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During a self-imposed exile in India, Annamaria Pinna - child of a school teacher and former monk - was encouraged to learn about her surroundings and question her reality. In 2011, Pinna formed Vajra with Pat Reilly on guitars, Erek Smith on bass, and Shu Inaba on drums. Described as a 'tapestry of dark and hypnotic, foreboding and mysterious lullabies', Vajra helps listeners experience her music on a high plane. Having played various festivals (including SXSW and Loudwire Music Festival), Varja has also received several awards from Rolling Stone, Loudwire Magazine, and Sirius XM Radio to name but a few.

Varja is:

Anna Maria Pinna on keys, flute, waterphone and lead vocals.
Pat Reilly on guitar.
Erek Smith on bass.
Shu Inaba on drums and percussion.

Varja releases singles on their Patreon page regularly. The latest was released on October 31st as a Halloween celebratory demo.

https://www.facebook.com/vajratemple/ - Varja's Facebook profile is a very engaging one with regular posts providing more than promotional content. The account is evident of her unique personality, and all of the videos and pictures allow visitors insight into Varja's music life. An attractive profile picture, with an EPK widget where visitors can listen to a playlist, view music videos and peruse tour dates. My one criticism is there aren't links to other social media accounts, but there is a link to her official website which is helpful.

http://www.thevajratemple.com/ - an attractive website with a landing page showing all necessary information. If you scroll down, you will see their featured single music video, along with upcoming events and press information. If you wish to delve further into the 'Varja Temple', there are links to socials and EPK profiles. No complaints, just that the links are a little difficult to notice.

https://www.instagram.com/vajratemple/ - as I've mentioned before, I'm not expert when it comes to Instagram; however, I have a fair understanding of what makes a good profile. This is a good profile. A decent balance between professional and personal images, along with some videos for variety. A short bio in the personal information section with a link to the official website makes it easy to find more information.



Lucentia is an electronica band hailing from Fort Wayne, Indianapolis. Quite new on the scene, Lucentia released their debut single, 'The Machine', in September of this year.

Lucentia is:

Chris Nunley
Cassandra Nunley

https://www.facebook.com/lucentiamusic/ - Lucentia's Facebook was only opened in January, which may contribute to its poor maintenance. Only a few posts are available promoting their releases. While there are links to different social media accounts, and a contact email, no background information is available for the band. I would recommend updating this to give visitors some insight into the artist.

https://lucentia.bandcamp.com/ - the official website is Lucentia's bandcamp site. As with the social media account, no information is available on the site, only the basic details. The band, obviously, wants to promote their releases more than share details of the band.


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Thread The Lariat


All the way from San Diego, California, we have Thread The Lariat. A five-piece rock 'n' roll band, this group has been described as a 'refreshing take on modern progressive rock'. Playing venues throughout Southern California, Thread The Lariat has developed a unique and impressive sound drawing their listeners to impressive live shows.

Thread The Lariat is:

Collin Davis on lead vocals.
Douglas Bell on guitar and backing vocals.
Alexander Brennan on guitar.
Aaron Torske on bass.
Brian McGee on drums.

Thread The Lariat are releasing their latest single in November 2018. Their music video for 'Break The Fall' was released in October.

https://www.facebook.com/threadthelariat/ - this Facebook account is quite well-maintained with regular posts promoting shows and single releases, along with images hinting at new music (keep fans interested!). An array of photographs are available ranging from gig posters to live pictures which is engaging for visitors. Only a few videos are available, but what is available is enjoyable. I would recommend placing more background information in the 'about' section, along with links to other social media accounts.

https://www.instagram.com/threadthelariat/ - Thread The Lariat's Instagram is a well-maintained and highly engaging one. Not only are there promotional pictures, but there are also some personal images giving it a good balance for fans to view. A link to their YouTube account in the information section is also very useful.

http://threadthelariat.com/ - the official website is an easy to navigate one with music played when you reach the landing page. It's well laid-out with an easy-to-find menu. Links to social media accounts are available, and this is a footer widget so it's found on all pages. A good website, although a bit dark.



Ellanoure is a five-piece band hailing from Biloxi, South Mississippi. Made up of two sets of brothers, Ellanoure combines post-rock instrumentals with indie rhythms resulting in a unique sound for their listeners. The group released their debut album, Things More Purely, in 2018.

Ellanoure is:

Jared Kozlowski on vocals and guitar.
Heath Riddle on guitar.
Brian Kozlowski on keys.
Shawn Riddle on bass.
Shawn Kozlowski on drums.

https://www.facebook.com/ellanoure/ - Ellanoure's Facebook page is a relatively well-maintained one, but the information is lacking. While they have contact details and links to their merchandise store, it would be helpful to include an official website (if they have one). Moreover, the Instagram link is broken. A band profile is available offering fans access to a playlist, videos and gig dates. I also enjoy the different images available ranging from live shows to posters. My only concern is the broken link and a need for more information - then again, that's just me.

Scott Thiessen


Scott Thiessen is a Canadian singer-songwriter swooning his audience with soulful pop music - emphasis on the soul part. He graduated from Seneca College's Songwriting programme in 2017, and made it through the Independent Music Production programme in 2018. So, he's not only handsome and talented, but he's pretty smart as well! His influences are Sam Smith, Adele and Adam Levine.

Scott Thiessen released his debut single 'Lips Don't Move' in October 2018. He is currently working on a debut album.

https://www.facebook.com/ScottThiessenMusic/ - Scott's Facebook account is very well-maintained with a post every week, if not every day. The posts are mainly promotional, but he uses informal language to engage with his fans. There is a plethora of live photos and some amusing cover videos, so it's an enjoyable audio-visual experience. My one complaint is the lack of background information. He has no links to other social media accounts and no contact information.

https://www.instagram.com/scott_thiessen/ - Scott's Instagram is also well-maintained with mostly promotional images, but there are some personal photos here and there. It keeps fans updated on what is happening in his life, and I suppose that is the purpose of Instagram. A suitable amount of information available on the page including links to his official website and a contact email.

https://www.scottthiessen.ca/ - a very neat and concise website that is easy to navigate. The landing page contains a basic biography with links to social media accounts, as well as a gallery and easily accessible menu. I enjoy the colours and simple background image promoting his single - it's not overpowering using neutral tones. A more detailed background might be beneficial for press purposes.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

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Heidi Burson

Heidi Burson’s story as an artist is one of shared human experience. Very early on, she felt the poignancy of the music of singers such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin. She was struck by the power and intensity with which they expressed the longing, which we all share, for love and acceptance. These influences, coupled with her own life experiences and a generous dusting of wry humor, have helped to forge a voice and style that is uniquely fascinating.

The States

The States. It represents an idea that we are all apart of a community that has the freedom of expressing ourselves through music. Our name isn't necessarily related to the United States or anything necessarily patriotic even though there are those themes throughout our brand. Rather it's more about the representation of the states of emotions we are all in from time to time. Happy, sad, introspective, broken, angry, depressed, or in love, we wanted our music to reach out to everyone.


Sharing a collective love for vintage timbres and instrumental variety, digital processing and samples are absent throughout their performances and recordings, instead preferring the likes of reel-to-reel effects and djembe percussion. With a name translating to “Common Ivy” in Latin and a logo representing a new approach to traditional mediums, Hedera’s persona is reflected in their imagery: a vibrant, multicolored ivy leaf. The entirety of the band’s art direction is designed by lead guitarist Anthony Formisano.



Mediterranean Trip-Hop, combining rhythms from the Latin Funk Jazz Sou R & B & Reggae with flamenco melodies.

Including the first single "La Gente Del Sur" (Dub Mix) in the American album "Pause & Play" published on June 10, 2016.

The Noble Impoverished

The Noble Impoverished is a wild fire. A sound influenced by bands like The Killers, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and many others

The Noble Impoverished is the creation of two brothers passion for playing music. At the age of 15 and 17 they picked up their fathers old classical guitar and lost control to Rock & Roll. After a few years of playing in Morgantown West Virginia they moved to Connecticut to showcase this raw sound to a larger stage. The bands deep roots in rock n roll drives its intense live performances, their strong melodies colliding with a savage energy that makes their show something not easily forgotten.


A sound so melodic, so soulful, so eclectic and full of passion and purpose…a style so powerful it reaches audiences of all kinds. A style like that is rare, and yet that style is synonymous with the sound of Nialand. Nialand, or Nia which she is most known as, is a style all on her own. Self-described as weird, her gift is creative, full of truth, mixed with some edge and delivered in a plethora of harmonies and smooth tones that is incomparable and sets her apart from many artists today. Influenced by Jazz, Classic Hip Hop, and Soul Music, Nialand puts her heart, soul, experience and truth in her music presenting an undeniably powerful musical experience.


Vajra was formed by composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Annamaria Pinna during her self-imposed exile in India. The child of a former monk and school teacher, Annamaria was encouraged to learn about the world around her and to question her assumptions. She believes there is divinity in creativity. Annamaria has a neurological condition called synesthesia, where she attaches color and shapes to sound.


The Humidors

“Everything The Humidors play is given a heavy contemporary spin that splinters dance floors and leaves audiences in a sweaty daze. The band is a well-oiled unit with a polyrhythmic approach that balances short, sharp solos with an overwhelming collective approach.” - J. Poet, SF Weekly Hailing from the Bay Area, The Humidors have been churning out their own unique brand of party music for half a decade. Combining elements of hard-hitting funk, greasy soul, vintage R&B, soul jazz and more you can be sure that this eight-piece unit is committed to the groove in all its shapes and forms.