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Blackbird Sons are a four-piece Hard rock act, hailing from Finland. The band consists of Niko Hamalainen (Lead Vocals, Guitars) Riku Kanaoja (Guitar, Backing Vocals) Lauri Aaltonen ( Bass, Backing Vocals) and Tatu Lankinen ( Drums), who play “ slap in the face” rock ‘n’ roll music.

Blackbird Sons cite AC/DC, The Who and ZZ Top as influences on their brand of highly charged classic rock, exploding with riffs and soaring vocals. They are due to release a new five- track EP entitled “Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Dead”, which is a follow up to 2017’s debut “Back In The Game”. The band said of the release “We Want the people to hear that rock music is still alive and kicking and full of that “raw and rebellious energy”. We wanted to make an EP that would make you tap your feet, bang your head, raise your hands and shout “Rock and Roll Ain’t Dead!”.

I have had the great pleasure of reviewing the lead single for the band on my blog, but now I shall review the new EP, which promises every much the raw, pulsating hard rock to expect.

Break Me Down shares all the signatures of some standard blues rock mixed with bounds of raw rock shares similarities to AC/DC that strike the listener like a viper. The simple chord progressions build towards a frenetic finish that combine vocals with a delicious solo that is supplemented by some nice breaks in the track.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Dead is the lead single that underlies all the rebellious energy the band state. A boundless ball of high-octane rock that will leave heads spinning, and feet worn out. The track opens with another up-tempo riff Blackbird Sons have a knack for.

Rolling is another rollercoaster of a track that offers a different facet to the quartet’s style. There is more of a blues influence that retains a tight rhythm throughout, accompanied by Hamalainen’s snarl. Here the band are able to express their songwriting abilities with another penchant to lure listeners in with a singalong chorus and well-crafted riffs.

Running Away is another fun track full of zest; which is one of the band’s strengths. The band know how to enjoy themselves by writing effective tunes. The choral cries of “You got me running/ running away” sounds like a band with nothing to lose. The full throttle nature of each track appeals to any true rock fan with salacious solos that will whip any headbanger into a storm.

She Is Evil is a slower tempo track that features the band on backing vocals. The intro builds gradually, as each finger picks like a lurking shadow before Hamalainen enters with a crunchy riff. The harmonic chorus accompanies the vocalist, as a tradeoff between vocals and guitar ensues.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Dead will be released on May 24th

You can hear the lead track via the link below;

https://youtu.be/83rAU9Dlevg Blackbird Sons- Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Dead

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