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Eight Awesome Artists To Keep Your Ears Happy

Written by Nicole Mendes


Vihads21 is a rock alternative and new age five-piece hailing from West Sumatera, Indonesia. Since 2017, the band has collaborated with various session players and artists in the music industry. Vihads21's debut album 'EXPerice' was released in 2018.

Vihad21 is:

Rahmat Ulfriansyah
Aga Pratama Alamsyah
Ivan Mahya Deva
Oka Yusdi
Ibnu Aldian

Vihad21 plans on releasing an album trilogy over the next three years.

https://www.facebook.com/vhads21/ - Vihad21's Facebook profile is well-maintained from a promotional perspective posting an update whenever a new gig or online presence is released. There are few photos and even fewer videos, but a link to their band profile is available with access to a playlist and gigs. No contact details, background information or links to other social media is available and this should be reconsidered.

https://www.instagram.com/vihads21/ - the band's Instagram is as informative as their Facebook - not informative at all. While it has some images, they are promotional with some personal sketches here and there. Despite the growing number of followers, the profile is not well-maintained.

http://vhads21.com/ - Vihad21 redeem themselves with their official website. The website has a landing page with a playlist, videos, gig details, photographs and a biography section. The biography is lacking, but it does have some details. The menu is easy to locate and there are notable links to social media accounts. One item that is not available is a contact email or number.

Jimmie Something

Jimmie Something is a singer/songwriter from Zug, Switzerland. His music falls into the indie-folk genre and has been described as warm and addictive.

https://www.facebook.com/jimmiesomething/ - Jimmie's Facebook account is very poorly maintained from a fan engagement perspective, but he does keep people updated regarding gigs. Only one video is available, a few promotional photographs, and minimal background information with no contact details. No links to other social media accounts, but there is a link to his Reverbnation profile. For more fan engagement, it may be worthwhile reconsidering placing more information on Facebook.

https://www.reverbnation.com/jimmiesomething - this profile provides a playlist, gig listings, some live photos and one featured video - the minimum you would expect from a Reverbnation account. No background information is available, but he does have a link to a social media account. It is recommended that he place some more background information and contact details. While the mail button can be used, a further email is beneficial.

The Red Moons

The Red Moons is an alternative rock/grunge band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. The threesome started their musical journey in 2014 and they released their debut album, Out of Touch, in 2015. The debut was followed by A Heightened Sense in 2017, and their third album Eat Your Own was recently released in October 2018. The band has played with acts such as Blood People, Mac Sabbath and Galactic Empire.

The Red Moons is:

Anthony Sarillo on guitar and vocals.
Eric Olsen on bass and vocals.
Lance Olsen on drums and vocals.

https://www.facebook.com/theredmoons/ - The Red Moons' Facebook profile is relatively well-maintained promoting gigs, album releases and press appearances when available. Considering the profile was opened in 2014, there are not many photographs or videos. One beneficial feature on this profile is the subscription item on the menu - not seen on many Facebook accounts. The background information is sufficient, and the band provides ample links to other social media with contact details.

https://www.instagram.com/theredmoons/ - The Red Moons' Instagram account has a pleasant balance between professional and personal images making it ideal for fan engagement. The posts are not consistent, nor is there much information in the details section; however, there is a link to their Bandcamp profile.

https://theredmoons.bandcamp.com/ - The Red Moons use their Bandcamp account as an official website, which is useful; however, it does not offer background information or contact details. The site is based primarily around playlists and discography - I suppose this is what music promotion is all about after all. Links are available to social media accounts, so this can be used to find contact details.

Charley Reynolds

Charley Reynolds is a country music singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. She released her debut single 'Underneath the Stars' in 2015 on iTunes, followed shortly by three more tracks in 2016 - 'Get Over Yourself', 'Stupid Love Song' and 'Need You By My Side'. Charley released her debut album, Kickin' Up Dust, in May 2017 and held the album's release concert on the same night at the Walt Disney Amphitheatre. Charley lists her influences as Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert.

Charley Reynolds' latest EP, Kissed Us Goodbye, was released in April 2018.

https://www.facebook.com/charlyreynoldsofficial/ - it is easy to see that Charley is one of the social media generation by her Facebook profile. The account is very well-maintained with both promotional posts and fun posts on an almost daily basis. She has numerous photographs, but the videos from performances and some 'at home singing cos I was bored' are the more entertaining. The biography is lacking, but she has links to other social media accounts with contact details. A band profile is available on the account with access to a playlist.

http://www.charlyreynolds.com/ - if the Facebook profile lets you down in any way, this is where Charley's official website makes amends in a big way! All you could want short of Charley giving you a hug is available on the official site. Many photographs and videos, along with album releases and interviews is available on the site. A playlist can be accessed, as well as merchandise on the easy to navigate menu. The pink theme is apt as it expresses Charley's bubbly and sweet nature. Contact details are available, but there are no links to social media accounts and the EPK requires a password to access.


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Eryn Shewell, more commonly referred to as Eryn, is one of the modern vocalists who have discovered that 'retro pop' sound. Hailing from Maryland, Eryn combines the genres of blues, country, rock and jazz to form a thrilling soulful sound for her listeners. Described as a seductive range changing voice, Eryn embraces all opportunities to write music and perform. As part of The Eryn Shewell Band, Eryn won several awards including the Top Blues Band and Top Female Vocalist Asbury Music Awards in 2011. In 2013, Eryn began a new band called Eryn Shewell and the Whiskey Devils. Eryn released her debut EP, Lady E, was released in 2018.

https://www.facebook.com/Eryn.LadyE/ - Eryn's Facebook profile focuses on fan engagement with regular posts that are not only promotional but personal content as well. Numerous photographs and videos are available showing Eryn onstage, with other artists, posing with friends and promotional items. The profile has an extensive biography with links to other social media accounts; there are also contact details and gig listings. I don't see any problem with this account, but could recommend the addition of a band profile or subscription tab.

http://erynofficial.com/ - What I find adorable is the immediate kiss you receive when opening the Eryn official website - click the website and you'll know what I mean. The website is easy to navigate with access to a playlist, a subscription widget and a clearly defined menu. Links to social media accounts are available, and the colour scheme matches Eryn's EP design. It's well laid-out and aesthetically pleasing with pictures pinned to the top of the page.


Affinity is a rock foursome hailing from the Carolinas in the United States. The group began in 2015 as a small creative project between two members, but by the end of 2016 Affinity was starting to bloom. Since completing their line-up, these young men have worked tirelessly resulting in their debut album, Lead The Way, being released in September 2018.

Affinity is:

Matthew Lowry on vocals and guitar.
Jesse Jones on guitar and vocals.
Wendell Martin on bass.
Rodrick Locklear on drums.

https://www.facebook.com/AffinityNCBand/ - Affinity's Facebook is a very well-maintained one with regular posts promoting gigs, releases and interviews. The focus here is fan engagement when you look at the post style, the types of photographs and the videos uploaded. The account is professional, but there are videos helping you gain a 'behind the scenes' perspective of Affinity which is quite enjoyable. A band profile is available offering a playlist, videos and gig listing. While I am not a fan of video headers, this one is pleasing because it is both subtle and artistic. My one concern is the lack of links to other social media accounts (if any) and no contact details.

https://affinity.bandcamp.com/ - Affinity's Bandcamp provides basic background information with no links to social media accounts, which is disappointing; however, there is a contact link available. As a Bandcamp profile, the emphasis is on merchandise sales and Affinity provides this option with access to their debut album.

Strange Heart

When I read Strange Heart's biography, I think of some Shakespearean play. Two unlikely characters experiencing tragedy only to come together and build something bigger than themselves overcoming all woe and whatnot, and whatnot, and whatnot. You see, Bryce Carrol-Coe returned to the west coast after receiving a heart transplant searching for a place to sleep and a fellow musician. Josh Clemens arrived a few weeks later to be near family a second (not literally a second) before two of his sisters died from cancer. Their fates intertwined and Bryce helped Josh to bring his reflective songs to life; thus, Strange Heart was born.

Strange Heart is:

Josh Clemens on guitar and lead vocals.
Bryce Carrol-Coe on lead guitar and vocals.
Mike Schneider on bass and vocals.
Bobby Jankowski on drums.

Strange Heart release their debut album, Sinking Ships, on November 30th.

https://www.facebook.com/strangeheartband/ - Strange Heart's Facebook is a well-maintained account with regular posts promoting press articles, releases and gigs. There is a strong focus on fan engagement with the posts being conversational and interactive. The account has several live photographs, but it is the videos that make the account most enjoyable showing many 'behind the scenes' features. My one concern is the lack of contact details in the 'about' section. While there are links to other social media accounts and an official website, no email is available as a contact to the band.

https://www.instagram.com/strangeheartrockband/ - Strange Heart's Instagram has a good balance between personal and promotional images with more videos than photos. The account does not seem to be well-maintained, despite being created in February. It may be useful to post more regularly, but the video element does make it enjoyable for fans even if posts are only once per month.

https://www.strangeheartmusic.com/ - the official website for Strange Heart is a single landing page, but it has almost everything you need from a band including a biography, gig listings and social media widgets. The initial elements are a link to Spotify and a subscription option with an easy to navigate menu. The contact details can be found by clicking the link, along with media (soon to come). I would recommend navigation to press images instead of merely placing the images underneath the biography.


When you think of Spain, the last type of music you would consider is Celtic rock - or perhaps that's just me. Sigulka is one of those bands that breaks stereotypes and pumps heavy Celtic rock from Madrid. This talented quintet have won various awards since their inception including two Akademia Music Awards.

Sigulka is:

Margarita on violin.
Juan on guitar and vocals.
Dan on guitar.
Fredy on bass.
Cristian on drums.

Sigulka released their album Symbols in August 2018.

https://www.facebook.com/sigulka/ - Sigulka's Facebook account is relatively well-maintained with two or three posts each month. The posts are primarily promotional with a focus on gig listings. Now, my Google translator may not be the greatest, but the posts are quite short and formal making it seem impersonal. Sigulka has a band profile app giving fans access to their gig schedule, videos and playlist. Moreover, they have apps for Instagram and YouTube available, so you don't need to leave Facebook to access these accounts. Merchandise can also be purchased from Facebook, which is another enjoyable convenience. Overall, Sigulka has made excellent use of the apps available to them; however, the biography is not background information on how Sigulka came about. Moreover, the video header is one of the flashier images making it difficult to view as a person with photosensitive epilepsy - this may be worth reconsidering.

http://sigulka.es/ - Sigulka's official website is well laid planned with their menu being prominent at the top of the page. Links to other social media accounts are easy to find and images are pinned making it pleasant to view. Music is available on the website with contact details and latest news; however, once again, there is no biography. I would recommend changing this, as well as reconsidering the number of images on the pages. Incorporating text with images may make it seem less 'busy'.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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