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Liron New Single Review

Once again Liron wows us all with her silky and sultry vocals. The newest single “Bad Intentions” brings out the powerful person inside us all. The song battles the nature of toxic relationships and how hard it is to walk away from them. It's aimed at both genders as toxic relationships affect us all and the song itself could be hailed as a self empowerment anthem.

Similar to the last single “Piña Coladas”, Liron carries on the fast paced beat and the radio pop sound. However, the story behind the song carries a trace of heartbreak and understanding that was missing in the previous tracks. The powerful story enables the listener to feel the emotions that Liron was going through when writing the lyrics. I'm sure you’ve all gone through a period of time with a certain somebody that didn't feel right or just wasn't working out in general. This song tackles the pain and fear of breaking away form something that you've known and been comfortable with for so long. The mature theme of the song allows listeners of all ages to relate to the feeling of heartbreak which is common during life.

Lirons vocals reach a new high in “Bad Intentions”. I mentioned before that in the earlier tracks, Liron lacked the power and confidence behind her voice, but recently we’ve seen a new side to the vocal all together. Gone is the Musician who once wrote about puppy loves and hid behind the beat of the song, and is now replaced by a Musician who is proud and self assured, who writes about the self emancipation of men and women alike.

Bad intentions includes everything needed to make a great pop song. The vocal compared with the past paced tempo creates the perfect dance track. The softer vocal compared to the snappy Paced tempo creates a layer of sophistication unseen on her previous works before “piña coladas”. The difference keeps the listener induced in a musical coma when the sound reaches their ears.

Once again Musician Liron has gone above and beyond the expectation we had for her next single. Bad intentions sounds like a pop song you would hear of the radio today and overall a Liron has done a great job perfecting her sound. I thoroughly enjoyed the latest single and I'm ready for the next!

Written by Sophia Garvey - Singapore

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