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Get Into The Groove With These Awesome Bands ...You Won't Regret It!

Written by Nicole Mendes

Jennifer B & The Groove

Jennifer B & The Groove is one of those bands that, well, you really can't define. Encompassing a range of musical genres into their sound, this talented bunch can be an easy go-to for blues, roots-rock or Americana music fans. Fronted by original singer/songwriter Jenifer Lindsey (hence the name), this Texas-based band have worked with the likes of Adrian Meyers, Van Wilks, Patrick Lyons and Mark Jones.

Jennifer B & The Groove is:

Jenifer Lindsey on vocals, keyboard and acoustic guitar.
Dr D on bass and vocals.
Jose Barragan on lead guitar and vocals.
Dan Poole on drums and vocals.

Jennifer B & The Groove has plans to release a full-length album in 2019. - Jennifer B & The Groove's Facebook account is a well-maintained one with constant updates on events and other promotional items, like airplay. There are various photos and videos, plus the videos are vlogging-style making it more personal for the visitor. A Reverbnation band profile is available, which is a big pro to view official videos and event listings; however, there isn't a playlist of any sort, and this is disappointing. The account is great, but there aren't links to other social media accounts in the 'about me' section. The background information could be more detailed, but that's just me being a little bit nosy. - My first thought when viewing the official website was, 'wow, that's busy!' Jennifer B & The Groove have created a site with all the information you could need ranging videos, photographs, a link to their store, event listings, and even a blog! Background information on the band is available on the front page, along with a widget showing all their social media accounts. My one concern is the website theme. While the image is an attractive one, the fact that the text boxes are transparent and in very bold colours makes it slightly overwhelming to view. It's like looking at a picture with a bunch of words placed all over it - pretty, but not something you want to look at for too long. - This Instagram profile is a very well-maintained one focusing mainly on event promotion. There are some personal photos here and there, which is pleasant to increase fan engagement. Overall, I like this account because of the different types of images and the information placed in the about section.

Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons is an indie pop-rock threesome hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Their single 'Great Unknown' received regular airplay on several regional radio stations in Louisville during 2014 after the release of their first EP Ready, Set, Stay. In 2015, the band showed a more mature sound with their single 'Falling In Love', and in 2016 the EP Reset made its way to the digital stands.

Silver Spoons is:

Gabe Riggs on guitar and vocals.
Jordan Smith on drums.
Luke Lyons on bass.

Silver Spoons released their latest single 'Heartache' in October 2018. - Silver Spoons Facebook account can be considered well-maintained if you aren't looking for anything other than basic promo. They do have several photographs and videos, but the most recent items are from 2017 - this might be a result of the band not being active for a while. A Reverbnation profile is available with music, gigs and videos, so this is engaging for visitors. The band has provided links to other social media accounts and contact details; however, I would suggest some more detailed background info. I'd also recommend removing the video header. While it is a good promotional feature, not all people are fans of a moving header and the type of video Silver Spoons use can give people with photosensitivity an instant headache. - The Silver Spoons official website landing page is clean and attractive. It provides background information and promotes their music with links to music streaming sites. If you want any more information on Silver Spoons, you need to click on the closed menu link in the right-hand corner - this is where the problem comes in. Despite the appeal of this site, people who aren't familiar with this setting won't be able to access anything beyond what is on the landing page. I recommended looking at a footer menu joining the links to other social media accounts.


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Signal Versus Noise

Founded in 2012 under the name The Starship Renegade, some of the gentlemen from Signal Versus Noise started their musical journey - you'll see what I mean soon enough. After several national tours, a change in the line-up was seen and Signal Versus Noise was born - that's what I mean. A more mature pop-punk sound emerged in 2016 from the Oregon-based band, and in mid-2018 they released their debut full-length album. Influenced by Anberlin, Paramore and Jimmy Eat World, the band has a strong following that grows with every new listener.

Signal Versus Noise is:

Mark Schmidt on vocals.
Alek Kalinowski on guitar.
Josh Nunn on bass.
Nic Quinones on drums (touring).

Signal Versus Noise released their latest single 'Take It From Me' in September 2018. - this Facebook account is a well-maintained one with posts made almost every week. The posts don't focus exclusively on promo but have a personal element making them more engaging. Signal Versus Noise have several pictures on the account, but they are primarily promoting events. The videos are sparse, but the ones that are available are vlogging-style and enjoyable. The Reverbnation widget provides a playlist, and the band has a sufficient amount of background information/contact details in their 'about' section. I would recommend links to other social media sites. My biggest problem with the site is the video header and the video posts that automatically begin. It can be good for promotional reasons, but it can also cause a person to close the site if they aren't able to watch the video at that moment. People with photosensitivity can also find moving headers a problem. - Signal Versus Noise's official website is their Reverbnation profile. A very good option to show visitors their music videos, playlist of their music, event listings, a concise background information section and some photographs - pretty much everything you need. However, I could not find any links to other social media accounts.


Who said you need to be in the same country to be part of a band? Using the internet, five professional musicians created the band World5 without being in the same location. Groundbreaking? I'm not sure, but it's terribly fascinating. The band began in 2011, but it is now in its third incarnation spanning three separate continents combining a Swedish bass player, a Swedish drummer, a German guitarist and trumpeter, and two more guitarists (one of them singing lead vocals) from the US of A.

World5 is:

Lou Evans on guitar and lead vocals.
Steffen Goeres on guitar and trumpet.
Jimmy Olsson on bass.
Joe Gavito on guitar and keyboard.
Reimund Breitfeld on drums and percussion. - World5's Facebook account is not well-maintained, but it isn't poorly maintained either. The posts are months apart, but this may be coinciding with band activity or inactivity. The photos and videos are exclusively promotional, but there are several music videos for people to view. The Reverbnation widget provides access to the albums, along with videos, shows and press reviews. Background information is sufficient with links to different social media accounts and contact details. The one problem I have is the video header, which seems to be a growing trend among bands. This header isn't as 'flashy' as others showing only photographs with text; however, it is still a problem if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, are not a fan of video headers or have photosensitivity. - the official website is a highly informative one with a blog keeping people updated on their news, full contact details, extensive information the band, access to their music, access to their merchandise, and even links to different radio stations. All of their social media accounts can be accessed from the website. I don't really have any complaints. - World5 has an Instagram account with information about the band and a link to their official website. The only problem is there aren't any images on this profile. Isn't Instagram a photo sharing website?

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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