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Liron Single Review / Interview

20 July 2018 (Toronto, ON) – After teasing the track earlier this month, Award-Winning singer/songwriter Liron returns with triumphant new single “Pina Coladas”. Co-produced by Liron and Producers Jeff Mcollough (Shania Twain, Chris De Burgh)  and Max River (Shawn Mendes, Jonah Marias, Sebastian Olzanski) and written by Liron, “Pina Coladas” is a sure-fire Summer hit with a fun and carefree vibe, about escaping your worries and living your life!
“Pina Coladas” is the first new single released by Liron since “I Love The Feeling” in August 2016. The track reached 50,000 views and within the first hour got the hashtag #ilovethefeelingvideo to the third top trending hashtag on Twitter worldwide, passing IHeartRadio’s Britney Spears’ inspired tag #Iheartlovesbritney.  She has amassed over 15,000 followers on Instagram, nearly 6,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 3,000 likes on Facebook.
Since graduating from production and audio engineering school, Liron has been busily honing her craft and developing a strong social media presence, and is now on the verge of taking the pop music world by storm. Her new single “Pina Coladas” is the next step in this incredible journey.

Liron Single Review

Produced by Max River and Jeff Mcullough, one would expect the new single to be amazing, and musician Liron certainly does not disappoint. Piña Coladas is a summer anthem, the interesting edm sounds accompanied by Liron's powerful vocals makes for a delicious and diverting sundowner.

A change from her previous tracks, Piña Coladas is as refreshing and invigorating as its namesake. Liron's past tracks carry the same beat, but lack the power and confidence behind her vocals. Signs of further development in her sound has enabled a more impactful vocal which has allowed the track to reach new highs. The song is incredibly catchy and only needs one listen before you know all the words. Fans of Ariana Grande, Katy perry or Olivia O’Brien will love this single!

A Piña Coladas has everything in it needed to create a cool summer tune. One dash of a smooth EDM vibe, two dashes of hearty vocals, and a hint of romance. Everything needed is covered in Liron's latest track. When listening, you get visions of a tranquil summer's day, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, and can see the frost forming on your freshly made piña colada.its almost dangerous to listen to, all thoughts of a productive work day disappear.

Liron's former music is about yearning for love, but in the new single, there is a sense of freedom which is empowering for many men and women alike. The song promotes happiness with is slick summer beat and many people will find themselves forgetting about the day's woes.

On social media, Liron portrays herself as a sweet aspiring Musician , which allows for a larger audience across all different age groups. Liron posts manage keep the audience interested but not overwhelmed which is no easy feat. Liron's posts are informative across all social media platforms and are definitely worth a follow.

Overall, the latest single Piña Colada by Liron is definitely worth a listen or two. I say kick back, have a listen, and try to resist the urge of making a piña colada. This single is a success, and I can't wait to hear her future music and hopefully some collaborations.

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Liron Interview

Good morning, could you tell me how you found out about The Old School Project?

I originally found out about The Old School Project because of a love for music blogs, and a set of

recommendations from friends to view your site.

What bands/Musicians are you influenced by?

I was obsessed with 90s-2000s divas growing up. My biggest inspirations from that era were probably Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera. More recently however, I am inspired by Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Olivia O’Brien.

What was the inspiration behind the title piña colada?

The song Piña Coladas was written first and the title given after. With the songs vacation vibe and carefree message I had to really think about which drink is, to me at least, the best to sip on when on vacation or at the beach etc. Personally, that drink was the piña colada.

What's the plan for your future career as a Musician?

The plan, currently, is just to release as much music as I can and hopefully have people enjoy it.

Are there any collaborations in the future and if you had the chance who would you collaborate  with and why?

At the moment no, but I have a few people in mind for future collaborations. My dream collaboration would be Harry Styles. I love his work and his personality is all about caring for the people and social justice which I'm all for.

Describe the Creative process. Is there a certain time or emotion needed to write?

I think, to write anything, there is a certain emotive process to it. For me, writing comes easiest when I'm in a pretty emotional state, whether it is good or bad.

What is the ultimate direction for your music. Fame and fortune or everlasting legacy?

Haha, I mean, that would be insanely amazing but I think my goal isn't to bathe in a bathtub of diamonds and hundred dollar bills. I just want people to use my music as a way to heal or grow. The whole point of this song was to inspire people to be who they are in an overtly judgemental world. When they play Piña Coladas, I want young women to not focus on the idealism of love or the impossibility of perfection, I want the focus to be on enjoying life, because I know it's cliches but life is Super short and there is no time to look back or forward- you have to live in the moment.

How has your music evolved throughout the years?

When I started writing poems I was 11. I transitioned into songwriting when I was 16, and I was in a completely different place emotionally. I was insecure about myself- how I looked, how I acted and how I dressed. I was upset with myself for things I couldn't control but as I got older I realised who I was and that who I am is pretty cool. I think that's when my music took a dramatic turn. That's when I started writing songs like Piña Coladas.

Are you a full time Musician or do you have a job on the side?

I am, as of right now, a full time Musician.

And finally, one that I must ask… are you particularly fond of Piña Coladas?

Hahah, I love this question! I don't really drink but even if I did I doubt I would like Piña Coladas as I hate

coconut. I did have a really nice pineapple smoothie once on a cruise, it was blended pineapple and crushed

ice, INSIDE OF A PINEAPPLE. How cool is that! But no, not a fan of Piña Coladas.

Follow Liron:

Time is of the Essence. It either goes too fast or too slow, but either way we never fully appreciate the time we have until it runs out. To live in the moment is what we all struggle to do. In a world of big corporations and billion dollar deals, we are slaves to our jobs and routines. The latest single “The Moment” by A Second Life is all about time. The past, the present, the future and what it does to people like you and me.

The story behind this song is loss, the loss of an old friend. And I know from experience how difficult it is. I'm only surprised by how productive this song is when it comes to capturing those dream like feelings. “If i knew when, then maybe I would be different”, singer Chris Damphouse croons along to the fingering of guitar strings. This slow start helps to highlight the raw emotions that he is feeling. This line alone taps into the emotions that we all feel about anything and everything. How many times do you sit and question what would of happened if you knew something different, or you did something new? It's a dangerous thing to think, but it was needed in this song to show that everybody hurts when they loose someone.

The song talks about feeling caged in narrow walls, and loosing someone precious to you does this. It often requires great effort to loose this feeling. Six months after Ryan passed, his widow posted on Facebook telling everyone how Ryan would everyone to live, not just a half arsed attempt but to really live for each moment, and that's what triggered this song. Written Lyrically in mere minutes, the song is not short of emotion and is able to appeal to the masses who have lost someone or feel lost themselves. The song inspires for a new kind of living. One I wish to take part in.

The second verse is about the future. “And hope for…” or “dream for” and shows a sense of yearning for a better future. It points out some of the flaws of Everyday life for people now like the wars being fought all over the world. The whimsical dream paired with the alluring guitar and drum beat make for a powerful track, one I see being in a teen movie like “10 things I hate about you” or “Ferris Bueller’s day off”. The song allows for a feeling of self empowerment. I feel sat here now, listening to it, that I can do everything and anything. Everyone deserves to feel this way, and I am thoroughly impressed that A Second Life have managed to capture the Essenes oft his feeling and turn it into something musically genius.

Overall, the latest single is by far the best and most meaningful done by the band A Second Life. I recommend listening when you feel down, because you won't stay that way for long. This band is on the rise and when they make it, we can only hope for more tracks this “The Moment”.


Interview with A Second Life


How do you know The Old School Project?

We found The Old School Project online. They have been Super supportive of our music!!

Who would you say are your main influences when writing music?

We have deep roots, our grandma was a blues singer. But when we write I’d say U2, 30 seconds to mars and Kings of Leon.

Are you full time Musicians or do you have jobs on the side?

Most of us are aspiring rockstars. I also run a successful personal training business. It’s important to have a lot of balls in the air.

Describe your Creative process. Is there a certain time or emotion needed to write?

Writing is like lighting. It strikes me. Then I write like crazy, after that I usually sit with Dan D to come up with the core of the song. Then our producer Rob Freeman polishes it.

How has your music evolved since the first time playing together?

It’s grown a lot, it’s all about feeling the music, learning each other’s vibe. As a band you have to constantly grow or your music won’t!

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.... we would like to inform you about The Old School Project's operation. Over time, the number of people interested in The Old School Project has steadily increased. Unlike other websites and online media, the core of The Old School Project is not the well-known journalists and radio producers, but the young people in the field of journalism who nevertheless worthy of their place. Therefore, the resources for running The Old School Project, which requires time, money and hard work, come only from its physical place, the coffeehouse.

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How did the band form?

My last band fizzled out, we did so much in such a short time, but most of the band had zero drive. They expected it to just come to them. So I decided to learn guitar in my off time and that was when I met Dan DelVecchio. We hit it of instantly. I didn’t tell him about my music until 6 months later as I didn’t want to talk about it but we had so many ideas to talk about and music just felt right.

Two is company, three is a crowd, describe how the band interacts and what happens when conflict arises.

Listen. The simple trick is to discuss the issues… we don’t really argue!

I like coffee and I like cake but I don’t like coffee cake. Tell me a weird thing you like separately but not together?

Lol I’ve never heard this question before! But I love ice cream and like soda but I hate ice cream soda… does this count?

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it Be? Are there any collaborations in the future?

Ahhhh, that’s easy. U2, but the edge if we have to narrow it down. I love the sound he Creates with his guitars, to me they are magical and they make me feel. At the moment we have no collaborations planned but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to them!

Do you find yourself living by the phrase “live in the moment” or do you often live in the past or with thought of the future?

This one is my favourite question. So I believe a life lived without passion is a life not lived. So yes I live for the moments. Don’t wait for life to come to you. Make it happen!!

"The Moment" will be On Air 24/7 among other great song by A Second Life.

Follow the band... Support and Enjoy!

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