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The Gift Of Music During This Christmas Season

Written by Nicole Mendes

Madison Roe


Compared to the likes of James Bay, Amy Winehouse, Hozier and Ed Sheeran, Madison Roe knocks off this early Christmas gift from us to you. An indie-rock singer from Kauai, Hawaii, she is well-known for her soulful lyrics and melody. Madison recently released her debut EP, Changing Colors, and has plans for a sophomore release in 2019. - Madison's Facebook profile is one of the more engaging accounts I have come across. It is well-maintained and the posts will constantly include a video or an image. She has a plethora of photographs, the majority of them being less promotional; for instance, there are behind the scenes shots of a music video, and even some of her buying a guitar. My favourite element is the video section where she posts numerous acoustic covers including one from her teenage years. The real downfall is her biography page. Contact details are available, but there is no personal information and more links to other social media would be useful. - it is obvious that Madison prefers Facebook to Instagram based on the types of pictures available. While Facebook is very 'natural', Instagram has more press images and live videos. It is a well-maintained account and enjoyable to look at, but I would choose her Facebook over this any day. - Did I mention Madison was a model? No. Well, it is quite obvious considering the effect of the images. Her official website's landing page has a stunning image with a very prominent menu, making it easy to navigate. However, if you're interested in music, you need only scroll down to view videos and playlists of her EPs. I have no concerns for this website, or maybe I'm too stunned by her photographs.

MosesMo And The Real Cool Band


Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Moses Moore is one of the well-known artists in the funk rock genre heading Mother's Finest. Now with his band - a real cool band - the five-piece are making waves by following this Music Hall of Fame inductee. A guitarist and songwriter for over forty years, Moses is re-ignited dirty South blues funk rock with inspiration from Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones. Of course, MosesMo does have some solo projects every now and then with his latest solo album, Two Ton Message, released in 2018. - MosesMo takes pride in his Facebook profile keeping it well-maintained with regular posts and updates. There is a plethora of videos, mostly live videos which are enjoyable to watch. Furthermore, there are many photographs giving the fan insight into the band's live performances. Some reviews are available promoting engagement with fans; as well as a band profile giving access to a playlist and music videos. What I enjoy the most is the Facebook live stream facility and access to their latest album. I have no recommendations for this profile and only look forward to additional posts. - MosesMo provides another engaging social media profile with many live images and videos, as well as some personal pics to give people insight into who Mo is. I enjoy this profile because it is humble and not something you'd expect from a Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductee. - when you arrive on the MosesMo official website, you are immediately stared down by Mo himself. A super cool picture with an easy to access menu makes the landing page ideal. As you scroll down, you'll discover music, a mailing list opt-in and some links to social media platforms. I am unsure why the music tab requires registration to view, but every other area of the website is easy to peruse. Moreover, the colour scheme is easy on a person's eyes.

The Worn Out Soles


Beginning as a threesome from Knoxville, Tennessee, The Worn Out Soles soon become a quartet with the addition of a fourth member. This alternative rock group draws inspiration from Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Doors and Stone Temple Pilots. The Worn Out Soles released their self-titled debut album in 2018.

The Worn Out Soles are:

Nathan Forman on vocals and guitar.
Nick Voorhees on guitar.
Adam King on bass.
Brain J. Wright on drums. - The Worn Out Soles use their Facebook account for promotional purposes exclusively. It is not very well-maintained, but does what a band profile needs to do. A plethora of images is available, but they are mostly live performances or merchandise images. Access is also available to gig listings and their debut album via a band profile widget. I would recommend updating the biography section with some more background information and links to social media accounts. - if you want to view a band Instagram with life performance images, then you've come to the right one. The Worn Out Soles are still new and unsigned, but they could attempt to find a balance between more personal images and promotional items. Think a picture of your dog playing a guitar in a Christmas hat - something like that. - A basic Reverbnation profile acts as The Worn Out Soles' official website. I enjoy Reverbnation profiles because they provide me with everything I need as a fan and a writer - press images, music, a biography and shows. I recommend that The Worn Out Soles extend their biography slightly.

Niki J. Crawford


Niki J. Crawford is a soul funk singer hailing from the small town of Springhill, Louisiana. Starting at the age of six, this groovy gal has progressed from hometown church choirs to sharing the stage with All Green, The Roots, Carlos Santana and even Snoop Dogg. Multi-talented, Niki is not only a powerful voice but also a dynamic actress. She recently completed filming 'Revival', a film based on the gospel of John. She has also performed in 'Mr. Sophistication' alongside Rick Fox and Tatum O'Neal. Yet, her first love is music and she continues to person with a passion and sensuality that inspires and promotes positivity. - Niki's Facebook is a relatively well-maintained one with posts focusing mainly on the promotional element of her career. Several photographs and videos are available, with engaging personal shots available. She has also placed a band profile widget on the account giving fans access to a playlist and official music videos. My main concern is the social media links being further down on the page instead of in the allocated areas. Yes, you do have access to Instagram and Twitter, but you have to search for it. - Niki has a very well-balanced Instagram account with press and personal images. Her live performance pictures are great, and I really enjoy the videos. What I love about this account is how comfortable I feel viewing it. It is as if I am taking a look at a friend's photo album and I just feel, well, at ease. - the reason a Reverbnation band profile is fantastic as an official website is because it is like opening an EPK. The landing page includes social media links, a subscription opt-in widget, a biography, contact, videos, playlists, and images - everything you could want. In addition, there is a sticky menu that can be easily accessed if you want to view a particular item.

Whim Grace


Describing herself as a fallen angel and world wanderer, Whim Grace is a folk pop singer who attempts to understand this dystopian society with music. Channelling the boundaries of possibility hidden in the cracks of humanity, this singer is inspired by revolution and evolution. Whim released a single, 'Feelin' Alive', in February 2018. Her sound is inspired by Jack White, The Secret Sea and Radiohead. - Whim Grace's Facebook account is one of the more complete profiles I have come across. A plethora of images and videos are available for visitors, as well as a band profile widget allowing access to playlists and official music videos. Gig dates are also available, and the engaging posts are regularly updated. Contact information is available, along with social media account links - so I don't have much more to recommend. - Whim's Instagram account is well-maintained and has a good balance between promotional and personal images. Whim has also placed several videos on the account which are highly engaging for visitors. You can view other elements of Whim Grace's personality in this account with a focus on art and photography. I would recommend a link to contact details in the biography. - by using a Bandcamp account as an official website, Whim Grace is focusing on the sale of her single 'Feelin' Alive'. While this website can offer all the information you desire if you want from a merchandise perspective, it does not offer any press images or any music videos.


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Barely out of her teens, Meresha has embraced a soulful sound inspired by Annie Lennox and Lorde to release an EP New Revolution. The sometimes eccentric beats bring about older styles into contemporary productions from this DJ. Meresha has performed songs from the album with Third Eye Blind and Adam Lambert. Her most recent album, Enter the Dreamland, is one of All Music's Top 20 Pop Albums of 2017. Her music has been streamed over 14 million times on streaming platforms. - Meresha's Facebook account is a very well-maintained profile that is indicative of her age. Highly engaging with a plethora of non-promotional images and videos, this account is enjoyable to peruse for the average lay person. Meresha has added a band profile allowing access to music videos and playlists. I do recommend placing personal information on her biography page, but the links to social media accounts with contact details are sufficient. - Meresha's official website is neat, offers a manageable primary menu with tabs to all the information you require. She also places links to social media accounts and streaming platforms. If you scroll down on the landing page, you will find a link to her latest release which is highly beneficial. My only recommendation is an email address along with the contact box.

Neil Taylor


Most well known as a guitarist for Tears For Fears and the famous one-take solo on 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World', Neil Taylor is a British artist who has navigated the contemporary rock music industry for over thirty years. After two world tours with Tears For Fears, Neil toured with the likes of Peter Gabriel, The Pretenders, Rod Stewart, and recorded with Robbie Williams on his Sing While You're Winning and Escapology albums. In 2010, Neil began working on his solo career and has released several singles and albums over the past eight years. His latest release is a single called 'Paper Kite'. - Believe it or not, Neil Taylor's Facebook account is one of the more engaging profiles I have come across rivalling quite a few younger bands. Just shows that age has nothing to do with social media. Neil has a plethora of images, quite a few being live performance photos; as well as acoustic performance videos which are enjoyable. I mean, who doesn't want to see a legendary guitarist perform? My one concern is the lack of contact details. - if you are hoping to find promotional images on Neil Taylor's Instagram, then you've come to the wrong place! This is a very amusing account with the majority of pictures being selfie-style images and pictures demonstrating the light-hearted personality of this talented man. I love the account despite it not being updated regularly. - Neil's official website is a single landing page with the focus on the 'Paper Kite' single release. If you scroll down you will find more information about Neil, his discography, live performances, a mailing list opt-in and even management details for direct contact. Social media account links are available at the bottom of the page, so it is possible to find his profiles on other platforms.

Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete


A six-piece blend of swing, blues and folk, Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete are an international band based in the French Pyrenees. If you add some tap dancing from their brass section into the mix, you will have the makings of a truly unforgettable live performance. The latest album, Jumble Shop Tales, was released at the end of 2018 with much positive response from critics. - Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete maintain their Facebook account relatively well with regular updates on gigs, releases and reviews. I enjoy the band's performance and this can be seen in their numerous live videos. The band has several images which are press shots mainly, but they also have a band profile available allowing access to a playlist and music videos. I would recommend placing more links to other social media accounts, but otherwise all items seem to be in place. - my first note on this website is the background video which made me close the site before I was able to make a decent assessment. It is far too distracting and can prompt a headache, particularly if they are photosensitive. No flashing lights are in the video, but the speedy transitions can be an issue. In many cases, the video would be part of a header and can be paused or scrolled down; however, this is not the instance in Fergus McKay's case.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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