Rock is always on a constant to find a band to make us stand up and listen - Please step forward Blue Helix! They are a melodic/grunge rock band from Washington State, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil formed in 2008 by the talented vocalist Sami Chohfi. The other band members are Arman Birang (Guitar), Marco Bicca ( Drums) and Brandon Wolf Gebhardt ( Bass).

The band’s sound replicates all the mechanisms of 90’s rock with it’s powerful choruses, distorted riffs and relatable lyrical content. Blue Helix recently released a follow up to the successful A Tale Of Two Halves with latest EP Anti-social Butterfly, Available via itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud etc .

The album begins with the self-titled track with an anti- bullying message as powerful as the vocal lines that strike like a venomous snake. Chohfi’s sneers reverberate around a driving rythm that bounces with each tenacious drumbeat. The foot stomping riff has all the hallmarks to break the mainstream rock charts.

Enemy delves into the band’s more melodic arsenal with another evocative message. This track about self- loathing is replete with power chords that bridge a catchy pop hook. Lyrics about social anxieties and battling demons work a treat for the band because it is accessible to listeners who relate through an emotive narrative that is told through a versatile vocal range .

Despair is a short and effective interlude that clock in with over a minute. A dark and haunting track with atmospheric electronics that feels like a man alone revealing his inner struggles to a public audience.

This Tragedy  Despair is a beautiful and melancholic look at global affairs that sees the band’s sound evolving not only through the aforementioned impressive vocal ranges, but through lead guitarist Birang’s ability to construct harmonic riffs that builds to an intense solo that feels like the music is soaring higher and higher. This Tragedy Despair goes into this tragedy as an intro. The song was written about a horrible flight I was on that hit horrible air and many of us on the plane thought we were going to crash. The 0xygen masks fell down and people were screaming. I wrote those two songs referring to all the thoughts going through my head in that time of crisis.

Runaways is another hard rock track that delivers heavily distorted guitars and bone shattering breakdowns . The musicianship impresses with transitions from low tuned power chords and melodic verses that builds a monstrous chorus that shares are not too similar to SOAD vocalist Serj Tankian. The rhythm section of bassist Wolf and Drummer Bicca intensity creates a more refined sound to the band’s depth.

The EP closes with the commercially viable Anodyne  which is a love song for music. A pop fused journey that venture into radio territory with its multi layered keyboards and guitar hooks wraps up an enjoyable outing for the group. The polished production and musical craft proves Blue Helix have the ingredients to succeed.

Sami Chohfi wrote and recorded all the songs. Anodyne lead Guitar was written by Arman Birang. This Tragedy was written by Sami Chohfi.

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Mark Stone and The Dirty Country Band- For Stories EP Review


Mark Stone & the Dirty Country Band , from Minnesota, formed in 2012 as a solo project for Mark Stone himself. Since then, Stone (Guitar/Vocals) has acquired the musical talents of Todd Jameson (Bass), Johnny Strutt (Drums) to form The Dirty Country Band.

They are influenced by Southern Rock and Country, which is prevalent in the song structures and writing. However on their latest release “ For Stories” takes a different direction. The main focus is on good ol’ country rock with hard rock riffs and powerful beats. This EP sees the group coming into their own as a close knit outfit that is evident on here. The chemistry between the music is apparent from the beginning that these are men love their craft!

On first track Until Someone Remember my name is a nice country song that is relatable to a contingency of folk who want to pack in their jobs to play music. The overall structure of the track is a feelgood one steeped with elements of heavy guitar lines that are reminiscent of 70’s southern rock. And a strong, swinging rhythm that supplements Stone’s reflective lyrics.

When love goes to war is an acoustic track that is suitable for a long drive home along the highway. Stone shows his versatility with the guitar and on vocals that express raw emotion that will touch any heartstring in this song about falling out with a loved one. It is these samples of the ability to produce natural forms of motions through music that makes Stone a good songwriter.

The things that impress me the most about Mark Stone and The Dirty Country Band is the musical textures that plays off each other . Strutt’s drumming remains consistent throughout, acting like a metronome that dictates the rhythm. Furthermore, The intelligent lyrics that retain strong storytelling throughout.

Faster than they fall is a combination of Dirty Country ( Excuse the pun!) and Boogie Rock. The riff is a loud and simple juggernaut of a tune that will keep your feet swaying. The strong beats reflect Skynyrd in there pomp with driving rhythm section is like a train pounding the tracks at high speed. This is my favourite standout track that could easily be a breakthrough in the commercial rock charts with fans of 70s and 80’s southern rock .


And finally, before you are gone is a country/gospel track that is a nod to religious faith that introduces an organ section that adds depth to the melody vocal lines that make this a beautiful end to an accomplished outing for the dirty country band.

The eP is now available for pre- oreder on Itunes.

You can catch the band on April 5th with the 2 dudes w/ acoustic guitars @ Neumann’s bar in St Paul, Minn

You can also gain further access to the band’s catalogue, tours, news and merchandise via

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