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These Bands Provide Music For All Tastes

Written by Anselm Anderson

Brother Bicker Band


Brother Bicker band are a five-piece Roots Rock Act from Canada incorporate country, folk, soul and reggae with uplifting harmonies and melodic vocals that are bound to leave those hips swaying.

The band features; Bash Raines (Drums)

, Jim Duncan (Bass),

Jeremy Hrdlicka (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar),

Tom Morgan (Vocals, Guitar),

Ben Ellard (Keys, Vocals) This is a nice site with a concise biography, Music List of the latest EP, Latest Music videos and some great pictures of the band performing. This is an easy to access web page for interested new fans. This is a more introspective look inside the band’s world with updates, videos of the band in rehearsal and performing, plus colourful pictures of the group together.


Autopilot are an alternative rock act from Saaskatoon Canada. The 3-piece write progressive rock with huge pop choruses and hints of shoegazing. They have released 3 LP’s and one EP, earning praise by notable musical publications for their relentless tour schedules, including USA and Canada. The band have gained success on commercial radio, Major US Network and supporting metal band P.O.D .

The band will release new album “Afterglow” on October 19th. This is another accessible site for any new fans. There is a detailed biography on the band, plus a backstory to their music. Also, there is a link to the band’s latest single “Weightless”. However, there are no photos or videos for any listeners to engage with. This is a far better account for old, and fans anew. There are gig updates, information about the band’s album launch, plus more videos of the band in the studio, as well as some photos of the band.


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Unlocking the Truth

Unlocking the Truth are a heavy metal from New York, who amaze with crunching guitars, soulful vocals and introspective lyrics with some tasty hip hop beats that adds to the intensity of musicianship that will keep plenty satisfied. They first formed as 11-year old's, and have gone on to perform at major festivals like Coachella, as well as open up for prestigious Metaillers'’ like Metallica, Guns N Roses and Marilyn Manson. They have also released their very own Netflix documentary called “Breaking A Monster”. The band’s mantra is "Our goal is still to become one of the worlds' best bands and to inspire people with our music to do what they love - no matter what.". We will have to wait and see.

Unlocking the Truth’s latest album “Chaos” is out now.

The band consists of Malcolm Brickhouse (Vocals, Guitars),

Bassist Alec Atkins

Drummer Jarad Dawkins. This is a great site for new fans. The format is centered on strong graphics, with a link to new single “My Chains”, alongside links to the band’s back catalogue on several platforms, music videos, and a fan wall. This is another well-presented account by the band. I felt this was more personal, and really engages the fans. There are updates, photos and plenty of music videos, plus a shop too.


Emerging Tiara

Emerging Tiara is AKA Juri is an eccentric mixture of J- pop/ / jazz, & rockabilly from Tokyo, Japan. Juri is the classically trained lead singer of the self-proclaimed ET Kingdom, who graduated from Berklee College. She developed her voice from an early age with performances alongside stars, including Japanese Classical musician Ken Nishikori.

New single “ Here I Come” is out now This site instantly grabs you with its sheer design. The nice colour coordination reflects the personality of Juri. I feel this leaves the listener feeling at ease to browse through her page that includes music, a vibrant bio, and a concert schedule. The only downside is the lack of photos. This is another vibrant insight into the musician with a more intimate feel to this one. Fans are made to feel like they can interact with the artist with fun videos, photos, and updates.


Lauren Marsh

Lauren Marsh is a pop singer / songwriter from New Jersey, who will delight you with her heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals that produce wonderful piano driven tunes. Marsh honed her craft singing in Coffee Shops, which culminated with an opening slot for “American Pie” Singer Don Mclean. Marsh’s breakthrough hit “Dear Love” has amassed over 5 million views on Spotify, as well as feature on NCIS: New Orlean TV programme.

Marsh's new EP “Revival” is out this fall. This is a fantastic site for any new, or old fans. The professional design allows the reader to maneuver between an array of photo’s, videos (YouTube Link), latest news stories, which include magazine articles on Marsh. Visitors can also find an expansive bio on Marsh’s life, as well as an online shop. This is an engaging account for the fans with regular updates, photos’, and some insightful videos of Marsh, as well as some performances.


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Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

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