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Musicians To Calm Your Nerves And Soothe Your Ears

Written by Nicole Mendes


Ranging from indie rock to blues and electro, Vama is a Romanian band with an eclectic music influence that has stunned the world and soothed their ears. The five young men are all highly talented in their respective musical fields including a co-writer of a rock opera, a music producer, and a blues artist with a musical ancestry. The songs are distinctive and their lyrics are striking, but what makes Vama unique is their enthusiastic live performance. Having worked together for a decade, the members enjoy a familiarity making them a force to be reckoned with.

Vama is:

Tudor Chirila on vocals.
Eugen Caminschi on guitar.
Gelu Ionescu on keyboard.
Dan Opris on bass guitar.
Lucian Cioarga on drums. - Vama's Instagram account is well-maintained and provides fans with many live performance images. It focuses primarily on performance, but also has promotional images. It is obvious from these pictures that Vama are exuberant artists that interact well with each other. I don't have any recommendations for improvement as their manager's details are in the biography. - similar to many other bands, Vama have a Reverbnation profile. This is beneficial because it provides a band biography, access to social media accounts, a playlist, videos, gig listings and press images. I would recommend placing contact details in the biography. While there is a contact box, this is not always reliable. - I am unsure if this is an official website, but if it is I would recommend changing it entirely. It is more of a landing page with a link to Vama's YouTube, their store and a subscription option. It should also be noted that all information is in Romanian without the option of Google translation.

Demi The Daredevil


Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Demi the Daredevil (also known as Jeff Azar), is an art pop/glam rock/emo mastermind. Originally the drummer of the band, he was forced to take the lead after the death of original frontman, Jovan Ortiz. Since then, his tumultuous experiences in psychiatric hospitals from 2009 to 2011 inspired the poetic lyrics and dark theatrics. In 2016, Jeff released a well-received EP called Secret Schizoid. Described as raw and relatable, his influences include My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and Prince. - Demi the Daredevil embodies the word 'art' and fully understands engagement. This Facebook profile is relatively well-maintained, but the posts are hardly promotional focusing more on mental health and personal well-being. Jeff is an artist that obviously cares about his fans, and wants people to realise they do not need to deal with difficult situations alone. Fan art can be found on the profile, along with videos and event listings. I would recommend placing links to other social media sites. - Jeff's Instagram profile is well-maintained with various press images, but there are also different videos to keep fans engaged. I enjoy the press images as they are artistic, and, well, I'm just a fan of this style. While a link to the official website is in the biography, I would recommend some contact details. - the official website opens with a rather exquisite press image prompting the viewer to 'listen now' to his latest release. Jeff's site is quite well laid-out with videos and a biography on the landing page. The menu is easily found and navigable at the top, and links to various social media accounts are at the bottom. In fact, you can even download some free songs if you click the correct tab. My only recommendation is placing a contact address along with the mailing box. While contact boxes are useful, they are not always reliable.



As the eldest of eight children, Casme is a natural born leader - a quality that can be seen in her music and non-musical career. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Casme is also a dancer, motivational speaker, fashion designer, humanitarian, and even an actor. She has been featured on TBS's House of Payne, Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself and The Braxton Families. However, she is as comfortable off the set as she is on the set. Her vocals are bold and the lyrics portray an artistic brilliance that is not often seen. Casme's inspirations include Lauren Hill, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Eryka Badu. - what immediately strikes me about Casme's Facebook account is the personal nature from a professional perspective. A very well-maintained profile with constant updates including images, videos, gig details and engaging language. This is an artist that obviously cares about music and her fans. She has also placed a Reverbnation band widget on the site, so people are able to access playlists. Detailed contact information is available, but I would recommend placing links to other social media websites. - hardly the expert of Instagram, but I do know a good page when I see one. Casme has utilised her account to its fullest offering both press images and some personal photographs. I still need to become used to the videos on Instagram, but I enjoy them when I see them. The fact that she has over 29 thousand followers and just over 1,500 posts say something about her social media marketing skills. I would recommend placing some contact details in the biography section. - Casme's official website is funky and cool, but it doesn't present with some vital elements. The focus on the 'Funkdelik' music video is significant, and her menu is easily navigable; however, there are no links to social media accounts. A biography is available, videos, images and contacts are available - once again, no social media accounts. I like the website, I truly do. I just think Casme should realise the importance of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Leah Woods


Leah Woods is one of those artsy types that you imagine sitting in the corner of a coffee shop strumming along on her guitar and singing a Carol King song. Barely into her twenties, she has already appeared with pop sensation Charlie Puth, supported Victoria Canal and opened for Daphne Willis. A talented songwriter, Leah helped co-write Cole King's 'Dead End' and Ace Cosgrove's 'My Fault'. Of course, her soulful voice could not be stifled and her debut album, Brighter Tides, can be found on all streaming platforms. - Leah's Facebook is a relatively well-maintained social media account, and is a very engaging one when posts are made. What I mean by this is the posts are often accompanied by acoustic performances by Leah or personal images from Leah. It's indicative of her age and a desire to connect with her fans. I'm particularly keen on the header video showing Leah skateboarding, which is a nice touch. I would recommend links to her other social media accounts, along with a biography. - similar to her Facebook account, Leah Woods' Instagram is a rather personalised one with more fewer promotional images than most of the bands I have come across. I believe it works well considering her type of music, but I do recommend placing contact details in the biography. - Leah's official website is very basic, but has most of what a musician would require. The focus is on her debut album, Brighter Tides, but if you scroll down on the landing page you will find some gig dates and a biography. Social media links are noticeable at the bottom, along with music streaming facilities. I would recommend that a separate page be created for the playlist and include this in the menu.

Ilya Setrakian


Starting his musical journey at age three when he asked his father for piano lessons, Ilya Setrakian is a singer/songwriter from New York. While his initial training is classical, he injected jazz, soul and improvisation into his music during high school being influenced greatly by Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder. After high school, Ilya attended the New York University of the Arts, and it was this education that helped develop him as the artist he is today. He currently released his second EP, I Never Knew, that is available on all major streaming platforms. - Ilya's Facebook profile is not very well-maintained, but it is maintained with a few posts each month keeping people updated on all happenings. The posts promote new gigs, events and provide press photos which are available on the account. Not many videos are available, but the few that are there can be enjoyable to view. I would recommend adding social media links in the personal information section. - Ilya seems to take more interest in his Instagram as compared to the Facebook account. This is a more well-maintained social media platform with a plethora of live images and videos. I enjoy this account and its balance between promotional and personal images, but I would advise contact details in the biography. - I always enjoy bands using Reverbnation profiles as their official websites - they provide an artist with everything they need. You have a biography, a playlist, music videos, shows and press images. My only concern is the placement of a potential contact address as contact boxes are not always reliable.

The Soul Mutation


I always enjoy writing about artists from Europe because, well, most of the bands I work with are either from the UK or USA. Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, The Soul Mutation is one of the more unique artists I have come across. Combining electronic grooves with a clear jazz improvisation, Martha, Francesco Chebat, and Francesco Marzetti demonstrate their influences as Brad Mehldau, Mark Guiliana and Robert Glasper.

The Soul Mutation is:

Martha J. on vocals.
Francesco Chebat on keyboard.
Francesco Marzetti on drums. - The Soul Mutation use their Facebook profile as a promotional resource and nothing else. With one or two posts per month, sometimes a month will go by without a post; this band focuses on making music and performances instead of social media. Several live performance images are available, along with some videos; however, these are a minimal amount considering the account was opened five years ago. I would recommend a link to other social media sites, such as YouTube on the personal information page. I do enjoy the shop widget so people can access albums from the Facebook account. - The Soul Mutation's landing page is an attractive image, but you need to scroll down to find the menu or any other information. When you head down, you'll discover that everything you need is available ranging from a biography and videos to press images with gig dates. Links to other social media accounts are available at the bottom of the page, along with a contact email. It is a well-structured page, but you could miss details if you don't keep an eye out for them.



While she is based in Los Angeles, Buel was born and raised in Turkey. An indie-pop artist who began her musical journey at a young age, she draws her inspiration from Nirvana, The Cranberries, and Sixpence None The Richer. During her teenage years, she played mostly cover songs; however, she eventually performed original compositions during college as part of her band Boot. In 2015, Buel decided to pursue a career outside of Turkey after graduating and, as fate would have it, her music caught the attention of an Ohio music management agent. In only five months, Buel was able to build a strong following in Ohio, but she understood the grassroots approach to making a name for herself. Buel has her debut EP available ready for release in early 2019. - Buel's Facebook profile is a relatively well-maintained account, but it focuses primarily on promotional items. While there are a few posts per month, the posts share gigs or have an image attached with very little engagement. This doesn't mean Buel's Facebook is a pointless account as she offers access to playlists and videos. She has provided contact details, but I'm not sure if this is the official management account. - Buel obviously pays more attention to her Instagram account as there is an ideal balance between press images, live photographs and personal pictures (including videos). I really enjoy this account because it seems more personal to me, and she has a really pleasant face. I would recommend listing a contact detail, but the official website and link to music video is useful. - Buel's official website is a basic landing page focusing on her latest videos. If you are looking for a biography, she presents decent background information; along with some delightful pictures. It is plain to see that Buel takes great interest in photography. The links to other social media platforms are clearly available, but I would recommend an email address along with the contact box.


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The Rotation


Have you heard of sax rock? Well, if you haven't then let The Rotation be your introduction! A sensational six-piece from Madison, Wisconsin, this band combines pop, funk, rock and R&B to form a unique sound. The saxophones place a new twist on old classics, but they also provide a range of original compositions. The Rotation draws inspiration from Reel Big Fish, John Coltrane, The Doors and Sublime.

The Rotation is:

Nic on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
Marcus on lead guitar and vocals.
Bradley on bass.
Nick on tenor saxophone.
Eric on alto saxophone and vocals.
Matt on drums.
Trevor on baritone saxophone. - The Rotation's Facebook profile is not a well-maintained account, but it offers a person what they need. The posts are not very engaging and are promotional, but there are several live images giving you a taste of what The Rotation is all about performance-wise. The band has placed a Reverbnation widget on the Facebook profile allowing access to videos, playlists, gig listings and press information. The biography is basic, but there are contact details available. I would recommend links to other social media accounts, such as Twitter. - The Rotation's official website presents with an easily navigable menu, social media links and a subscription opt-in as soon as you open the page. As you scroll down you come across press quotes, music playlists, videos, biography and images. My only concern is the lack of contact information.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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