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The Afro Nick Song and Record Release

Back for more, the Afro Nick has returned with two brand new song releases that explore the growth and maturity of The Afro Nick's musical style. For those who aren't familiar with The Afro Nick and his unique and heartfelt song compositions, look no further than my last review here at The Old School Project. The Afro Nick has once again delivered a raw, high powered performance inspired by the classic rock legends like, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and Santana. The Afro Nick oozes and accentuates what it means to be Rock and Roll. Having acquainted myself with his sound and recording process, I have delved into the songs “You” and “Wild Angel” with an open mind and an open hear. I will directly focus on “You”, a song that I found inspiring and powerful.

The recently released single “You” is some of The Afro Nicks best work to date. I can tell that the music is growing and evolving every time I hear his new stuff. The recording itself is very well done and mixed to perfection. Again, Afro Nick reminds me of The Black Angels or something of the like. “You” is hard-rock driven with distorted guitar parts. The chorus is ethereal and harmonious, which juxtapose as well with the excellent guitar solo. Overall, this is my favorite Afro Nick song to date. I am looking forward to checking this release out on vinyl.

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Wild Angel” is a melodic, heartfelt love song that tells the story of a man fallen from grace. This song is reminiscent of the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses” but not in the name, just a feeling that the song exudes. This song works well with “You” and both songs show a different side of what The Afro Nick brings to the table.

I talked with The Afro Nick about his upcoming releases here for The Old School Project and you can read his words below:

What inspired you to write you and can you tell us a bit about your upcoming releases?

(Afro Nick) A Few years ago, I was roaming around West Village with my girlfriend and I happened upon a small music store on West 4th street. I knew they keep vinyl’s in the basement so, I walked downstairs to take a look. There was a guy there playing a fretless guitar and he sounded really good. So, I turn to see who he is and to my surprise I see, Carlos Santana, and next to him, Cindy Blackman. I immediately ask my girlfriend, “Do you know who this guy is?” and she said “No, It can’t be him.” Just a few minutes later, I’m introducing myself to Carlos Santana saying, “It’s You! Right?”It has become one of my most memorable moments and an inspiration for my song, “You”. When I sat down to write the song, I mixed it up with a love story, but the inspiration and the main idea of the song is about Carlos and his music. “You take me, you ring love in the air, you make me high, all I need and I’ll be fine.”

The song “You” is the A side of 7” Lathe Record that I will release on June 9th. (online on June 8th) The release Show is at Nublu Classic - 62 Ave C, New York. The B side is my song “Wild Angel” that I released a few weeks ago at Rockwood Music Hall. I hope you enjoy listening and come over to Nublu Classic!  

Check out this release online here  and grab a copy of the Afro Nicks new compositions via vinyl ASAP. Thanks again to Afro Nick for reaching out for a second review and we look forward to hearing from our readers about these songs.

Written by Robert Fadley / USA - Harrisonburg Virginia

Robert Fadley
Professional Music Critic, Journalist and Writer, with a degree in Music Journalism and Creative Writing from James Madison University. I specializes in Jam band and Rock music but have an interest in all types of music. I review albums, concerts, festivals, interviews and can do copy writing, editing and anything needed.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 06:01

The Afro Nick Album Review

The Afro Nick Song And Album Review

Having opened up to experiencing new albums, new music and doing diverse musical reviews, The Afro Nick album came to me and while it's not right up my alley musically, I wanted to give it a go and try something new. The Afro Nick is heavily influenced by the deities of Rock and Roll like: Hendrix, Zeppelin Bob Marley, and Santana. The Afro Nick came to New York City from Greece, and has been playing various gigs in the US and abroad.

The Afro Nick’s most recent single "Get There Before Noon" is raw and emotional. (Available online This was my first time listening to The Afro Nick and I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be my favorite. It is emotional and poignant and well performed and recorded, the lyrics inspiring to those who wish to listen. It takes you into high-energy ride down the highway, a sense of nothing to loose but the road and life left behind. It is a great introduction into what The Afro Nick has to showcase and it reminded me of The Black Angels or something in that realm of musical delivery.

The self titled album, (Available on Amazon The Afro Nick starts off with hard rock, driving guitar riff that make you immediately think of classic rock staples from the 1960s-70s. The Afro Nick’s vocals stand out and are original and stylistically unique, adding character to each song. This is a well-produced salbum with great musical structures and backing vocals. "Like Movie Stars" takes a hard turn into more Lou Reed inspired accents but stays fairly hard and keeps its rustic feel. The chorus reminds me of many classic 60s songs including that authentic tambourine shaking in the background. This song offers chanting lyrics that seem to get stuck in your head. Singer Britanny Foushee makes a haunting vocal appearance giving it a smooth and soulful character. 

"You and Me" delves deeper into the soul and psyche of The Afro Nick, with lyrics that are very revenant and thought provoking. There is almost a Socio-political message with Afro Nicks lyrics but they are more informative than that, they are spiritual, while still remaining earthly. The influence from Classic Rock artists from the 1960s-70s is clear and defined within this song and its musical structures. Good instrumental solos on guitar with clear and precise intent. "Sunny" is exactly as the name suggests, happy, fun and warm, reminiscent of the musician’s Greek background; a cheering anthem to the uninhibited and stress free life. 

"Ta Too Ta" starts off strong with distorted guitar chords and reverberated vocals. This song certainly has a clear message and you have to really listen to get the meaning. “Ta Too Ta” juxtaposes the lyrical theme of money and it's hardships. Nice vocal break down at the end. "Dream Big" again has a social message, which reminds me of Bob Marley and his lyrical choices in the past. The Afro Nick takes the listener on a soul-searching journey through question after question. "Make It" is the medical remedy for those hard rock fans. With its anti-establishment and anarchist tones, the beats are fast paced and extremely edgy with inspirational undertones. 

"It's You" is Classic Rock driven but the breakdown are more grunge-punk style. This song blasted through my speakers and is one of the best-mixed songs on the entire album. Great guitar work and rock structures. "Free Like Me" was the next song on the album and again we see the same thematic approach to lyrics and meaning. This song is liberating for those who seek it. "Don't Waste My Time" closes out the lyrical portion of this album and I think it's a great closing choice. The vocal arrangement is much like David Bowie in the vocal strength and ability. “Here, Just For Tonight" is an apt ending to close out the album leading the listeners into instrumental plays.

All around, The Afro Nick is original and creative and the lyrics resonate with the audience. This album would sell very well internationally and with today's economic, social and political activism playing a huge role in societal formatting, The Afro Nick’s message would give strength to those who wish to make changes not only within themselves but in the world around them. You can check out more of The Afro Nick here and catch a live performance if you can! Also, if you are a musician or a band consider hiring him to produce your Album! The Afro Nick LLC recently produced Didi DLicious that you can check here:

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