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New Album Coming Soon by Icicle

Written by The Old School Project

Recently Mrs. Antonia has contacted us announcing the release of the new album of Icicle.

Excellent I thought! New music, new artist!

But this conclusion turned out to be very poor when I heard Icicle's first songs and later I read the fantastic story of a group of children from neighboring Bulgaria, traveled to Montreal for an adventure that most of us would like to experience.

On the occasion of his latest album boys and girls, we met Icicle.

Born and raised in communist Bulgaria, Krassy Halatchev (Icicle) grew up with a few tight friends who were true music maniacs. Being one of them as well, he studied and analyzed every note of the repertoire of his favourite bands (Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Police, The B-52’s, Depeche Mode, The Cure…). With a little help from his friends (and band mates) he bought his first bass guitar - a Fender Music Master. It turned out to be the best investment he ever made, for it changed Krassy’s life.

Following years of ardent practicing and playing in garages and clubs, the skilled musician fled from his native country and landed in Montreal one freezing-cold winter day in 1990. His brother-like peers from the band The Clouds accompanied him in this new and exiting adventure. At the time they were passionately devoted to the 90’s psychedelic rock. After many subway and club gigs, considerable magazine and newspaper coverage, and two full-length albums, the members of the band decided to explore new horizons, this time separately.

In 1996 Krassy joined the band Chiwawa. Produced by Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, The Trash Can Sinatras) and recorded at The Mission’s studio in Bristol, Chiwawa’s first album The Sick World of Yona won the attention of the media. Becoming a core member of the group, Krassy composed and sang a major part of Chiwawa’s seven albums worth of material.

In 2014 Icicle released his first solo album, Resurgence. Multifaceted and very seasoned, this 13-piece oeuvre represents a passage door between the past and the future, a quintessence of lessons learned and dreams that lay ahead.

Icicle’s newest record SILENCE is one of the finest in his acclaimed catalogue, taking him down yet another new sonic path 5 albums into his career. 
This is an act whose name has been built on the progressive evolution of its own aural dynamics, innovative compositions and stellar arrangements.
SILENCE is a bold, upfront, driving album, relying on grooves of pulsing keyboard twists, infectious guitar hooks and the off-kilter, slinky rhythms to carry the vocals of singer/bassist Krassy Halatchev.
Lyrically, the record is demanding attention and mindfulness. The topics are broad, deep and above all – painfully honest and sincere.
These 13 songs are some of the most sensual, serendipitous, sparse recordings to come from Icicle, showcasing a new dimension in his songwriting and marking SILENCE as that crucial next sonic step forward for one of Montreal’s best artists.

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His second album, Theorems (2015) cemented Icicle’s broad musical path where rock, pop and funk elements stir a mixture of fresh, innovative and genre defiant sound – Icicle’s specialty.

Now that you read that we read and you heard that we heard you understand that Icecle worth a shot visit the following link and RAISE.



Icicle to Release SILENCE (5th Solo Album)
International Release - March 22, 2018

Pre-ordering begins February 19th, specially priced and exclusively on BandCamp.

Artist: Icicle
Title: Silence
Publisher: Herd Records
Barcode: 013964993363
Label: Herd Records

Montreal, Canada