photos and listen to their music only by scrolling down a bit. Of course social media are available so follow and share.


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Scarlet Drive

Drawn together by a shared passion for alternative rock, West Australian band Scarlet Drive have become a firm fixture on Perth’s live music scene. The four-piece band have carved a unique sound of fast rocking tunes wrapped up in a blend of punk, funk and reggae.

Another band that keeps it simple but professional. Easy to use website updated with e-shop to support the band. Social media are on the bottom of the page. Check them, follow and share. A very good feature on the website is the event schedule with a countdown.




Memmy is a singer songwriter from the land down under who has been living and performing in London for the last 7 years with her band Sunday Waits. This is her first solo venture, and a chance to truly spread her wings. Memmy delivers a smooth blend of warm tones and soulful melodies, delicately interweaved with catchy pop hooks. She has played all over London, including: Proud Camden, Notting Hill Arts Club (headline), The Troubadour, The Bedford, Spice of Life and Queen of Hoxton. She released her incredible debut single “Bruise” in July 2017, and her second single followed with great success in February 2018. "What have you done" was played on BBC London in March receiving incredible feedback and will also be featured on the Reverbnation homepage in July 2018.

On Memmy's website the most important things come first. Social media are on the top of the page screeming at us that Memmy wants to be in the music community. Follow Memmy and share her music or else...maybe she will give you a call from her magic phone booth.


Mari Jean


A picture is worth a thousand words as we all know and Mari wants to confirmed it by not providing any BIO. Although she has a complete website, with options that will let you know more about her and her music. Social media are available and up to date.

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