Friday, 04 January 2019 11:28

Worchester Music Awards Nomination

Written by Major Moment

Hey guys! Here we are in 2019! How does it feel?

We have some great opportunity here to be nominated at our local Worchester Music Awards... with your help!

First and foremost, vote for Adam Soucy to win the "Sexiest Musician" nomination!

And if you're already there, put Major Moment into the "Best Rock Act" & "Best Up and Comers Act", as well as "one small stEP by Major Moment" for the "Best CD" and "Leave Out All The Rest by Major Moment" for the "Best Cover Art".

Just a suggestion...


About Major Moment

Major Moment is a compelling and creative rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts that blends alternative rock, international influences, and deep-seated lyrics into a sound meant to inspire and encourage listeners in their own lives. The band has a new EP, one small stEP, that puts its kinetic, intelligent tracks on display and shows that Major Moment has the power to reach a global audience. Fan response to the new record has been extremely positive, as have been published reviews. The band is influenced by Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails but holds its own when it comes to songwriting and never imitates. 

The current lineup has come together from around the world to make this music. Vocalist/Guitarist Andrey Borzykin is originally from Russia, he met vocalist Alexandra 'Sasha' Razumova and drummer Adam Soucy in the USA and discovered how strong they were as a unit. Each member brings a different culture and set of experiences to the group and this is what sets Major Moment apart from the cookie-cutter rock with which the modern scene is overrun.

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In addition to music, Major Moment is very active in issues including mental health, depression, and substance abuse. "one small stEP" is dedicated to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who took his own life due to depression, and the band has also released a tribute single to Bennington, “Leave Out All The Rest,” which was acknowledged and retweeted by Chester’s sister Tobi Bennington and by members of Grey Daze, his first band. All profits from the track are being donated to 320 Changes Direction, a non-profit organization fighting mental health stigma and helping those battling with depression and substance abuse. In addition to that, the band is planning to release their first music video of this song in the near future. Members of Major Moment performed at Chester memorial events in both St. Petersburg, Russia and in Boston on July 20th, 2018. The band also played at the All Night Thing III, a charity event in New Hampshire that raised $20,000 for Child and Family Services and NAMI of New Hampshire, as well as at the globally known Sofar Sounds event and other local shows in Boston. This winter Major Moment will perform at the 2019 NAMM show in LA.

Major Moment is a band whose time is coming quickly and "one small stEP" is expected to do much to increase its visibility and brand internationally. To keep the steady pace, the group has already recorded 4 new singles, that are going to be released in early 2019. Major Moment packs that seldom-seen combination of substance and sound that instantly turns listeners into fans and those around the group feel big things are imminent.

More events of the band you can see here.


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