Biscay are a six-piece from UK. The band’s name derives from the location they are based. Biscay are fronted by the exciting young French singer Elea may. The sextuplet are a hybrid of Funk, Jazz and World Music. The award-winning outfit enjoyed a successful 2018 winning five songwriting competitions combined with May’s sweet voice is accompanied by an accomplished rhythm section that plays a combustion of upbeat funk and rich jazz textures.

This is a basic account with an attractive image of the band set in the background. The white colour seems to be an easy backdrop to the material you will find. There is a nice Bio section, alongside a link to Biscay’s latest music video. You will find a link to a music player alongside a lovely gallery of colourful snaps of the band. There is also A press release section with links to magazine articles and reviews of the band.

This is a helpful site for anybody interested in the band. There are regular post updates from the studio, as well as photos and videos of recordings. This idea of giving visitors exclusive behind the scene footage conveys itself as professional.


Four Trips Ahead

Four Trips Ahead is a Prog/Metal act from New York formed in 2003 by Lead singer/songwriter Pete Wilson. The band have steadily forged a hard-working reputation with extensive tours across the States and Europe, including the UK. They have also featured in several Musical publications and received national airplay. Wilson’s strong and impassioned vocals are matched by the intricate guitar solos and pounding drums that are reminiscent of American act Black Label Society.

Four Trips Ahead recently released Latest Album “... And the Fire Within” last Spring.

Four Trips Ahead are;

Pete Wilson - Vocals

Brian Eisenpresser- Guitars

Dan Cassidy- Bass

Ken Candelas- Drums

This is a very professional site with an attractive logo, and a large background photo of the band. I felt this gave the impression of a renowned rock act. There are some nice quotes about the music from reputable Music publications, as well as an extensive bio on FTA’s latest album “… And the Fire Within”. There is a link to the band’s YouTube account, as well as a photo gallery. The news section promises exciting upcoming releases, but it is not regularly updated.

This is another well managed account by the band. There are regular posts on media promo, gigs etc. They seem to interact on each post with the fans, which is always a plus for any music fan. There are links to other social media accounts, plus videos that gain behind the scenes access, as well as an extensive photo gallery. I felt impressed with the overall feeling that they enjoy interacting with the fans.


Explorers are a Synth/pop act from Chesterfield, England. The two -piece were inspired to form the band through a bond of 80’s cinema, Nostalgia and “a DIY spirit”. They derived their name from a Joe Dante film. The duo previously appeared in several indie bands, including MYbe ;which outsoled Maximo Park and Placebo in the charts. The duo produces warm and atmospheric music replete with synths and hazy vocals.

Explorers are;

Jez Dennis – Drums, Vocals

Rob Bannister- Synths, vocals

This is another attractive site with a backdrop of sunset that gives the impressions of a warm welcome. There is an extensive bio on the duo, a music player, which includes new single “Waiting for the sun”, plus a section dedicated to the Explorers’ social media activity. The only negative is there is no photo gallery to peruse.

This is a good FB page from Explorers. The outfit have formed an engaging page that interacts with new fans. They regularly post updates in regards to music promotion. There are some colourful pictures of the band on stage, plus sneak peek of new music recorded in the studio


Sirsy are a rock and soul duet from New York. The duo is Lead singer/ Drummer Melanie Krahmer, who has previously featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, and guitarist Rich Libutti.

They have performed over 200 shows annually over a ten-year span that includes opening slots for established acts like Maroon 5, Cheap Trick etc. Krahmer’s vocals are powerful and energetic with the sardonic grooves of Libutti’s guitar lines.

Sirsy are currently working on a follow up to 2015 EP “ Sketches and Ghosts”

This is a very well- organized site that has been done to professional standard. The duo’s hard work ethic has been transposed into creating a vibrant and compelling webpage that is worth a browse if you have a few minutes. The strong colour scheme is instantly attractive with a slideshow effect informing visitors of the band’s recent achievements. The sections are categorized with a dropdown menu for any subject of interest. There is an updated gig schedule, MP3 links to Sirsy’s back catalogue alongside an option to read through the lyrics, too. The video sections feature a link to their YouTube channel.

Also, the photo section is divided into separate pictures such as press, live, Instagram etc. The about section concludes with an extensive biography, alongside a press kit.

This is another fun and entertaining site designed to engage with listeners. The profile picture of the band as caricatures highlights their personality, which is a warm gesture for visitors. There are regular posts of their recent tour, photos of the band enjoying themselves across the states plus videos that act as a diary as they drive from coast to coast. This gives the impression that they enjoy what they do.

Sandoval Band

Sandoval Band is Jean Sandoval, A guitarist/singer/songwriter from Meridian, CT, USA. He enjoys creating different sounds to form unique ones and has toured extensively alongside with fellow musicians. Sandoval writes soulful tunes blended with blues, jazz, country and Latin flavour. Sandoval shares similarities with Santana and Jeff Healy.

Sandoval recently released new EP “Sound of It All: Part A” in January.

This is another professional site. The viewer is greeted by a large photo of Sandoval, alongside an instant player of his latest EP. There are some pictures of the guitarist in the studio, as well as some with his gear. There is also a video of the guitarist performing live on a local TV show.

This is another well managed FB page that engages with the audience. The posts show how Sandoval values his listeners with regular updates on his personal life, as well as tours and new music. There are videos that offer sneak previews of the new album, as well of the band working hard in the studio. I feel this is another positive for new fans interested in learning more about the guitarist.


Chrysalis are an underground Indie/ Heavy metal outfit from Barstow, CA. The band have experienced something of a meteoric rise since the days when they self- released their debut album in College. Since then, they have featured in several notable music publications such as Revolver and Metal Hammer, as well as toured with acts like Ill Nino and A Day to Remember.

Chrysalis have gone on to release a further two albums to date, including a successful crowdfund campaign in support of the second one.

The band create atmospheric sounds via crushing guitars and pounding drums. They write progressive music with thought provoking lyrics.

Chrysalis are:

Yessi Burton - Vocals / Guitar / Keys
Chris Norris - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Gabe Gallego - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jared Sturgis - Bass
Billy Norris – Drums

This is a pleasant site to visit with an attractive overhead and a nice blend of colours that reflects the emotional and calming aura of Chrysalis. There is certainly no lack of music for the regular site browsers. There is a full catalogue; which includes videos of the singles, too. I found that you need to scroll down to discover this, as well as several social media links, and information on the band. There is a comprehensive bio, which seems outdated. Overall, this is an interesting insight for fans none too familiar with their sound.

This seems like a site managed by the band themselves in order to promote their material. There are regular updates on their music, plus interaction with their fans. Also, the pictures seem like music posters from their gigs, with the exception of a few. Th videos seem like guitar breakdowns for the fans. My only criticism is that the site has not been active for over a year.

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Ramshackle are a Punk rock act from Sydney, Australia, comprising of friends from England, Australia and China. The band were originally formed as a three piece by two high school friends, who had competed together in Battle of the Bands competitions. They were joined by an English bassist, whose family moved to Sydney when he was 9 years old. The band were finally converted into a four piece in 2013 following the arrival of a music producer from China on drums.

Ramshackle have regularly toured across Australia at some big venues, as well as local festivals.

The band play high energy guitar orientated music with melodic vocals and powerful lyrics.

Ramshackle are:

Lead Vocals & bass: Tony Austin

Guitar & vocals: Jared Montgomery

Guitar & vocals: James Wall

Drums: Jack Gao

This is another well managed site with some great on-stage pictures of the group in performance, an extensive about section, and lyrics. There is a music player for those interested in their sound, alongside a couple of videos of the band on stage. The only criticism is it would have been nice to see a few more videos of the band.

This is another good facebook page with posts on upcoming gigs, a comprehensive collection of photos of the band in rehearsal, as well as performing on stage. The videos are an insight into the band in rehearsal, which feels like it really involves the fans. My only criticism is that the posts haven’t been updated since May.

Wild Horse

Wild Horse are a four-piece hard rock act from East Sussex, England formed by brothers, Jack and Henry Baldwin. The band have been compared to The Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys, and have appeared at notable venues across London and Southern England.

The hard working outfit were recognized in 2014 as “Rock the House” nominees, They have released two albums &3 EP’s to date.

Wild Horse recently released second album “Songs About Last Night” in June. They are currently working on a new EP

This is another attractive site with an intent to promote the act’s credentials. There are various links to Wild Horse Music via various established online music platforms, some sharp images of the band, as well as an extensive bio. I feel this is a good introduction to Wild Horse.

This is a great site that embodies the band’s hard work ethic. I feel this reflects the band’s personality with in-depth posts that regularly update fans on gigs and music promos. There are tons of photos of the band onstage, as well as videos of the band onstage, and latest music tracks. This is a professional site managed to appeal to fans.

Mitch Dalton and the Studio kings

Mitch Dalton and The Studio kings are a British supergroup formed by revered guitarist Mitch Dalton, whose played with Robbie Williams and Melody Gardot. The band are completed by Pianist David Arch, best known for his work on TV show “Strictly Come Dancing”, and in the Oscar winning film “The King’s speech”, Bassist Steve Pearce (Van Morrison) and drummer Ian Thomas (Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton). The band play melodious grooves and have featured music on several films and tv shows.

Mitch Dalton and The Super kings have a debut album called “...Meet Mitch Dalton and the Studio Kings”

This is another well managed site with a stylish font and colourful pictures on the home page.

There are snippets of reviews, as well as a bio and a link to the band’s new album. The pictures contain images of the band in the studio, as well as videos’ too. I felt this was an interesting look into the band, which gave an insight into their music.

This site doesn’t offer much information on the band. There are posts on the band’s shows with a promo photo. There are no videos, and the last update was in March.

Black Olives

Black Olives are a hard rock act from London, England. The band debuted headlining the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 with the support of BBC Music live.

The band have continued to set the bar with high profile appearances at notable venues and festivals in England, which includes a performance in Moldova to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Black olives have also supported Joss Stone at the Royal Philharmonic too. The band fuse Brit pop with classic rock music to creates well-crafted melodies.

Black Olives have released 3 albums to date to much critical acclaim. Their latest “Double Standards” came out in 2017.

This is a nicely organized site with a link to that latest album plus a compelling bio on Black Olives, plus a music player that covers a majority of their albums, plus photos from their past European tours. There is also a nicely updated schedule page,too. I feel this is another site apt for new fans.

This is a rather informative page with regular posts updating readers on airplay submissions, upcoming gigs, and photos of them, too. The photo section provides intricately taken snaps of the band on stage via colour /black & white. I also found the video section to be different from your usual FB band pages, in which we get insight into the recording of various tracks. Overall, a fully insightful introduction for new fans.

Attic Theory

Attic Theory are the amalgamation of former members of Matchstickmen and Rain May fall. The Liverpool- Based outfit play self- proclaimed “Sexy Groovy Rock”

Attic Theory derived the name from an episode of CBS TV series Elementary, and have performed at venues like the 02 Academy, alongside high-profile support slots for established artists like Graham Bonnett, Quireboys and DiamondHead.

Attic Theory will soon embark on a tour in support of The Soap Girls and Saving Abel. They will soon be releasing new material, too.

Attic Theory are;

Peter Donnelly - Guitar

Tim Cunningham - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Lewis Wright - Vocals

Kenneth McArthur - Bass

'25 hours & 5 minutes Party' Dave Hornby – Drums

This is another attractive site to the all-conquering eye. The opening page features a large graphic with the enticement to watch their new video. There is a much-detailed biography, as well as a Spotify link to the band’s latest track “Saints Amongst Us”. I feel it would have been nice to hear more because they sound good. There is only one video to view. It certainly is a site in development. However, it is a good start.

This is another fully informative site. There are regular updates on the band’s latest news, Gigs, plus they share another act’s material, which shows the band’s kindness. The photo section details the act’s sense of humor, alongside festival appearances, and music posters. This reflects the impression the act is down to earth and feel comfortable engaging with a new audience.

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Written by Anselm Anderson - UK / Lancaster

My name is Anselm and I have a strong passion for music. I host two rock radio shows for the internet on a weekly basis. Also, I have experience in the past year of writing music reviews and conducting interviews with upcoming artists for several online music magazines. My main goal is to continue to write for thse interested in learning about what is new in the musical world.

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Monday, 10 December 2018 17:22

It's A Girls Thing

Amanda Grace

Not one to be boxed into a single genre, Amanda Grace is one of the more contemporary solo performers offering indie-rock and alternative pop sounds. After studying at Winona State University and her nephew being diagnosed with leukaemia, Amanda took a closer look at music and returned with a children's album in 2010. In 2012, she released an acoustic album called Embrace focusing on the experiences of family members passing and what that means to her. Her most recent album, Rayne Angel, is a movement from previous releases with diverse melodies and was released in November 2018. - Amanda's Facebook account is a very personal, well-maintained one with regular posts. While she promotes her gigs and releases well, it is her personal posts with videos and images that make the profile endearing. I also enjoy her notes which are very engaging and help people gain an inside perspective of Amanda Grace. Amanda has a band profile widget available, so there are videos, an EPK and playlist access for fans. I would recommend the addition of social media handles in the 'about' section. - as with her Facebook account, Amanda Grace's Instagram account seems to be more personal than professional. While there are promotional posts, the majority of the images focus on the more intimate side of the artist - which is a good thing! It's a well-maintained account, and I enjoy how she updates her next gig in the 'about' section. - Amanda Grace's official website is easy to navigate with a prominent menu pointing out the different areas. Another prominent feature is the social media accounts menu where she has listed everything from Twitter and Soundcloud to Facebook and LinkedIn. If you scroll down, you will find gig listings, news, album information, and a contact box. I also like the background image which is easy on the eye and quite attractive to view.

Faith Bardill


If you're into country music, then the chances are likely that you have heard of Faith Bardill and The Band. Only a teen when she won her first award, Faith has performed over 150 shows across four states in the US. They have also opened for national recording artists, such as Craig Campbell, and Faith was called back for the 2015 series of American Idol. Hailing from North Carolina, Faith is known throughout the state for her classic country, country and even classic rock music.

Faith Bardill includes:

Faith Bardill on vocals and guitar.
Josh Oldham on bass.
Scott McBryde on drums.
Garrett Morrison on guitar.

Faith Bardill is a two-time winner of the Carolina Music Awards for 'Teen Artist of the Year' in 2015, and 'Country Female Artist of the Year' in 2016. - Faith Bardill's Facebook account is a well-maintained one with an emphasis on performances. Her gig listings are the first item you will see when you open the page, and there are various acoustic covers by Faith dispersed along the timeline. Many live band images are available, and access to music videos is available via the tabs in the menu. The about section does have links to other social media sites, but it is lacking when it comes to background information offering the bare minimum. A good profile with all the information you need and highly engaging for a loyal or new fan. - this Instagram account is a testament to Faith's young age with many 'selfie' style images available. She also has some performance images and videos, but it is more personal than professional — a well-maintained account that is a lot of fun to view offering people some 'behind the scenes' insight into this country singer. If Faith wants to use this as a professional resource, I would recommend some promotional images for gigs or releases. - Faith's official website is a simple landing page with a biography, press quotes, playlists, performance dates and images available. The importance of subscription is made clear with this being the first item you see when you arrive on the website - a brilliant marketing tactic. Also, her social media menu is evident at the top of the page, so you can't miss it! I like this website; it's clean, neat and offers everything you need. I only wonder where the contact details are.

Savanna Leigh Bassett

All the way from Jacksonville, FL, Savanna Leigh Bassett is a singer-songwriter who is taking the country music world by storm. A graduate of Florida State University where she studied Commercial Music, Business and Philosophy, she decided to pursue music as her full-time career. She aims to not only play a few ditties but make a positive change with her music, and she demonstrates this by working with Body and Soul - a non-profit organisation using music to empower individuals with health conditions, such as cancer or heart disease. Savanna has worked with various industry professionals in the country genre and recently released her single, 'Greenlight, Go', in 2016. - Savanna's Facebook account is relatively well-maintained and very engaging for new visitors or loyal fans. It utilises the band profile widget fantastically, so people have access to her songs, videos and the dates of gigs. Most of the photographs are personal in style with a tinge of 'press shot' to them, but they all make her look good (and isn't that what it's all about). I love the fun videos mixed in with the acoustic performances, my favourite being the 'slippery slide' one. It makes the account seem less imposing and more playful. I would recommend, however, that Savanna place links to her other social media accounts on her 'about' section. - a relatively well-maintained Instagram account with a good balance of professional and personal images. Savanna seems to enjoy putting up acoustic videos and images of her performing, which is ideal from a promotional standpoint. However, it is the cutesy images between the professional items that make you endeared to this country star. I am a particular fan of the 'mayonnaise eating' piece; how can you eat that much mayonnaise? - Savanna understands the power of imagery and videos, and that is evident in the layout of her official website. The landing page is filled with press photographs, a subscription box, an easily navigable menu and links to her social media accounts. Her music tab offers an outstanding array of options where you could listen to her music, so you can't say you didn't know where to go! I enjoy the bold lettering and soft colours, but if I may offer a single piece of advice, it would be to place videos or a playlist on the website.

Joy Kate


Barely out of her teens, Joy Kate is a singer-songwriter hailing from a small town in Mississippi who uses music as a catharsis. Instead of keeping a diary, this Nashville star says that she uses music and, regardless of how she is feeling, it makes her feel happy. Focusing on pop music production primarily, she debuted four well-accepted singles - 'Flirt', '2 Much', 'Edge of My Love', and 'Spin You Back'. Joy Kate's debt EP debut will paint a picture of a modern day Juliet with a pure and powerful voice. - Joy Kate's Facebook profile is a relatively well-maintained one with a great deal of artist promotion but through personal photographs. There is a combination of promotion regarding her musical and acting careers, but it's all the same bubbly Joy Kate. There are various images and videos giving you insight into the artist; as well as access to music videos and playlists. I would recommend an update of the bio section with links to other social media accounts and contact details. - this Instagram account is filled primarily with press images, but the personal images are so well edited it's hard to tell if they're not professionally shot as well. The consistency of posts makes it a great account to follow, and the Spotify link in the bio is a useful feature. - the content of Joy Kate's official website's landing page makes it obvious what path they want the visitor to take - look at the music, baby! It's an attractive page, and the imagery is lovely to view. It's bright, bold and vibrant, just like Joy Kate. The problem is unless you are familiar with web design; the menu is not placed correctly. To access the menu, you need to click on the 'three lines' and deal with a drop-down menu. Once you have the links available, each link is easy to access, and the pages provide an abundance of relevant information. In fact, Joy Kate includes a section discussing the non-profit organisations she supports.

Toya Nash


A classically trained mezzo-soprano, Toya Nash is one of the powerhouse belters whose unmistakeable sound makes people quiver in their boots - in a good way. In addition to being a formidable singer, Toya is both a screen and stage actor. She has released a single, 'Paradise', and an album called 'Him...' - If you're looking for something sultry but powerful, then you've come to the right place! Toya Nash's Facebook is a relatively well-maintained account with about two posts per month, mostly promotional. Unlike many of the other bands I come across, Nash has a maturity in her press images making them fun but professional at the same time. There are several videos that are enjoyable to watch and access to her music. More than that, there is access to other social media accounts with contact details in her bio. - Toya's Instagram account is a relatively well-maintained account with a good combination of promotional and personal images. There are also memes, videos, and good grief what I would give to look as good in those bathing suits! I'm content with the account, but does she really need to look that good? - a very simple website with one landing page and everything on it. Basic colours using white, pink and black - all tones that complement each other. Toya's gallery, videos, music and biography are neatly laid out allowing you to easily discover all you need to know about the artist.

Alicia Michilli


Coming all the way from Detroit, Michigan, this young soul/R&B artist released her passion and class onto the world. Alicia released a self-titled EP including one of her singles, 'Crazy'. She recently released her sophomore EP, 'Letter from the edge', on November 29th, 2018. The EP will be available on all music streaming websites. - One of the most endearing elements of Alicia's Facebook account is her posts. Yes, they are mostly promotional putting out her gigs and her new album; however, it's the way she words the post that makes it more engaging. It's a type of sentimentality, making you feel like a friend rather than a fan or guest. Her band profile gives you access to songs and videos, plus the gig listings are available. I would recommend a relook at the biography section. She places links to social media accounts, but there are no contact details available. - this Instagram account has an interesting balance between the press and personal images. Once again, there is a degree of sentimentality in the account with Alicia appearing stylish and passionate. I would recommend that Alicia relook the link in her bio as it appears to be broken. - Alicia Michilli's official site is a simple, clean-cut one with an attractive background image. The menu is easily found and navigable with the media being accessed quickly. The social media links are simple to find and make Alicia Michilli's music easy to locate. I would only recommend that the text is made slightly lighter as it is difficult to read with the darker colouring.

Chelsea Blues


Chelsea Blues is one of those soul-based, bluesy, jazzy, one-of-a-kindey people who will get your soul ringing and your heart singing! A singer, a poet, and a performance artist - Bahamian first and British second; this beautiful artist has plans to take the world by storm, and don't you dare stop her! - Chelsea Blues is, as I said before, one of the bluesy, jazzy, soul-based lovelies that our world needs. They stand for their beliefs, and if you're not there with them, well that's your issue. An intriguing sound, with just a hint of attitude - Chelsea Blues is a powerful force that people have yet to encounter, and help you if you're not ready for it! The Facebook account is great, but I have concerns regarding the lack of contact details and other social account links. The account is well-maintained, and I enjoy the number of videos and photographs. - Chelsea's website is a unique one in that it offers not only music but also a link to her poetry. A bold image of Chelsea meets you as you log onto the site, and you can immediately scroll down to her bio with a link to her latest album below. The menu can be found above and directs you to various sections. Social media links are obvious so that you can follow her quite easily. I don't have any concerns with this website; I just wonder which template it is so I could use it.


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Carolyn Miller


Having been on the stage since the age of eight, we doubt Carolyn Miller expected the role of a country pop singer was ever on the cards. After graduating from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music, this New York native was ready to explore a new path away from the film and television world. Using YouTube as her creative outlet, she built a following with only three videos and, according to Miller, suddenly discovered a side of herself she didn't know existed. When deciding to enter the world of music, she was determined to take on country because of its lyrical quality - it tells a story, and you need to be truthful. After several years of hard work, Carolyn released her debut EP, Unbreakable, in November 2018. - Carolyn's Facebook is a very well-maintained account with well-worded and engaging posts. She uses both images and videos as part of her posts making them more interactive for fans and site visitors. There are different videos available and a plethora of images, but what I truly enjoy is that the photographs are quite personal. Her biography section provides all the information one may require including contact details and social media account links. - Carolyn's Instagram is pretty much the same images as her Facebook profile with many personal pictures, including a wedding photograph. A good balance between professional and personal, and some enjoyable videos with live sets. I don't have any concerns and quite enjoy the account. - A landing page acts as Carolyn's website promoting her music very well. The first item you notice on the page is an advertisement for Unbreakable, followed by gig dates and a playlist. If you scroll further down, you'll discover more information, eventually reaching a contact box. Everything you need is on this website, despite the social media links and menu not being accessible at all times.

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Written by Nicole Mendes / Germany - Norden

My name is Nicole and I am a South African-born music writer currently based in Norden, Germany. For several years I have worked with award-winning indie music blogs conducting reviews, reported on breaking festival news, but my specialism is interviewing.  I currently work as editor-in-chief for an indie music blog I founded where I specialise in interviews with independent artists.

Hire ms Mendes to review your band or your new album.

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