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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:17

Skinner's Lane New Release "Once Again"

Back with a bang, the up and coming Skinner's Lane released their latest single “Once Again” on March 22nd. Similar to their previous tracks, their latest release has caused ripples in the rock scene due to it’s heartfelt message and heavy guitar riffs that are reminiscent of the early punk scene in England. There is also a hint of Indie/Alternative vibes throughout the song, which could be a nod towards the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, who started out playing similar gig circuits to Skinner's Lane.

Once Again begins with a catchy Riff that immediately becomes entwined into your head, the almost mesmerising sound is only heightened by the explosive drums and hard hitting bass line. The song itself is perhaps an oxymoron. The wild and upbeat sound creates a happy and positive vibe while the emotive lyrics add a layer of depth which showcases the talent the boys have at its best. Each instrument works together to compliment the severity of the lyrics, and not one outdoes the other. Drummer Sander Valset works hard to keep the upbeat tempo, while Zak croons away in the way that only he can. Perhaps it’s the accent that keeps the listeners

interested or maybe it’s the way he words things, either way, all I can say is that he keeps us hooked. Bassist Chris Jones provides the stability throughout the song which makes this an easy and exciting song to listen too.

“It’s not okay the way you talk to me”. I’m sure that this line made you think of someone who doesn't treat you how you should be treated. It’s witty one liners like this that capture the attention of the listeners and evoke emotion from them, whether in be sadness or something else all together. The way that these lyrics were crafted immediately makes them memorable and intoxicating to listen too.

Overall, Skinner's Lane did not come to play with their latest single “Once Again”. The slightly more punk sound propels this hit into another level all together. The way that this band so easily flits between more than one genre of music makes it easily popular with people who have a wider variety of taste. Another great song delivered- when will the next be released?

Monday, 22 April 2019 18:55

Review And Interview With Betty Moon

Betty Moon is a recognized Toronto- Born singer, producer and Rock ‘N’ roll fashionista, who continues to defy trends with her edgy electronic pop, soul and rock. Moon has achieved success through her previous releases, as well as TV and Films. Her music has featured in several shows like The Walking Dead and Californification, which has led to numerous award nominations.

Moon has gained a following through her social media accounts, and has featured in heavy rotation across worldwide retail airplay, as well as appearing in several publications. The singer is set to release her 9th album Hellucination, which is a follow up to 2017’s Chromes. The 6 track EP draws influences from underground sounds ranging from rock, soul and electro pop. This self – produced piece explores Moon’s sultry vocals in more detail, alongside an injection of soul-searching lyrics, dynamic beats, and a sense of empowerment.

Hellucination exposes Moon’s ear for detail, and an ability to engage listeners with her visionary, and a sense of adventure. I will be exploring the EP further, as well as conducting an interview with the star about her upcoming release.

Fear Takes Control opens proceedings with a twisted trip through electronica beats and a dark passage recited by Moon. This intricate usage of thick synthesizers and hollow singing reminds me of the late Prodigy, as the dark tones and textures evoke images of a tortured soul.

Dirty Love is an introspective look at betrayal. Moon’s vocals are soulful and steeped with emotion, accompanied by a backing drumbeat that emphasizes each point of fragility. This track has an injection of the singer’s vocal range that flickers between mid-tempo cries of “I can’t get enough of your dirty love” to a more dynamic pitch of howls. The tempo changes throughout each verse as Moon ponders what she had with the other character. This causes a change in vocals that build with each beat to reflect the countered emotions the star feels.

Violent City is a more upbeat dance track with more brighter beats. Moon’s vocals are distorted at times; like a woman singing alone down an empty street. The synths contort with more fuzzy beats to produce a track more appropriate for these summer days.

Save My Soul is the lead track on the album which Moon’s vocals continue to steal the listener with raw emotion and variety that leads you to feel empathy towards her. The fuzzy synth sound and electronic beats do sound like Moon is trying to find an escape through distorted vocals around the bridge.

Get Your Gun features a more grunge rock sound with high energy driven distorted guitar. Moon’s vocals are sensual and energetic that feels soul inducing with a powerful range.

Hellucination is due out on May 19th

You can find more information about Betty Moon by visiting her website http://bettymoon.com/,

Or alternatively, you can follow the artist via any of these social media accounts,



Interview with Betty Moon

Hello Betty, congratulations on your newest release. Can you explain what fans are to expect from your new album Hellucination?

Thank you! I think longtime fans of Betty Moon can expect a nice mix of my original sound and much of a electronic/pop that I’ve been putting into my music as of late. For those that don’t know, I have my latest single “Save My Soul” out now and that will be on ‘Hellucination’. Up until and after the album comes out there will be multiple singles and music videos made available, just to keep things fresh and interesting over the upcoming months.

On first listen, I can hear a lot of ideas going into the lyrics and music. Is the album title Hellucination about this?

I like to leave the lyrics and deeper meanings of every song up to the listener to make it their own. However, the overall vibe and theme of the album is fairly direct, and explores how we are all living in a ‘Hellucination’. It was really fun putting this album together, and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

It is quite eclectic with sounds ranging from electronica to pop to rock. Did these genres have any inspiration behind the thought process in the album?

I think it’s really a combination of everything I’ve been influenced by since I started listening to music long ago. Since my music has a blend of rock, pop and electronic, it’s only a given that many of these songs will touch on themes that some of the artists I grew up on talked about. However, I make a conscious effort to always blaze my own trail and write about the things that truly mean something to me.

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What was the writing process like behind making it?

It took about a year to fully write, pre-produce, hit the studio and mix ‘Hellucination’. Some of these songs came together in a day, while others were pieced together over the months. I worked with my team to write a lot of these, and some ideas were over email, but many were simply by us being in a room together with the agenda of writing some great music.

I understand you self-produced the album. Was it difficult to write and produce the album together?

Not at all, I’ve been doing this a long time and since I didn’t have a deadline to finish the album things really came together naturally. Sometimes artists are under the gun to wrap an album and it can add unwanted pressure or even kill the vibe of the music. I made it a priority to self produce an album that made me 110% happy and take the time needed to get all the work done without hiccups.

What was the recording process behind it like for you?

I tracked everything at my studio here in Malibu, CA. We used real drums, guitars, bass and tracked everything using real gear, heads, cabs, mics etc. You get it, the way it ought to be for a great rock/electronic record. Much of ‘Hellucination’ has electronic instruments (keys etc), so for anything rock I wanted to make sure it was organic. We spent sometimes entire days in the studio tracking this thing, and other times just an hour or two to work on some critical parts.

And do you feel there is a different sense of pressure producing an album, in comparison to being a singer and writer in the studio?

Sometimes you get in your head about parts or you second guess your work. That’s the only downside of handling so much of it yourself. I didn’t feel too much pressure though, there wasn’t a deadline to get this album done.

As a producer, I imagine you need an astute ear, do you feel this was important in making the album?

Absolutely, sometimes I have to come back to parts of a song or a mix the next day so I can rest up and be ready to listen. After a long day in the studio that ear for a great song/mix can get fried, so talent is really half the battle. That’s why artists and producers need a good amount of time in the studio, so there’s time to rest and revisit parts with a fresh set of ears.

Do you see yourself being critical of some parts, in comparison to being a performer and having a producer instruct you?

It’s a blessing and a curse. I can only imagine most people in my position would agree. It’s nice to have outside feedback, which I do get from my band, other producers and professionals that I work with.

Did you perform all the instruments on the tracks, or did you get help from a backing band?

I have a tight knit group of other musicians that help me in studio and live (drums/bass/guitar etc). I play guitar, keys and obviously know production, but it’s so important to have the best musicians around in your circle to help.

You recently released ‘Save My Soul’, the track has a cool vibe towards it with hints of Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga. Could you explain the concept behind the track?

I wanted to create a song with just this sort of pulse and vibe, and once that came together the lyrics came to mind pretty quick. The song is about how we all need our soul saved at some point. We’re all different but alike in more ways than not. With how crazy and fucked up the world is, sometimes it can get the best of us and we need our soul rejuvenated.

On the album you have remixed ‘Crazy’. What was your decision behind the idea to do this?

I just really like that song, and the remix just made a lot of sense for “Crazy” specifically. I’ve done remixes for a lot of songs off past albums, whether I handle the remix or hire other mixer/producers, and it really helps keep things fresh.

As I have previously alluded to, the album is quite diverse. Tracks like ‘Get Your Gun’ are heavy with nods to grunge, whilst ‘Dirty Love’ are more soulful. I feel both bring a lot out of your voice. Are these elements that went through your mind when you first approached the album?

I didn’t really think about that when writing the album, honestly I’ve always just been into early/mid 90’s rock and 80’s electronic music. Thankfully I came up with some pretty cool ideas that happen to work over the different genres of music. Some of the tracks on the record I intentionally wanted to write, but most of them just came naturally during the writing sessions.

Did you find these songs came to you easily, or was it a lengthy process for you?

It really depends on the song, some came to me so easily. Others were like pulling teeth to put together because so much time passed and I was double-triple checking the songs, wondering if they were perfect. As mentioned though, since there wasn’t a deadline it made things much easier.

This is your 9th studio release. Do you see differences in your approach in comparison to your first album?

It’s an absolutely 180 degree turn from how things were done in the 90’s. I now come equipped with wisdom, technology and badassery that I didn’t have before. Things are a lot more streamlined, with less guesswork and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to make the music now.

Do you plan a tour in support of the album?

Nothing planned at the moment, but we are thinking of ways to get a live show created for songs off ‘Hellucination’ and my last album ‘Chrome’.

And finally, what are your future plans for Betty Moon?

I’m working on a lot of things that will surprise the fans and industry, so you’ll have to wait and see. For the immediate future though I have a lot of content produced for ‘Hellucination’ including music videos, remixes and a couple more singles.

Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

Hire mr Anderson to review your band or your new album.

For more info feel free to Contact Us

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Published in Europe Section
Monday, 19 November 2018 23:13

An Extensive Trove Of Hidden Treasures



Deviance is a hard rock act from London that have slowly built a reputation as a hard-working band touring across the UK. The band have appeared at clubs and gigs across London, including Islington 02Academy, Planet Rock’s Planetstock, and Isle of Wight. The band’s soaring vocals, energy induced guitar solos and highly charged melodies are sure to appeal to fans of acts like Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Deviance recently released self- titled debut album is available now

Devience are:

Gio- Vocals

Donnie- Guitars

Jim- Guitars

Beno- Bass

Olli- Drums


This is an easy to read site with all the accessories fitted onto one page. I found it easy to scroll down and digest the information. The background visual of the band performing felt like a distraction, but the layout made up for that. There is a nice Biography, striking photo’s of the band performing, gig schedule and a link to the band’s single “ Take Me Down” . Overall, I would recommend this to visitors interested in the band.


This is another personal account organized to interact more with the fans. Fans are able to add comments to posts, as the band post regular updates on gigs, as well as photos too. The videos are the more telling with the band recording on their devices to talk to the fans, and show them what they have been up to. I feel this is a nice touch because it instills confidence in the listener to browse.

Wounded Spirit


Wounded Spirit are an Alternative/ pop rock act from West Bromwich, England. They have been around for over 30 years, yet it was not until 1995 that the band released their debut single “Alone without You” The band create hushed vocals, with melodic guitars and softly played keyboards that reminds me of those Britpop acts of the Nineties’ like Pulp and Lightening Seeds.

Wounded Spirit are:

Elton McTaggart - Drums
Jason Kelly - Vocals
Terry Ebanks - Bass
Biggsy - Guitar
Debbie P - Keyboards


This is a nicely organized site that you can see has regular input from the band There is a lovely background picture of the group set against the backdrop of a rather congested site. There are plenty of links and information for visitors to keep occupied. This makes it easier to access without scrolling through. There is a regularly updated news page, music videos, fan and band photo’s, lyrics, music...and a shop you can purchase the band’s albums from. This is a comprehensive introduction to the band.


This is another lovely account by the band. There are regular updates on the band’s upcoming gigs, plus tons of photos and videos. The video’s feature behind the scene footage, making of, live performances...plus a tribute to England Football striker Harry Kane. I feel the videos introduce the listeners into the band’s personalities, which leads one to feel like they are joining the band on their journey.

Sometimes Julie


Sometimes Julie are a Hard rock act from San Diego, California with an interesting story. The duo- Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker- met at a Karaoke bar where Sorenson was performing. They soon bonded and released debut album Head First achieved international recognition, gaining them an Akademia Music Award for best Americana music video. Sorenson’s vocals soar above the enriched rhythm section and melodic guitar lines that incorporates Americana, Blues, Country and Indie Rock.

Sometimes Julie released third album Breaking in June 2018

Sometimes Julie are:

Monica Sorenson- Vocals

Rick Walker- Vocals/Guitars

Bruce Paul Allen- Bass

Alberto Moreno- Lead Guitar

John Muzzio- Drums


This is another well managed site. The colour coordination set against a backdrop of the band performing is easy on the eye. There categories are organized in a fashion that makes it accessible with a link to a player to all the band’s albums, an updated gigs schedule, stunning photos and merch too.


This is another good account designed to keep fans updated of any upcoming gigs and appearances, there are some photos of the band performing, plus some videos of those performances too. I feel this is a good supplement to the website for any new fan interested in going to watch them.



Rocket are a punk rock act from Los Angeles. The band play pulsating rock with enriched vocals that incorporate Garage Rock too. They have gained a reputation among the rock Industry elite with appearances on Commercial Radio stations like KROQ 106.7 (LA) , alongside high profile support slots to established acts like Alien Ant Farm, Crazy Town and Puddle Of Mudd. The band have also been live guests on I Heart radio, as well as winning several local awards, and been featured in reputable music publications.

Rocket recently launched highly anticipated EP “Get Huge”, produced by Doug Green (STP, Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow)

Rocket are:

Janelle Barreto - Vocals

Eric Wibbelsmann- Guitar

Steve Killcullen- Guitar

Jordan Lawson- Bass

Paul DePatie- Drums


This is a very well-organized webpage that has all the benefits a fan can need. I was impressed with the format of the page with colourful pictures and a catchy logo that ultimately wanted me to read more. There is a nice review of the band’s latest live show plus a Spotify player linked to their catalogue, the about section is jam packed with enough information to keep the average visitor educated. There are some great pics of the band in colourful outlets, as well as a couple of videos. I feel the energy of their performances reflect the outlook of the site.


This is another well managed FB account. There are regularly updated posts that advertise upcoming gigs and radio appearances, alongside photos of the group performing. They seem happy to interact with their fans with more stunning pictures, and videos of them performing.

Ras Mikey C


Dr Ras Mikey C AKA Michael Courtney is a Singer/ Songwriter with a mighty repertoire to his name. Courtney has achieved success as much for his academic researches, then he has for his music. Courtney has published thesis’ on Ethno- Modern Dance, as well as strived into research of cultures and dance throughout communities. He has a PHD in the subject from a stint at University of Limerick, Ireland. He currently sits on the board of directors as an assistant to modern dance and Cultures at the University.

He also acts as a emcee to acts and companies around the world as diverse as Raven Symone, The Marley Family, Irish Aid to list a few.

Dr Ras Mikey C recently released debut album “ RASUOL” in September 2018


This is a great webpage organised to professional standard of MAs' accomplishments in the subject of education. I think you can tell the singer has input with articles and quotes from him. You can scroll down and watch videos of his discussions, as well as videos from his latest album. The site is arranging as a single page, which is easy to read.


This is an engaging site with regular posts that combine videos and photo’s in relation to his lectures/ music. There are some nice videos of the dances he studies, as well as some personal ones that involves Q & A with fans. The account feels like it is designed to appeal to the fans.

 An Interesting Note.....

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Isle of Wish


Isle Of Wish AKA Wishnu Bintang was born in Indonesia. She formed her own project in 2016 named after her nickname “Wish”. She decided to release a collection of singles in 2018 based on her influences as diverse as Queen, Pink Floyd and Pink. Isle of Wish has a strong interest in Poetry, Music and writing.

Isle of Wish is new to music, but has selected musicians from Bali to help record her debut album, which is set for release in 2019.


This is a nice introduction to the singer. The colour coordination reflects the singer’s personality there is a nice bio and a player to a debut single. There are no videos, or photos


This is a very personal and engaging account that appeals to the fans. There are regular posts on philosophy, Music, as well as interests. There is a nice pic of Isle of wish singing, with photos of quotes, and a video of her latest single. This feels more of her own page, rather than that of a singer. I feel this is a good thing in attracting those new fans.


This is another very personal account that reflects the journey of a young girl. There are motivational quotes, random pics of luggage and clothes, as well as some more intimate ones of the singer recording in the studio. Overall, this feels like she is more in touch with her fanbase.

Lu Ruenes


Lu Ruenes AKA Lucia Ruenes is Pop singer/songwriter from Spain. She was inspired to start writing music by reading her grandmother’s poems. She wrote her first song at 15, and by 21 she had released two albums. Lu Ruenes attended Berklee Scholl of Music, which she graduated from last year. Lu Ruenes composes lovely uplifting Pop songs with beautifully arranged melodies.


This is another lovely site to visit. There is a simple colour co-ordination set against the backdrop of a large photo of Lu Ruenes. The site is easy to access with a Spotify widget that plays her latest track. There are some even more striking images of Lu Ruenes performing with an infectious smile. There is a nice Bio, personally written by the singer, as well as videos of her in performance. I enjoyed reading through it because it felt like an introduction to the singer’s personality,


This is another well managed site that engages the reader, as well as accentuate Lu Ruenes’ personality. There are nice pictures...including one on a camel. Videos of Lu Ruenes in concert, as well as regular posts that feel like it truly connects with the reader. The only negative is it is written in Spanish, which may be an issue for those who can’t translate.

Mark Newman


Mark Newman is a well- respected singer/songwriter/ Guitarist from New York. He has developed a reputation for touring with legendary musicians like Willy DeVille and Sam Moore. His music style has been compared to Duane Allman and Lowell George. Newman plays Guitar, Dobro and Mandolin on his two albums to date. Newman’s music is heartfelt Americana with some enchanting melodies.

Mark Newman released his Brussels EP in March 2015


This website has a very basic design, which allows easy access to browse. The front page comes with a nice bio on Newman’s musical achievements, as well as releases. There are a few links to the singer’s Reverbnation and myspaces. You can find a dropdown menu on the left-hand side with a photo gallery and music player. My only argument is that it doesn’t seem like it is updated.


This account is designed mainly to update visitors on upcoming gigs. There are no videos, or any interaction between the singer and fans. There are some good photos of mark with his band.

Modern Mimes


Modern Mimes is an American music artist duo from Fort Lauderdale, FL. The band consists of Adi Elcida Hernandez on Vocals/Guitar/sampling & Ernesto Perez on double neck bass. The duo play “Future Goth”, a self-coined term to describe their use of heavy metal guitars, thought provoking lyrics and gothic overture. They have slowly been building national recognition with their debut album Wake Up, which was released last year they followed this up with a Type O Negative approved cover of “I Don’t Want to Be Me” which the band endorsed, and subsequently promoted. This helped achieved 27 thousand views on YouTube, as well as coverage on loud wire.com. They have spent the last two years appearing at notable festivals across the States & made tv appearances on balcony tv

The duo has performed 2 years in a row at Riptide Music Festival, the biggest two-day Alternative and Classic Hits music festival in Fort Lauderdale. They also toured the Southeastern United States, SXSW, and have a session on Balcony TV.

Modern Mimes will release follow up album “The Grey” in The Fall of 2018

Modern Mimes are;

Adi Elcida Hernandez- Vocals/Guitar/Sampling

Ernesto Perez- Double Neck Bass


This is a well-managed account for fans of old, and new. The overall format instantly attracts the visitor with a bright blue backdrop set against an odd image of two clay heads seemingly entwined. This helps reflect the nature of the duo’s music. The site is also easy to scroll down with a Spotify playlist, YouTube music videos and photos that portray the duo in all their unusual stage attire.


This is an attractive account. There is a nice background photo of the duo with regular posts on gigs and music releases. There are some nice music videos, as well as some photos of the band performing, and in the model studio.

Home is West


Home Is West where formed by two old friends in California. The duo- Robert ( Vocals/Guitar) & Andrew ( Bass) have been touring mates for over twenty years, beginning in metal bands across the states. The band quickly recruited Corey on drums and a new bassist, Jim to get fully started they have spent the past 5 years touring the Southern Cali coastline, appearing on Internet radio and FM stations. The band play heartfelt Indie/ rock with swirling melodies and catchy hooks.

The band released an EP in 2017


This is a basic page with compact information and all the accessories needed for fans. There is a dropdown menu that is useful. There is a concise about section, a couple of videos, and some nice colourful pictures for visitors to view. Overall, the site is not an attractive prospect for new fans.


This is a more updated account. There are a couple of videos that appeal to fans, as well as some nicely taken pictures, and regular posts, including big news. I feel this is more accessible for growing a new fanbase.

The Boxtones


The Box tones are a five- piece Scottish Canadian Rock/Pop act with a growing reputation amongst the elite. The band recently singed to Universal Music following high profile support slots alongside such notable musicians like Liam Gallagher, Pharrell Willams, The Chemical Brothers the Who, Blur, Florence and The Machine etc. This repertoire has earned the band several award wins including the Ahlan! Hot 100 title, and two- time Hype and Time out winners. The Boxtones have also had luck in entering competitions, which resulted in them winning The Rolling Stone Street to Stage. And if this is not impressive enough, they have earned endorsements from prestigious brands such as Shure, Vic Firth, Mesa Boogie and Protection Racket.

The Boxtones create upbeat music with a Celtic flavour, the band’s progressive sound and catchy choruses are bound to be a hit with new fans.


This is a very professional account I feel is designed with fans in mind. The band’s logo instantly attracts the eye to want to browse through. I liked how everything was conveniently placed that a visitor would want to read (news, bio, tour dates etc.). This made it easier to find the categories needed to learn more about the band. There is a news section that gives updates on upcoming tours, a link to the band’s YouTube videos, as well as some lovely images of the band performing on stage. I enjoyed reading the press section of all the magazine articles they have appeared in, as well as a blog on their weekly reports. There are regular tour updates, as well as links to all of their social media accounts.


This is an attractive site form The Boxtones. The background picture of the band instantly grabs the eye’s attention. There are daily updates from the band on tour in Dubai, as well as promotional appearances. This is another professional effort from the band, which will sustain the growth of a new fanbase. I liked how the videos were categorized I.e. summer vacations, a hashtag campaign etc. This showed an engagement with the fans, as well as a photo section. This is another strong point of the site because it shows different aspects of the band from rehearsal, stage, around town, which opens up to fans.

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Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

Hire mr Anderson to review your band or your new album.

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