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Tilted Shadows - USA / PITTSBURGH, PA

Tilted Shadows is a rock/ alt. rock band from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area that fuses grunge, hard rock, melodic, and even little bits of metal and pop rock. The band formed in 2015 when Singer/songwriter/ guitarist David Hipchen started working on some songs he wrote with original drummer Gregg Shotts, lead guitarist Jeffrey Stouffer, and bassist Clayton Hoover. At first the band thought that they may be just making a solo album for David, but when they listened to the final cuts of “Nothing Ventured,” their first album, they knew they had to stick together as a band and start booking gigs so they could play the songs live.

Tilted Shadows' songs are very personal and their music drawn from each musician's personal experiences and style. David writes about people and things close to him, and issues that he cares deeply for, like depression and mental health, family, and the politics of current events. Musically, the band likes to explore various influences and wants to build a dynamic catalog of songs over the long term. They believe every band should have “their sound” but that no two albums should sound alike. They are currently working on their second album and can't wait to release the new songs with new sounds and new members. Original members Gregg Shotts (drums) and Jeff Stouffer (lead guitar) have both decided to pursue their own personal musical endeavors over the last two years and are still good friends of the band. The current lineup is:

David Hipchen – Vocals, guitar, songwriter

Joey Conner – Lead guitar, backing vocals

Clayton Hoover – bass

D.j. Myers – drums and percussion