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Ryan Salata

A Native-Texan singer, songwriter Ryan Salata was surrounded with music as a child but didn’t pick up a guitar until his early years of college. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, Ryan draws inspiration from the funky urban sounds of the city leaning toward sounds with a Mo-town beat or Jack Johnson vocals. Ryan released his first EP, Thoughts on Paper, in December 2015 and has received overwhelming response from fans. Ryan continues to tour locally while working on new music for his next release.



Cloverhill is born out of a collaboration by experienced guitarist / songwriter, Paul Laskey and accomplished producer Grant Henderson, who both have a love of good time classic rock music. With a little help from some friends, including drummer Dogz Johnson, the core of the Cloverhill sound was created. The Cloverhill sound is inspired by the roots of classic rock. We produce our music with vintage amps and guitars. We always endeavour to create a true sound, all valve all loud!!!

Jessi Campo

Jessi Campo’s distinctive and memorable voice plus glamorous attire compliment her heartfelt performances and make her an incredible entertainer with a radiant personality who captures all audiences. Often compared to Natalie Cole and Etta James in her vocal style, she is an indisputably exceptional talent, and therefore she has shared stages with Michael McDonald, Neil Sedaka, Beach Boys and other famous artists.

Brendan Pugh

Brendan John Pugh is an American Singer-Songwriter from Leonardtown, Maryland. Brendan writes entirely from personal experiences in his life, delivering a sense of authenticity to his listeners. He is known for both soulful acoustic writing and bluesy pop-rock ballads that draw an audience to the stage, no matter the venue.

Handsome Midnight

Alternative rock with class, in the vein of Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, and Weezer. Handsome Midnight focuses on relevant topics, and an engaging live show that can be enjoyed on a large festival stage, or a classic rock’n roll venue. Formed in early 2011, each member had already been a part of the scene for over a decade, sharing the stage with acts such as Fastball, Bowling for Soup, Throw the Fight, and other established artists. Their focus from the beginning was on a live show that performed as strongly as their album.

Richard The Rock Star

Since releasing the first single and video from the album, Rich has gained a great local following and is extending his reach nation-wide. He is also currently preparing to release his next album and official mixtape with Coast2Coast Mixtapes. As you can probably tell, RTRS is a very serious artist and plans on making it to the top and will not stop until he makes it. "Sit back, and enjoy the show man." -Rich

Better Than Grey

We’re called Better Than Grey and we’re a pop/punk band from Sofia, Bulgaria. We were established in the beginning of 2010  by our vocal Justin Case, Eddie (Bass) and FranX (Guitar) after our previous band split up. We searched for new members for few months and found Fiorelo (Guitar) and Steve (Drums). With this line up we recorded our debut album “No Way Back” in Italy in June 2011. Afterwards in September Steve went to study drums in Netherlands for four years, so we had to find another drummer. Few months later MonX came along and so this is our current lineup.

Neil Taylor

Neil Martin Taylor is a british guitarist who grew up in Bristol. As a teenager, he played in local bands before joining "Neon", featuring Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), Pete Byrne (Naked Eyes) and Rob Fisher (Climie/Fisher). He went on to form "Violent Blue" with bassist Charlie Jones (Page/Plant), later releasing the album "You Gotta Stay Young" with Magnet Records.

Mrs. Hips

Mrs. Hips is a band from the Netherlands with the vocalist Simone Roerade and a trio behind her that surveyed most genres in every which way but found themselves in a smooth, jazzy, soulful approach of playing behind Simone. She’s an exciting lady who used to be the lead-singer of world renown Alto Saxofonist Candy Dulfer but had her hits with her own band “Hips“ in the 90ties with even a nr. 1 hit in Spain. Now we see an experienced unit, Jazzy keys with a streetwise rhythm section, nevertheless with the power of a full soulband, refined and dynamic.

Brent Loveday and The Dirty Dollars

Lead singer and guitarist for the punk rock and roll band Reno Divorce, Brent Loveday puts his charm and storytelling lyrics on display with an acoustic guitar. His songs invoke a bygone era while adding a snarl and a wink. Ranging from haunting to toe tapping, he conjures up music for every mood.


Είναι η πρώτη χρονιά που το Game of Thrones ''τρέχει'' τόσο πολύ με τα επεισόδια του, κάτι που είναι και λογικό αν αναλογιστεί κανείς ότι φέτος θα δούμε μόλις εφτά επεισόδια και πρόκειται και για την προτελευταία σεζόν της δημοφιλούς σεζόν. Όπως είπαμε και την περασμένη εβδομάδα η συνέχεια θα ήταν επική και η σειρά δεν μας απογοήτευσε. Αντίθετα είχε πολλές ανατροπές κι από εκεί που οι φαν περίμεναν την απάντηση της Dany στην επίθεση της Cersei, πάλι νικήτρια του επεισοδίου αναδείχθηκε η δεύτερη με εντυπωσιακές, μάλιστα, στρατηγικές κινήσεις. Τα πολλά λόγια όμως είναι φτώχεια, οπότε ας δούμε αναλυτικότερα τι συνέβη στο τρίτο επεισόδιο της σειράς.

Ασφαλώς μετά την περασμένη Δευτέρα αυτό που περιμέναμε όλοι με ανυπομονησία ήταν η συνάντηση του Jon με την Dany. Οι παραγωγοί δεν μας άφησαν με ιδιαίτερη αγωνία είναι η αλήθεια αφού στην πρώτη κιόλας σκηνή του επεισοδίου η αποστολή από τον Βορρά φτάνει στο Dragonstone ώστε να πραγματοποιηθεί η συνάντηση των δύο αγαπημένων πρωταγωνιστών της σειράς. Αρχικά είχαμε μία πολύ ωραία σκηνή με την επανένωση του Jon με τον Tyrion αλλά στην συνέχεια η μεγάλη συνάντηση δεν ήταν ακριβώς αυτό που περιμέναμε. Η Dany αγνοούσε τις προτροπές του Βασιλιά του Βορρά να παρατήσει τον πόλεμο και να ενώσουν τις δυνάμεις τους ενάντια στους White Walkers, πιστεύοντας μάλιστα ότι ο Snow ψεύδεται. Η επιμονή και των δύο ηρώων προφανώς δεν απέδωσε καρπούς και στην αρχή τουλάχιστον φάνηκε πως δεν θα μπορέσουν να συμφωνήσουν. Στην δεύτερη συνάντησή τους ωστόσο, και ύστερα από τις προτροπές του Tyrion, η Khaleesi συμφωνεί να βοηθήσει τον Jon, ελπίζοντας προφανώς να την βοηθήσει κι αυτός με την σειρά του όταν χρειαστεί. Το πιο σημαντικό μας το άφησαν φυσικά για το τέλος αφού μόλις έφυγε ο Jon, η Dany έστρεψε το βλέμμα της προς την πλάτη του και τον κοίταξε με έναν τρόπο που προμηνύει ότι θα πρέπει να περιμένουμε πολλά στο μέλλον από αυτό το δίδυμο.


Στο King's Landing ο κόσμος της πόλης υποδέχεται ως θριαμβευτή τον Euron Greyjoy ύστερα από αυτά που κατάφερε στο περασμένο επεισόδιο. Η Cersei, ωστόσο, αν και χαίρεται υπερβολικά με την παράδοση της Ellaria και της κόρης της στα χέρια της, συμφωνεί να ενδώσει στην πρόταση που της είχε κάνει ο Euron περιμένοντας να τελειώσει πρώτα ο πόλεμος και να βγουν θριαμβευτές. Προς το παρόν τα θέματα με τα οποία ασχολείται η Βασίλισσα είναι να κάνει τα ''δώρα'' της να υποφέρουν, δηλητηριάζοντας την Tyene Sand και υποβάλλοντας την σε αργό θάνατο αναγκάζοντας την μητέρα της να την παρακολουθεί καθώς αργοπεθαίνει. Έπειτα η Cersei διαπραγματεύεται με τον απεσταλμένο της Iron Bank για τα χρέη του οίκου της και προσπαθεί να τον πείσει ότι όχι μόνο θα τον ξεπληρώσει αλλά και πως είναι ασφαλέστερο να για την ίδια την Τράπεζα να ταχθεί υπέρ της ίδιας παρά των Targaryen. Βλέπουμε για ένα ακόμα επεισόδιο τον κύκλο των συμμάχων της Cersei να μεγαλώνει, ακόμα κι αν ο τελευταίος κρίκος δεν διαθέτει στρατεύματα αλλά πόρους για τον πολυδάπανο πόλεμο που έρχεται.

Αυτό που δεν μας έδειξαν να κάνει η Cersei αλλά το άφησε να εννοηθεί ο αδερφός της Jaime, ήταν να καταστρώνει το σχέδιο για το πως να προκαλέσει ένα ακόμα πλήγμα στον στρατό της αντιπάλου της. Αφού, λοιπόν, οι Άσπιλοι επιτίθενται και καταλαμβάνουν το Casterly Rock, σε μία πολύ ωραία σκηνή με τον Tyrion να αφηγείται το σχέδιο του και τον Grey Worm να σκοτώνει όποιον βρει μπροστά του, οι στρατιώτες της Khaleesi μυρίζονται παγίδα αφού βρίσκονται ελάχιστοι στρατιώτες των Lannister μέσα στο κάστρο. Μόλις ο Grey Worm κοιτάει προς την θάλασσα βλέπει τον στόλο των Greyjoy να έχει κατατροπώσει τον δικό τους, ενώ όπως μαθαίνουμε στην επόμενη σκηνή ο Jaime κατευθύνεται με τους στρατιώτες του και με τον Randyll Tarly προς τον Highgarden. Οι Lannister θυσιάζοντας το κάστρο τους καταφέρνουν να νικήσουν άλλον έναν ισχυρό σύμμαχο της Dany, αυτήν την φορά την Olenna Tyrell. Όπως της αποκαλύπτει, μάλιστα, ο Jaime πριν της δώσει να καταπιεί το δηλητήριο, το σχέδιο της Cersei θα αναγκάσει τους Άσπιλους να περπατήσουν πλέον μέσα από τα Επτά Βασίλεια και θα οδηγηθούν σε σίγουρο θάνατο. 

Η Dany χάνει πολύτιμο έδαφος στα πρώτα κιόλας επεισόδια και μάλιστα σε ελάχιστο διάστημα μετά την άφιξή της στο Westeros. Έχοντας χάσει σχεδόν όλους της τους συμμάχους είναι πλέον πολύ πιθανό να στραφεί στον Jon για βοήθεια έχοντάς τον, βέβαια, σε πολύ μεγαλύτερη ανάγκη από πριν, ενώ είναι σχεδόν σίγουρο πως θα πάρει τους δράκους της για να δείξει στο αντίπαλο δέος ότι δεν έχει τελειώσει ακόμα τίποτα. Στο πλευρό της είναι πολύ πιθανό να βρεθεί κι ο άνθρωπος που την αγαπάει περισσότερο από όλους. Ο Jorah Mormont τελικά κατάφερε να γιατρευτεί μέσα από τις προσπάθειες του Sam, και έφυγε από την Ακρόπολη για να βρει την Dany. Πριν φύγει, βέβαια, ευχήθηκε μαζί με τον Sam να τους οδηγήσουν ξανά μαζί οι δρόμοι τους, κάτι που αν γίνει θα αποτελέσει και έναν σημαντικό παράγοντα στην διαφαινόμενη συμμαχία Jon-Dany.

Τέλος, στο Winterfell βλέπουμε την Sansa να προσπαθεί να οχυρώσει το κάστρο ενάντια στον χειμώνα που έρχεται, επιδεικνύοντας όπως εύστοχα παρατηρεί ο Littlefinger πολύ καλές στρατηγικές ικανότητες. Μετά την επανένωση της Sansa με τον Jon στην προηγούμενη σεζόν, σε αυτό το επεισόδιο έχουμε και την επανένωση της ίδιας με τον μικρότερο αδερφό της Bran. Μάλιστα προσπαθεί να του πει ότι πλέον αυτός είναι ο νόμιμος διάδοχος του Winterfell αφού αποτελεί τον μοναδικό εν ζωή αληθινό γιο του Ned. Ο Bran φυσικά αρνείται αυτό το αξίωμα αναγνωρίζοντας πως είναι οThree-eyed-raven, ενώ ζήτησε να δει τον Jon γιατί πρέπει να του πει κάτι. Ελπίζουμε, λοιπόν, στην συνάντηση του Jon με τον Bran να του αποκαλύψει ο τελευταίος την πραγματική καταγωγή του Snow και να δούμε τις αντιδράσεις που θα ακολουθήσουν. Με την πορεία που χάραξε και η Arya προς το Winterfell και μετά την άφιξη του Bran η επανένωση των Stark μετά την πρώτη σεζόν φαντάζει πιο πιθανή από ποτέ.

Ένα ακόμα εξαιρετικό επεισόδιο από την σειρά που συνεχίζει να μας προσφέρει ανατροπές και θέαμα, αλλά θα μπορούσε να έχει προσέξει λίγο περισσότερο τους διαλόγους μεταξύ Jon και Khaleesi ώστε να μας αναγκάσει να δώσουμε ακόμα μεγαλύτερη προσοχή στο συγκεκριμένο δίδυμο.  


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The Final Update!

Submission Period Closed

Total Submissions: 3,071

Accepted: 108

Fans Reached: 1,414,946

Heidi Burson

Heidi Burson’s story as an artist is one of shared human experience. Very early on, she felt the poignancy of the music of singers such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin. She was struck by the power and intensity with which they expressed the longing, which we all share, for love and acceptance. These influences, coupled with her own life experiences and a generous dusting of wry humor, have helped to forge a voice and style that is uniquely fascinating.

The States

The States. It represents an idea that we are all apart of a community that has the freedom of expressing ourselves through music. Our name isn't necessarily related to the United States or anything necessarily patriotic even though there are those themes throughout our brand. Rather it's more about the representation of the states of emotions we are all in from time to time. Happy, sad, introspective, broken, angry, depressed, or in love, we wanted our music to reach out to everyone.


Sharing a collective love for vintage timbres and instrumental variety, digital processing and samples are absent throughout their performances and recordings, instead preferring the likes of reel-to-reel effects and djembe percussion. With a name translating to “Common Ivy” in Latin and a logo representing a new approach to traditional mediums, Hedera’s persona is reflected in their imagery: a vibrant, multicolored ivy leaf. The entirety of the band’s art direction is designed by lead guitarist Anthony Formisano.



Mediterranean Trip-Hop, combining rhythms from the Latin Funk Jazz Sou R & B & Reggae with flamenco melodies.

Including the first single "La Gente Del Sur" (Dub Mix) in the American album "Pause & Play" published on June 10, 2016.

The Noble Impoverished

The Noble Impoverished is a wild fire. A sound influenced by bands like The Killers, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and many others

The Noble Impoverished is the creation of two brothers passion for playing music. At the age of 15 and 17 they picked up their fathers old classical guitar and lost control to Rock & Roll. After a few years of playing in Morgantown West Virginia they moved to Connecticut to showcase this raw sound to a larger stage. The bands deep roots in rock n roll drives its intense live performances, their strong melodies colliding with a savage energy that makes their show something not easily forgotten.


A sound so melodic, so soulful, so eclectic and full of passion and purpose…a style so powerful it reaches audiences of all kinds. A style like that is rare, and yet that style is synonymous with the sound of Nialand. Nialand, or Nia which she is most known as, is a style all on her own. Self-described as weird, her gift is creative, full of truth, mixed with some edge and delivered in a plethora of harmonies and smooth tones that is incomparable and sets her apart from many artists today. Influenced by Jazz, Classic Hip Hop, and Soul Music, Nialand puts her heart, soul, experience and truth in her music presenting an undeniably powerful musical experience.


Vajra was formed by composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Annamaria Pinna during her self-imposed exile in India. The child of a former monk and school teacher, Annamaria was encouraged to learn about the world around her and to question her assumptions. She believes there is divinity in creativity. Annamaria has a neurological condition called synesthesia, where she attaches color and shapes to sound.


The Humidors

“Everything The Humidors play is given a heavy contemporary spin that splinters dance floors and leaves audiences in a sweaty daze. The band is a well-oiled unit with a polyrhythmic approach that balances short, sharp solos with an overwhelming collective approach.” - J. Poet, SF Weekly Hailing from the Bay Area, The Humidors have been churning out their own unique brand of party music for half a decade. Combining elements of hard-hitting funk, greasy soul, vintage R&B, soul jazz and more you can be sure that this eight-piece unit is committed to the groove in all its shapes and forms.

Monday, 30 October 2017 00:00

This Is The End? Update # 17

Approaching the end of submissions for roster consideration, air play and free hosting, we present to you music that is worth listen to. The TOP ten, that wins the six-month free hosting, promotion, air play will soon be announced. Stay CLose!!

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Jennifer Perryman

Bio...hmmm.  What shall I say?  Music's great!  I really like it...alot.  In fact, I enjoy it so much, that I've spent my life emersed in it.  I've made a modest career out of it, playing and singing in every kind of bar, nightclub, restaurant, and hotel, doing every kind of party or event where music is on the agenda for years.  I'm also in the studio quite a bit, doing everything from original projects, my personal favorite, to corporate backup tracks, radio spots, and jingles. 
I play and sing different styles...everything from jazz, pop, and R&B to, well, I guess I should say country since I am from Texas. I like all types of music from all eras, starting with great composers like Chopin, Scriabin, and Debussy.

Sly Fox and the Hustlers

New York's Sly Fox and the Hustlers are a high energy original 4-piece Bluesy Rock N' Roll band with hints of Soul, Funk and a dash of Punk. Established in 2010 the band has shared the stage with National Recording Artists - Blues Traveler, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robin Trower, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) and Sam Kininger (Soulive), Twiddle and Sean Rowe among others. The band is made up of an all star cast including the powerful lead vocals and blues-soaked guitar of Sly Fox, the throbbing funky bass playing and smooth backing vocals of former Epic recording artist Dylan Storm, the swirling keys of Drew Costa and rounding out the group is the solid in the pocket drumming and showmanship of Sean Ireland. The live show has been described as "Heavy Voodoo Blues over Swampy Funky Grooves" and “an exciting show not to be missed - guaranteed to get you on your feet!"


Sule is a consummate, active professional. His music reflects the high premium he's placed on attention to detail and striving for excellence. His career has spanned many genres, such as Folk, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Gospel to name a few. These styles are seamlessly woven into a tapestry that is the essence of Sule's sound. His songwriting and stage show are examples of how dedicated he is to his audience, and to his craft. He has released two albums under his own name and is currently working on acoustic material for a third.

The Rift

We are a hard rock band based out of Los Angeles with an edgy driving twist on rock music. Traditionally, a rift is an open space. It’s a place of possibility and promise. Los Angeles hard rock trio THE RIFT lives up to its moniker.

Bassist JOHN ANAGNOS says, “The name is the best way to describe the band, what we do, and the experience we portray live. The songs are meant to be an opening, and there’s a lot you can find within them.”


A one of a kind breaking of all rules. Razteria won grand prize in the JLSC 2016 for the song "Once Again" co-written with rapper Rahman Jamaal, from her 5th album "Aventurera" (2016). In 2017, Razteria brings together musicians, producers and engineers from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, USA and Switzerland in a new repertoire that crushes all musical and cultural boundaries.

Under The Lake

"Effervescent, vivacious and all-together engaging" is how describes Under The Lake's music, an original sound that Don Dilorio of the North Jersey Herald and News says "doesn't sit easy in any category, thanks to its heavy doses of funkified bass and occasional soul references." It's an sound that Under The Lake refers to as "jazz, groove and attitude." Featuring Nat Caranto on alto sax and John Moak on trombone, the two horn line-up and UTL's original compositions are keeping the soul jazz sound made famous by The Crusaders alive.

Floralyn George

Pop Singer/Songwriter, Model who plays the Electric Harp. Her aim is to take the harp out of its classical/folk frame and bring it to the broad world of pop music. Her unique voice has an outstanding vocal range and dynamic. She stands out with her unique mesmerizing sound and incredible talent. For her age, Floralyn has a very mature presence on stage and her strong live performances combined with her dreamy vibrations gives you a new extremely magical experience which is impossible to forget.



Stripped back guitar grooves; infused with soul, rock, funk and high octane rhythm & blues. Original finely crafted songs.

Mayssa Karaa

Born in 1989 in Beirut, Lebanon, Mayssa Karaa attended the Conservatory of Beirut, where she studied piano, music theory and vocal training. In 2006, as a new conflict embroiled Lebanon, she moved with her family to Boston, Massachusetts and she gained a place at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, enrolling in 2008 and graduating in 2012.

Monday Night Social

Based out of Cleveland, TN (near Chattanooga) and known for their melodic blend of influences ranging from folk to blues with hints of bluegrass and pop, MondayNightSocial is a band poised to make their mark with unique songwriting and eclectic style. Their melding of various styles allows for a unique and resonant sound that compliments thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies. Check out our live videos, follow us on Twitter @MdayNightSocial, check out our stuff on Soundcloud, visit our website, and come see us play live!


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