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Quick Review: I Am Fire Paris

Written by The Old School Project

How the Fire started

There were 2 specific events that led up to the creation of I Am Fire! First, the death of Lemmy Kilmister (December 28th 2015), the legendary leader of the mythical hard rock group Motörhead. No more Motöthead, what?!. Second, the January 2nd 2017 “Rock Or Bust” AC/DC concert in Paris at the Stade de France. I was working late that night. As I was heading home on the subway after my shit, I was surprised (and delighted) to discover that the train was packed with AC/DC fans! Hundreds of people, of every generation wearing the band’s T-shirts and Angus Young’s flashing red plastic horns on top of their head ( I am a big AC/DC fan). I tough to myself “ Waow! These great old bands, that everyone still loves (me included), are slowly fading out of the picture and there isn’t really anyone to take over after them (Brian Johnson forced to retire for health reasons and who knows what’s happening with the guys from Motley Crüe and how long Guns’n’Roses is going to last?)! That night in Paris, on the subway heading for the suburbs, I came up with the very basic concept of I Am Fire: a modern outfit (with a double drum kick and a stronger metal sound), which sound would be influenced by all the great "classic" hard rock acts and which, like them, would aim to be a "larger than life" band. In fact, I Am Fire would like to bring "rock" and the Rock Star Concept back!


PS: I actually met Lemmy in Paris a few years ago. When I was in LA, I also met Robert Plant, Ray Manzarek, Mick Mars, Steve Harris, Rob Trujillo, Chester Bennington, etc… But that’s another story…

No, rock is not dead!!


“Paris is no longer the city of Love, it is now the city of Rock!” – Jeff Rocker

Did someone pull the fire alarm??. Coz we are new Paris based rock outfit I Am Fire! Our sound is influenced by all the great "classic" hard rock bands (AC/DC, Motörhead, Motley Crüe, etc...) as they are slowly disappearing... Like them, we aim to be a "larger than life" band. In fact, we'd like to bring "rock" and the rock star concept back! And, to put it bluntly, we need you to help us make I Am Fire the biggest rock act in the world!

Our 1rst single, "Die Bitch!" appears on the Dooweet Agency sampler, "Heavy Christmas", that distributed 10 000 copies. “I Am Fire” has also been included on the playlists of several internet radio (WTYT 960 USA, Q 108 Kingston, Banks Radio Australia, etc...) and in the pages of several online music magazines (Uncivil Revolt USA, White Noise Magazine etc…).

We are currently working on our next title as, our marketing creed, so far, is not to put out full albums (who ever listen to a whole album anymore?) but to release several singles every year.

I Am Fire Paris is: singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Rocker (Spun Smith – Henhouse Studios Records, Radio Mars - ii Music, Los Angeles, California) and french producer Seb Bonnet. (Temple Of Silence, Zuul-fx, Ego Miss Blinded, etc…) Social Media: @iamfirelive

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