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Written by The Old School Project

 The Old School Project is a network that operates around the world to entertain and inform its readers and listeners through the research or personal judgment of its associates. Based on its fundamental principles, is left far from politics and all kinds of fanaticism.

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Articles must be related to:

  • music, album reviews, festival/event preview and review, music history, how musician’s/band use fashion and mostly presenting upcoming bands/musicians/singers/artists.


  • environment,


  • start-ups,


  • books, new releases, presentations, reviews, interviews and mostly presenting new writers and their work.


  • Tech,
  • movies, Tv Series


  • short stories
  • food,


  • innovations,
  • fashion,


  • gaming
  • psychology,
  • health


  • history

The Old School Project is the best way for freelancers who are looking to establish their profile as writers. There is NO payment but you are given all the credits as writers.

Feel free to suggest any topic that interests you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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