We Can't Manage All These Great Musicians!!

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Linnea Krepper

Linnea Krepper is a name to remember. With her big voice and strong personality, this girl from Sweden has managed to get her music to the USA on her own, and several radio stations have already fallen.

Samantha Kromphold

Talented and engaging singer, passionate songwriter, and acoustic guitar hobbyist Samantha Kromphold shares a connection with the world. Her genuine and positive nature is a breath of fresh air in an industry.


Jordan Sleed

Jordan Sleed is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. At 13, Jordan picked up the ukulele and has since then used this instrument to discover a passion for music and songwriting.

Red Money

The French Rock band duo, Red Money, began their musical journey in 2012. For two years, they composed music in their own studio and worked on defining themselves as a band.


The Atomic Spins

An alternative to pop, original songwriting spins tales of manic experiences, packed with the passion of beatnik writers, and the soul of the Mississippi Delta. Explosive guitars, a tapestry of beats.

Velvet & Stone

Velvet & Stone are an indie-folk band from Devon, UK. They combine rich vocals, acoustic guitar, bass riffs, keys and violin, to give an original take on a traditional genre.



Jackie Venson

It is legend that a blistering Jackie Venson guitar solo knocked Pluto straight out of planetary existence.

Dana Salzman

Pianist, singer, composer, producer and musical director Dana Salzman creates funky, flavorful tunes that re-imagine jazz, funk, hip-hop, soul, Latin and R&B music and illuminate her sultry voice, fine-tuned piano technique and talent for composition and arrangement.


Lynnie Carson

I am a gifted guitarist, pianist and songwriter, performing my own work throughout Scotland for almost 20 years. I have recorded 3 full length albums as a solo artist and with my bands Juniper Spark.

Black Cat Habitat

Black Cat Habitat is a soulful and shamelessly melodic indie pop-rock band with a beautifully-worn 90's sensibility, led by singer-songwriter Rachel McCullough. Writing and performing bittersweet songs.




Nikol is a six-piece EDGY pop/rock band out of Raleigh, NC - similar to the sounds of Paramore, Flyleaf and Evanescence. The band's first full-length album, "Bittersweet", landed them 13 licensing offers.

Kelvin Killmon

Kelvin Killmon Milliner is a Singer / Songwriter based in Seattle, WA. Kelvin recently graduated from Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain with a masters degree in Performance and Music Production.



I'm a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer. I'm currently playing on my lonesome whilst recording my next album.




Friday, 19 January 2018 00:00

Iron Maiden Cover Competition

The Old School Project presents

Iron Maiden Cover Competition

Hello boys and girls,
as a fan of one of the most famous bands and with very important influence in music history, The Old School Project launches a Cover Competition for the bands and artists that want to take part, whether they are members or not.

The best cover of will win a unique handmade soft band case worth 130,00 euro made by Handy Ingenious Tools.

Bands and artists can cover any song by Iron Maiden they wish in any genre they wish, in MP3 format and send it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 15th of April with subject “Cover Competition”.

The winner will be declared after voting.

Bands and artists who want to participate at this competition must sign up until 15th of February 2018 by writing “UP The IRONS” and the title of the song they will cover by sending an inbox on facebook page or  an e-mail.

So boys and girls do not spend your time ...... Sign Up.


Since you've come so far ...

.... we would like to inform you about The Old School Project's operation. Over time, the number of people interested in The Old School Project has steadily increased. Unlike other websites and online media, the core of The Old School Project is not the well-known journalists and radio producers, but the young people in the field of journalism who nevertheless worthy of their place. Therefore, the resources for running The Old School Project, which requires time, money and hard work, come only from its physical place, the coffeehouse.

So to continue to provide our services to upcoming bands / artists, giving the opportunity to new journalists publish their articles, and to develop our innovative ideas, we ask you to devote a minute of your time and become a part of The Old School Project.

You want to go bigger? Enter your own contribution amount.



Ένα από τα συνηθέστερα άρθρα που κυκλοφορούν αυτή τη περίοδο στις αρχικές σελίδες των social media, είναι αυτά που μιλάνε για τις νέες τάσεις της μόδας για το 2018. Έπιασα τον εαυτό μου να πατάει πάνω τους, μόνο και μόνο επειδή ο τίτλος περιείχε την λέξη «τάση». Επομένως μια πιασάρικη λέξη, η οποία έχει περαστεί στο μυαλό μου ως κάτι το οποίο καθορίζει τις επιλογές μου, με έκανε να ασχοληθώ με κάτι το οποίο δεν με ενδιέφερε. Αναζητώντας κανείς τις τάσεις, θα συνειδητοποιήσει πως άλλες ισχύουν για τα παπούτσια, άλλες για τα αξεσουάρ, άλλες για τα μαλλιά, για το μακιγιάζ, για τα sizes και πάει λέγοντας. Εννοείται πως δεν πάνε όλα σε όλους, και δεν μπορούν όλοι να τα υποστηρίξουν όλα. Αλλά επειδή μας έχουν πείσει ότι πρέπει να ακολουθούμε τις τάσεις της μόδας, μπαίνουμε σε άβολα ρούχα τα οποία δεν μας αντιπροσωπεύουν. Βλέπουμε ανθρώπους να κυκλοφορούν περιμένοντας την ώρα και την στιγμή που θα πάνε σπίτι τους και θα βγάλουν αυτά που φοράνε, και να μπουν στις άνετες πιτζάμες τους. Όλα αυτά μόνο για τα μάτια του κόσμου, γιατί φοβούνται τι θα πουν οι άλλοι.

Βέβαια να ήταν οι τάσεις μόνο για πράγματα που μπορούμε να βάλουμε και να βγάλουμε από πάνω μας θα ήταν καλό. Οι τάσεις έχουν να κάνουν και με το σώμα μας, για το μέγεθος ρούχων μέσα στα οποία θα πρέπει να χωράει, για το σχήμα του προσώπου μας, για την τριχοφυΐα μας, τις πλάτες μας, τους κοιλιακούς μας, το ιδανικό μέγεθος στήθους και κατά πόσο οι γοφοί μας είναι γυμνασμένοι. Αναπόσπαστα κομμάτια του εαυτού μας δηλαδή, από τα οποία δεν μπορούμε απλά να βγάλουμε όποια δεν μας αρέσουν. Ουσιαστικά οι τάσεις είναι ένα καλούπι μέσα στο οποίο πρέπει να χωρέσουμε. Αλλά για να χωρέσουμε πρέπει να αποχωριστούμε πολλά πράγματα, κυρίως την προσωπική μας ευτυχία. Μελαγχολούμε καθημερινά μπροστά από τους καθρέφτες μας και οδηγούμαστε σε σπατάλη τόσο χρόνου όσο και χρημάτων. Ενώ θα μπορούσαμε να κοιτάμε να είμαστε εμείς καλά, να δημιουργούμε ευχάριστες αναμνήσεις, προσπαθούμε να συμβιβαστούμε με κάτι ξένο πάνω μας. Γινόμαστε έρμαια των της μόδας και των τάσεων, και πατάμε πάνω σε πιασάρικους τίτλους του στυλ « Οι τοπ 10 τάσεις του 2018 για να σαγηνεύσεις», «Η νέα τάση είναι οι καλογυμνασμένοι γλουτοί». Βαρέθηκα να κάνω squats ρε παιδιά!


Βέβαια δεν είναι όλοι έτσι. Υπάρχουν και αυτοί οι άνθρωποι που έχουν αναπτύξει το δικό τους προσωπικό στυλ και τους βλέπεις να κυκλοφορούν με τόση άνεση που είναι να τους ζηλεύει κανείς. Μπορούν και συνδυάζουν το οτιδήποτε, κάτι που για άλλους θα ήταν αδύνατο. Είναι χαρούμενοι με το σώμα τους χωρίς να το φέρνουν στα όρια του. Φοράνε ότι τους κατέβει στο κεφάλι, και όμως επειδή πιστεύουν σε αυτό, το αναδεικνύουν τόσο καλά, επειδή νιώθουν οι ίδιοι άνετα. Είναι αυτοί οι άνθρωποι που βλέπουμε στον δρόμο και σκεφτόμαστε « Ας ήμουν σαν αυτήν/ον», και μετά σκεφτόμαστε πως θα μπορούσαμε να τους μοιάσουμε. Ναι είπα να τους μοιάσουμε, δηλαδή να μπούμε σε ένα ακόμα καλούπι. Επομένως και να μπούμε στο δικό τους καλούπι, θα είμαστε ευχαριστημένοι μέχρι να βρούμε ένα «καλύτερο» και έτσι θα καταλήξουμε και πάλι να αναλωνόμαστε.

Το να είναι κανείς ο εαυτός του είναι ένα από τα πιο δύσκολα πράγματα που έχει να αντιμετωπίσει ο καθένας από εμάς καθημερινά. Εκεί έξω υπάρχουν ένα σωρό παγίδες που αν πέσεις μέσα, οδηγείσαι στο να απαρνηθείς τον εαυτό σου μόνο και μόνο για να είσαι αρεστός στους άλλους. Το καλύτερο δεν στο είπα, αυτά που προσπαθείς να καταπνίξεις σχετικά με τον εαυτό σου, όσο καλά και να τα κρύβεις δεν θα εξαφανιστούν ποτέ, εκτός και αν τα λύσεις. Διαφορετικά θα έρχονται συνέχεια στην επιφάνεια και δεν υπάρχει πιο κουραστικό πράγμα από το να κρύβεις κάτι το οποίο αποτελεί αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι του ίδιου σου του εαυτού. Είναι σαν τα παπλώματα, χαλιά, τέλος πάντων αυτά τα ογκώδη πράγματα που πιέζουμε στο πάνω ράφι της ντουλάπας μας το οποίο για να κλείσει, τα πιέζουμε άγαρμπα μέσα. Μέχρι να ανοίξει μετά από λίγο καιρό, ρίχνοντας ότι είχες στριμώξει στο πάτωμα και πάλι από την αρχή. Πόσο πιο εύκολα θα ήταν τα πράγματα αν είχες πάρει μια σκάλα εξ αρχής και να τα είχες βάλει μέσα τακτοποιημένα ; Έτσι και με την αποδοχή του εαυτού μας. Τα πράγματα θα ήταν πολύ καλύτερα αν τακτοποιούσαμε τις σκέψεις μας.  Γι’ αυτό την επόμενη φορά που θα αποφασίσεις να κάνεις μια αλλαγή στον εαυτό σου ή να αγοράσεις κάτι, σκέψου αν θα το κάνεις γιατί πραγματικά το θέλεις και όχι για να ακολουθήσεις τις τάσεις.

Για σένα που λες ότι δεν ακολουθείς τις τάσεις και κάνεις αυτό που πραγματικά θες. Είσαι σίγουρος ;

Published in Europe Section
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 13:03

Searching Around The World! Update #7

Searching Around The World for the TOP 10...

Some on our list are the followings:

If you view this article on android press Play to listen great music.

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A Second Life

A Second Life is a recently formed band

bringing together several talented

and experienced musicians from the New York music scene.

The band is focused on making emotion    evoking music

Glass House Point


Glass House Point is an indie-rock band

hailing from the tropics of Central Florida:

a place riddled with abundant sunshine

and torrential rainfall.

The band formed during the particularly stormy Summer


Matt Blais


Powerful vocals, electrifying harmonica and emotive performances

are the characteristics that have made Matt Blais an artist of high regard.

With the ability to enthral audiences as a solo performer


Tribal State


These Auckland based musicians prefer the sound of ignorance

and instincts when it comes to their creation.

Six years existence in the NZ Rock scene without any

real influence of past or modern music trends



Katie Knipp


Beginning college, Katie believed it would be practical to major in medicine.

Singing in a rendition of Mozart’s Requiem changed this future path.

The haunting beauty of the music made tears roll down


LoveSick Radio


LoveSick Radio (LSR) brings a distinctive blend of

unapologetic rock guitar coupled with pop melodies

and a little hip-hop swagger, creating a fresh sound all their own. 


Star Nayea

Star Nayea is very proud to be a Native GRAMMY Recording Artist.

As equally proud to have been crowned 2008 Native American Music Award Winner

for "Song Writer of the Year”.

The Social Scuffs


The Social Scuffs is an indie band from Orange County, California.

Their debut EP, “Beautiful Imperfections" produced by Chris Karn

and mastered by Tom Coyne/Sterling Sound, NYC was released on April 24.




Steve -Supplied 4/4 timing for the Texas Instruments (1983-1996),

the Golden Apples (1999-2006), as well as various recording projects.

Played clubs from Chicago's Metro, NYC CBGB's, LA's The Roxy

The Complaints


The Complaints are a modern rock band led by

singer/songwriter/guitarist Dean Petrella, with bassist Chris Cruz and

drummer Anthony Marotti. The band is based out of Providence RI



Will Sims

Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop artist,

Will Sims, creates themes that focus strongly on both romantic and

social relationships, and the difficulties faced in our modern society.

Christina Crofts


A review of Christina's 'Midnight Train' album describes her as

'Lucinda Williams meets Rory Gallagher down under' (Ron from Rootstime)

and it is considered by many to be a fitting description. 

Submissions are increasing, but some stand out from the beginning.

Check some great artsits and don't forget to view:

Update #1 Update #2 Update #3 Update #4 Update #5

If you view this from mobile SCROLL RIGHT for more!

Kendall Renee

Kendall Renee is not your average girl next door. Her music transcends all barriers with her folk/pop approach and story telling at it's best. Honest music from the heart and soul of one of the most prolific.

Carter Lou & The Project

Now, the DC-based artist emerges with his debut,Carter Lou & The Project. The 8-song album is a masterstroke steeped in timeless songcraft, anthemic hooks, classic rock panache, and world-class musicianship.

Sierra Marie

Sierra Marie is an 18 year old alternative singer songwriter and guitarist from Fairfield Ca which is located in the Bay Area.



Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II is a dynamic and punchy rock and roll band from Washington DC. With an eclectic Stevie Nicks nostalgia blended with a new age youthful edge, Elizabeth II combines thunderous and gravely vocals with bluesy guitar riffs driven by pulsating rhythms.

Jackie got Lemons

We are an Alternative rock band based in Melbourne. Comprising of bass, drums and vocals, We aim for quirky references to today´s culture movement and senseless human daily behavior in form of a satire.


Charles Platt

With a style of his own, Charles Platt Jr. is making waves on the jazz scene with his hit single, Sea Breeze. With a jazzy, refreshing sound and a splash of funk, Sea Breeze was created to remind listeners of cruising to the beach on a warm summer day.




Ukrainian Indie-Rock group created in 2015 by T.O.M. project and singer-songwriter Nanè. Accompanied with ones of the best jazz and rock musicians tends to bring to life new Ukrainian rock style, based

Highest Conspiracy

A full 10 piece Jazz Reggae Blues Ska Rock Band with hip hop influence. We pour our soul into every single song & aim to provide positive vibes in these troublesome times!!

Neon Tapehead

Neon Tapehead is a brand new band from Moscow, Russia. Bands's music contains the vibe of classic Electro/Disco/Funk grooves, modern vocals, summertime mood and a nice Saturday Night dancefloor's feeling.


The Youniverse

The Youniverse formed as a concept in early 2015. Since then it's been in the making, waiting for the Big Bang. Changing names and forms, creating musical and visual worlds, all coming from a place of badass sexiness. We never ever do nothing nice and easy.

Jared Mancuso

Jared Mancuso's brand of rock n' roll is a combination of influences that vary in style but complement each other remarkably well. He has crafted his sound by taking subtle cues from the surf rock vibes.

Break Past Reason

Break Past Reason was formed in 2012 by Mark Foscolo, Adam Kleinberg, and Frank LaBella. Our sound is an eclectic (and often aggressive) blend of classic rock, songwriter folk, and edgy 90's alternative.


Mama's Madness

A three man, high energy Rock & Soul band, based out of Pittsburgh Pa. With original music and covers from a mix of many musical influences. Giving a highly entertaining performance!


Formed in 2013, Soulus is from the Cleveland suburbs composed of former members of Pinchpoint and Rosella. The mission is simple and honest; always push their collective envelope and share the love of ...




Give us some LOVE!!

New bands and artists under our microscope!!

Don't Miss previews articles:

Update #1 Update #2  Update #3  Update #4


Dennis Jones

High-energy stage performance. Sizzling hot guitar solos. Smooth and soulful vocals. Backed by a rhythm section that is second to none, this IS Dennis Jones. Check out a live show, and you’ll instantly agree, this band ROCKS the blues like NO other!

Dennis's feet are firmly rooted in the past, yet his heart and soul are connected to the present. He writes songs that seamlessly blend the best of both worlds, presenting a unique and contemporary style of American rock and blues.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and now based in Los Angeles, California, Jones continues to pursue his musical goal of becoming a top entertainer in his field. With five well-regarded CD releases to date, Jones' vision has never been more in focus.

Audio Revival

Formed in New York City in late 2012, Audio Revival is an unlikely collection of band geeks and one former Second Team All-Big East linebacker for the Syracuse Orange football team. With the help of three-time Grammy award-winning producer Dave Clauss (Shakira, Marin Morris,Justin Bieber, U2, Paul Simon), Audio Revival released a series of singles in 2015, to critical fanfare and spent much of the year playing shows across the Northeast.

Indie Lagone

Indie Lagone's music is a myriad wall of sound comprised of a hard rock feel shadowed by sleek undertones and is filled with genre defying ideas. Lagone's lyrical content is engulfed in the introspection, addictions and rising above adversity.

The songs are all balanced by a twist of musical sensibility that is grounded by an idea of not overworking rhythms and melodies. Songwriting within the band is all hinged on the thought that a good song should influence, stand alone and not be overplayed. It is not how many notes you can play but how you can get them to collide and react with one another. The band has attempted to create a mood reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino film.


Cat Ridgeway

Cat Ridgeway, a singer/songwriter hailing from Orlando, Florida, is a skilled lyricist and melodist. Cat’s eclectic style shines through her ability to play guitar and harmonica (at the same time!), trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, and bass. Cat has worked with several notable producers, including Greg Rike (producer of Deep Purple and The Back Street Boys) and most recently, Ben Cooper (co-writer of Ricky Skaggs’ Grammy award winning album “Mosaic”). Cat's most recent project "Passenger Seat" is a direct result of her overfunded Kickstarter campaign "Cat Goes to Nashville". She had the privilege of working with the likes of Gordon Kennedy (co-writer of "Change the World" recorded by Eric Clapton) and many other seasoned Nashville players on the EP.

Chris Eves and the New Normal

Chris Eves and the New Normal blur the lines between rock, funk, and blues with a healthy dose of jam band influences. Thoughtful lyrics blend seamlessly with solid roots rock riffs, pop sensibilities and, catchy hooks. Based out of Syracuse NY, the band has shared the stage with such diverse artists as the Zac Brown Band, Jon Fishman of Phish, Gov't Mule, Cheap Trick, Gregg Allman and many others. Their debut album is now available on all music services.

The Late Greats

THE LATE GREATS are a Manchester/Sheffield-based duo made up of David Benjamin (Lead Vocals) and Steve Marsden (Guitar).

Their material is a blend of alternative rock and Americana. Individually these two experienced musicians have performed at Glastonbury, Download, Secret Garden, Other Voices, Reading and Leeds Festival and have also supported a variety of big acts, from the Killers to Paloma Faith.

Tom Petty, the Replacements, Warren Zevon, Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams are among their main musical influences.

The Swills

The Swills are a new independent band from Vancouver, BC Canada. They’ve been together since 2006, with very humble beginnings as a true garage band, complete with a rehearsal space in a bus depot!
They’ve made a name for themselves with their fans by putting on high-energy shows designed to make people move. They’re also known for their social conscience, both in the songs they write, and by putting on shows for various charities. To date, they have raised over $3000 for such local charities as Covenant House and The BC Prader-Willi society. Moving forward, they plan on producing and performing in at least two charity events per year. 
Their first self-produced record, Travelling Thru Time, released in 2008, was well received by college and independent radio stations, and The Swills are excited to build on that success with their new record, which draws heavily from their punk rock and blues rock influences, to create a unique hard-rocking sound.

Chasing Shadows

We’re Chasing Shadows.
We’re here to write music we love taking the music we grew up with and hear now as inspiration. Our songs are about real life as we see it. Growing up in a town that has seen better days is nothing new for our generation, neither is a relationship that hasn’t gone quite the way you thought it might. We’re here to tell our stories, we’re to hit the chords we all know and mix it with melodies that will make you sing.
Since the Chasing Shadows journey started in August 2014 at the Kings Head in Rhuddlan, North Wales, we have played as much as we can, for as long as we can, as often as we can.

Paper City Exile

​Paper City Exile, a band from Western Mass, was created by 3 students of music. 

Paper City Exile is cutting a fresh path in music. 
Our collective love of R&B, alternative rock, vintage surf, and east / west coasts rock provides the platform for our distinct feel and sound. That's evident in our new releases. Each member has respect for the true art of music, and the band hopes to keep the art alive by "being a good musician first."
Members include Dan Conway on lead, keyboards and vocals, Jackson Silverman on drums, and Zeno Quinn pounding out the bass line.

Article PhotographJaap Straydog

Friday, 29 September 2017 01:34

Our Stage Is Getting More Crowded Update #4


Paul Pedana

He quickly rose to the top of The “ Reverb Nation” UK hit-list thanks to a fantastic Debut at the O2 Academy and his two hit music videos “Free” and “I’m not afraid”.
Riding the wave of success and new found confidence Paul Pedana did his first round the world tour in 2016 collecting great success from the U.S. to the Eastern Europe.

Dee Brown

Most love songs are created and inspired by real love and true emotions. I can attest to that. My new single is written and inspired by a beautiful woman of God. She was the reality of my dreams. A woman ...

She´s Excited!

She’s Excited! is a Brooklyn-based producer, singer and songwriter of indie electronic music, IDM and dark electronica. ...


Welcome to the Rockers Behind the Badge Project! We are INSITES, national recording artists comprised of law enforcement officers, making music since 2008. We are currently touring and performing in support ...

Below 7

We are a modern rock band out of Southwest Virginia playing in the five surrounding states and thanks so much to Zakk Wylde, Cody Canada and Mike McClure for giving us the rights to record In This River ...

Iron Mike Norton

The king of swamp stomp, blues recording artist, producer and the subject of the 2014 documentary "Devil In My Kitchen", Iron Mike Norton is described by peers and critics as one of the most innovative ...

Ryan Matter Band

Lead Singer/songwriter Ryan Matter got started while working at a live Texas music venue. He started meeting a lot of artists on the Red Dirt Music Scene. Seeing the fire in his eye and hearing his unique ...

Jason Damico

This rockin’, contemporary blues, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and actor at 15 years of age became the youngest member of the Duke University Jazz Ensemble under the direction of John V. Brown ...

Boukou Groove

With the lively international release of their debut LP “A lil’ Boukou in Your Cup” and the ability to maintain a dynamic tour schedule, Boukou Groove provides audiences with a genre-bending collective, touching on elements of New Orleans style Funk, R&B, Soul and Blues.

Arden Park Roots

In 2016, Arden Park Roots broke the all-time attendance record at Sacramento's 25-year-old Concerts in the Park series with a crowd of over 7900. The year also saw the band headlining several NorCal festivals ...

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 01:13

Smooth Flow Great Music Update #3

Good flow... 1614 submission and still counting....Some of them are:

Hasty Page

Hasty Page is a group of talented musicians from Upstate New York that came together to create an exciting, inspirational alternative rock experience for their fans. Their original music paints a theatrical...


KiSMiT is an indie pop duo, based in Los Angeles, with the interwoven sounds of Carly Barnette & Sebastian Reunert. KiSMiT struck as a wanderer from Cape Town and a bubbly Californian crossed paths in


Hailing from Moscow, Russia, G9 blends pop-rock, electronic, and rap elements together to create an explosive sound. Tim Palmer’s review underlines the band’s unique groove, a strong combination of sounds

Alex Boye'



Torus was formed in early 2016 with the collective objective of creating a sound based on mixed genre influence while encapsulating a singular style to be defined as it's own. They pack a progressive rock

Ricky Davila

Ricardo Davila Jr. also known as Ricky Davila (born October 3, 1988) is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is most known for his high octave vocal abilities

Ben Torres

BEN TORRES is a professional guitarist/singer/songwriter born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ben’s interest in music began at an early age having acquired his first guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, when he was ...


My newest solo release is TWO TON MESSAGE, written, recorded and produced by myself, independently released through CD Baby and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby for digital downloading

Check Update #1

Check Update #2

Hera are some fresh bands to check...

Second Update for the new campaign on ReverbNation

Don't miss Update #1 

Cultural Vultures 

Life will eventually bring us all to the point of opposition. We then forge ourselves awake in the envy of an entire generation. Each of us will enquire our own fearful disillusionment, with the purpose being lost along with the purity of love. In its entropy we then find the quintessence of a life filled with passion. The avarice of our society that keeps us hidden from our own true potential. Love your life and live it the only way you know how, to the point where it scares you. Find your passions and exploit them, but be mindful of each other. The music is heartbreak, not just from love and relationships, but when life stops giving you things and starts taking them away. The struggles of humans, and the relationships we have with nature, religion, love and most of all each other. It is up to each of us to invent our own beautiful life, to find our passions with a voracious intensity. Find the confidence in yourself to dream, and find the peace that will set us all free.

Gary Lazer Eyes

Although currently based out of Orlando, Gary Lazer Eyes was founded by three Melbourne, FL natives. Since their not-so-serious formation in 2015, this eclectic band has grown in sound and reach. After being voted Orlando’s “Best Rock Act” in Best of Orlando 2016, GLE released High On Lies. On this EP, they explore a more alternative territory, while still managing to reflect their reggae & blues rock roots.

To support the release of this project, Gary Lazer Eyes embarked on a cross country, DIY tour. Upon returning home and playing a few “welcome back to Florida” shows, the boys received a warm reception (literally- Florida boys should stay in FL during the winter). Since then, the consistent regional touring and release of new content hasn’t stopped, quickly earning GLE a reputation in the Central FL community and beyond.

For Gary Lazer Eyes, community is an essential part of their journey. The threesome (now five) solidified while collaborating on Do-It-Yourself events featuring live music, local visual artists, and fashion vendors/brands. It was out of these collaborations that GLE was born. Leaning on the idea that music is an interdependent relationship (i.e. a song is not done until some one else hears it), the goal of their musical endeavors is not simply to create, but to connect with the people around them. All this, while still managing to have an awesome time – embracing debauchery.

Andrea Leigh Mathews

Three Way Street is a Folk/Indie/Rock band based out of West Michigan. Their love of high energy live performance has earned them a loyal following in the short time they have worked together. Lead by Andrea Mathews’ powerful vocals, the driving rhythm section of Bradley Rose and Jeffrey Baldus sets the dancers in motion to the sweet melodies of Chris Brock’s lead guitar. This band prides itself on not being just another bar band, blending a unique take on classic folk and contemporary covers with original material that keeps audiences entertained and surprised.

Bree And The Whatevers

Brooklyn based Bree And The Whatevers is a project spawned from the songwriting and musical vision of legally blind powerhouse vocalist Bree Klauser. The core of this collaboration is Bree and her partner Dan Kessler (co writer and multi instrumentalist). Their soulful vibe, paired with a cabaret aesthetic, create a high energy cathartic entertainment experience and in general a sexy fun time!

Bree And The Whatevers' Debut music video "Homewrecker" the title track of the forthcoming EP, was released in December 2016.

Lee Perreira

Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist Lee Perreira combines classic blues riffs with a soulful textured vocal style leaving his audience instantly captured.

The music of Lee Perreira finds its life in the continuous and passionate pursuit of musical excellence, breathing that passion into the soul of his audience. Tracing his roots back to Long Beach, California Lee began playing guitar at the age of 12. A regularly performing musician regionally as well as in the Arizona music scene, Lee just recently opened for James Bay for 96.9s SOLD OUT "Spring Thing" at LiveWire on April 14th and has also been blessed to of shared the night with other amazing artists such as Foo Fighters, Train, The Fray, American Idol winner Lee DeWyze, Gary Clark Jr, Matt Nathanson, Jimmy Gnecco, INXS, Scott Stapp from the band Creed, Keaton Simons, and many more!

The Human Circuit

The Human Circuit is a nine-piece, Alt-Pop, Psych-Rock band from Austin, Texas with catchy orchestral grooves ranging from the mystic vibes of David Bowie to the intricate arrangements of Arcade Fire.

On, Saturday, June 17th, 2017, The Human Circuit self-released, "Electric City" (12 Track LP) on the outside stage at Cheer Up Charlies in Austin, Texas. Since then, The Human Circuit has gained national radio support, even locally as a KUTX Studio 1A Artist, and currently The Human Circuit's third album, "Electric City" is receiving airplay coast-to-coast and has independently charted Top 200 (#95) on the North American College and Community charts.

The Human Circuit has an impressive collection of music videos and was nominated for the "Keeping it Weird (Best Experimental)" music video award for this year's Austin Music Video Festival as well as continually receive charming press reviews from, PureVolume, Sonicbids, KUTX, Music Connection, MuzicNotez, Beehive Candy, Skope, Pop Press International, and more.

The Nearly Deads

Led by the inimitable vocalist Theresa Jeane along with Steven Tobi (guitar), Kevin Koelsch (bass), Javier Garza Jr. (guitar) and Josh Perrone (drums), The Nearly Deads are one of the hottest, rising rock bands to come out of Nashville. The band became a viral sensation with their break out, zombie infused music video for the single "Never Look Back"; as a result, their fans dubbed themselves "Zombies", creating The Nearly Deads #ZombieNation. The band’s amalgam of powerful pop vocals and aggressive alternative rock music combined with their love of all things geek and messages of positivity and empowerment creates a truly unique style that’s garnering attention from media and fans around the world.

The band is currently gaining massive traction with their smash hit song “My Evil Ways.”


Coopertheband (all one word) is a  bramily (band/friends/family) composed of six massive music nerds with minds to rhyme and twelve hot feet. Centered in Jackson, TN, the band has found success nationally, featured on networks like HBO, ESPN, and TruTV as well as the hit show “Without a Trace.”  Coopertheband is also hugely plugged into the local music scene and often finds itself on podcasts, regional television shows, and the occasional old-fashioned newspaper article. To date, Coopertheband has released three albums - Venture (2010), Kings EP (2012), and most recently, Kingdoms (2017) - now available everywhere.


Scott Evans

Scott Evans has come back from the dead. Twice. Not figuratively. He was literally medically dead twice before the age of 22. Certain that music is what he is meant to do, after two times dancing through the space between life and death, there are few who will doubt this sense of purpose. It is also no surprise that one who has been so close to death makes music that is so vigorously, pleadingly resolute about living life while we have it. Evans has this urgency of life latent in his work, and telegraphs this message with a sound akin to a meld of Ryan Adams, Pink Floyd, and Tom Petty.

To relay the significance of his art, and life itself, Evans has teamed with Grammy-winning producer Noel Golden (who has worked with Matchbox Twenty, Willie Nelson, Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain, and others) to produce the 8-song EP, CIVILIZED, available at Evans' live shows and special appearances.


WD-HAN is an alternative indie rock band based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The band took its original form with Cal Henry on guitar, jamming and writing with high school friends. In need of a name, WD-HAN (“We Don’t Have A Name”) was considered and loved instantly.

Over the following years as the band continued to write new music and play bigger and better gigs they started to build a following. With the addition of Lea Campbell on drums and Spencer Barnes as the band’s front man, they developed their own kind of pop rock sound heavily influenced by a love of classic rock and blues.

Article PhotographHans Vivek

Πάντα έλεγα ότι τα horror movies είναι ταινίες που πρέπει να τις βλέπεις με την παρέα σου. Όχι επειδή αν τις δεις μόνος σου θα τρομάξεις περισσότερο, αλλά επειδή όταν βλέπεις ταινία τρόμου με φίλους μπορείς να διασκεδάσεις την κάθε στιγμή του έργου ακόμα κι αν αυτή αποτυγχάνει να σε τρομάξει. Τα τελευταία χρόνια, βέβαια, ολοκλήρωσα το παραπάνω συμπέρασμά μου, λέγοντας πως μία ταινία τρόμου εκτός από την παρέα χρειάζεται και να την δεις και σε κινηματογραφική αίθουσα.

Η σκοτεινή ατμόσφαιρα και ο ήχος που ακούγεται κυριολεκτικά δίπλα στο αυτί σου μπορούν να κάνουν την εμπειρία σου αξέχαστη, ειδικά αν πρόκειται για μία ταινία που καταφέρνει όντως να σε κερδίσει, κάτι που έχει γίνει ιδιαίτερα δύσκολο πλέον για τις περισσότερες ταινίες τρόμου.

Το Annabelle Creation, λοιπόν, είναι μία από τις ταινίες για τις οποίες αξίζει να αφιερώσεις χρόνο και να τους δώσεις μία ευκαιρία. Το μικρό κοριτσάκι μίας τριμελούς οικογένειας χάνει την ζωή του ύστερα από ένα τροχαίο. Δώδεκα χρόνια μετά το γεγονός αυτό, η οικογένεια δέχεται να φιλοξενήσει στο σπίτι της μία ομάδα κοριτσιών και μία καλόγρια που δεν είχαν που να μείνουν αφού καταστράφηκε το ορφανοτροφείο στο οποίο διέμεναν. Σύντομα μετά την άφιξή τους, ωστόσο, συνειδητοποιούν ότι μία κούκλα που έφτιαξε ο πατέρας του νεκρού κοριτσιού και της έδωσε το όνομά της, Annabelle, ήταν συνδεδεμένη με την ψυχή του και είχε στοιχειώσει το σπίτι. Ύστερα από το σημείο αυτό το στόρι αποκτά περίπου την ίδια τροπή όπως κάθε τέτοια ταινία, αφού η κούκλα εστιάζει σε ένα μόνο κορίτσι το οποίο και θέλει να χρησιμοποιήσει για να σκοτώσει όλους τους άλλους.


Η υπόθεση ομολογώ πως δεν είναι κάτι το πρωτότυπο ή το συνταρακτικό. Αυτό, όμως, δεν πρέπει να μας κάνει να σχηματίσουμε αμέσως λάθος άποψη για την ταινία. Περιλαμβάνει μερικές πολύ ωραίες στιγμές οι οποίες θα τρομάξουν μέχρι και τους πιο ψύχραιμους, ενώ υπάρχουν και μερικές οι οποίες ομολογουμένως θα σας κάνουν να γελάσετε. Όχι επειδή αυτό αποσκοπούσαν, αλλά επειδή αυτό που ήθελαν να βγάλουν προς τα έξω δεν το κατάφεραν. Αυτά, ωστόσο, είναι οι λεπτομέρειες που καλώς ή κακώς τις διαθέτουν όλες οι ταινίες ανεξαρτήτως είδους.

Όπως είπα και παραπάνω, στις μέρες μας είναι λίγες οι ταινίες τρόμου που βγαίνουν και καταφέρνουν να αφήσουν ένα στίγμα πίσω τους. Ασφαλώς την Annabelle δεν θα την κατατάξω στις κορυφαίες, αλλά σίγουρα καταφέρνει να δημιουργήσει καλή εντύπωση στους θεατές της και σίγουρα να προκαλέσει αισθήματα φόβου τόσο στους ανυποψίαστους όσο και στους πιο τολμηρούς.

Αν ψάχνετε έξτρα δικαιολογίες και κίνητρα για να δείτε την ταινία τότε πρέπει να ξέρετε ότι στην παραγωγή της έλαβε μέρος και ο James Wan. Για όσους δεν τον γνωρίζουν ο Wan είναι ίσως ο καλύτερος σκηνοθέτης horror movies της εποχής μας αφού μπορεί να καμαρώνει για τις επιτυχίες των Saw 1, The conjuring 1 και 2 και Insidious 1 και 2. Όλες αυτές οι ταινίες αποδεικνύουν πόσο ικανός είναι να στήνει τα απαραίτητα σκηνικά και την κατάλληλη αρχιτεκτονική του χώρου ώστε να καταφέρει να τρομάξει τους θεατές του. Αν μη τι άλλο το όνομα του στους τίτλους προσθέτει μία έξτρα δυναμική στην ταινία, ενώ μας δίνει κι εμάς ένα παραπάνω hint. Η παρουσία του Wan, λοιπόν, μαζί με δύο σκηνές που τοποθετήθηκαν στην ταινία με έκαναν να αρχίσω να πιστεύω πως έχουν σκοπό να δημιουργήσουν ένα ''universe'', μέσα στο οποίο να συνδέονται τα Conjuring με τα Annabelle αλλά και με το The Nun που αυτή τη στιγμή βρίσκεται στο post-production.


Φυσικά κάθε ταινία έχει και τις υπερβολές της και προφανώς δεν θα μπορούσαν να απουσιάζουν και από αυτήν. Αυτό όμως όπως είπα το θεωρώ δεδομένο οπότε δεν θα ήθελα να σταθώ σε αυτές. Κάτι το οποίο πραγματικά με ξένισε στην όλη ταινία ήταν το τέλος της. Πρόκειται, ουσιαστικά, για την τελευταία σκηνή της ταινίας η οποία μας ταξιδεύει μερικά χρόνια στο μέλλον, ώστε να καταλάβουμε ότι το πραγματικό κακό δεν είχε κοπάσει τελικά. Το χειρότερο, μάλιστα, είναι πως αποτελεί μία σκηνή η οποία ακόμα κι αν δεν έμπαινε δεν θα δημιουργούσε ερωτήματα για το τι έγινε τελικά, αφού όλα αυτά είχαν απαντηθεί. 

Εν ολίγοις, αν εξαιρέσει κανείς την τελευταία σκηνή, που και πάλι αυτό αποτελεί εντελώς προσωπικό κριτήριο αφού σε μερικούς μπορεί να αρέσει το τέλος, είναι μία πολύ αξιοπρεπής ταινία τρόμου η οποία στέκεται στο ύψος των περιστάσεων και έχει καταφέρει να αποσπάσει καλές κριτικές για το περιεχόμενό της.

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