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InCrest - Denmark / Copenhagen

InCrest is an alternative rock trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, with a mission to bring back the catchy and ruff sounds of 90's seattle grunge wave, in a modern version - suitable for the future of rock listeners.

The band released the first studio album “Rubicon Atlas” in 2014 with producer Søren Andersen (Pretty Maids, Mike Tramp, Electric Guitars), and is just released their sequal album “The Ladder The Climb The Fall” on Sep 15, 2018.

The new album is made in collaboration with the super producer Matt Wallace (Maroon5, Deftones and Faith No more), and the danish metal producer giant Jacob Hansen (Volbeat and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy).

InCrest has been touring aruond in Denmark and in India, aired on a loads of various radio stations a cross the world (USA, UK, Australia, Argentina mount others) and has been a part of the biggest danish rock radio's "myrock" playlist through a number of years.

The band met at a boarding school in the teenage years, and formed the band, which has swung by different genres such as garage rock, progressive and even metal, before settling on the alt grungy sound which is the key feature of InCrests music today.

The Band consists of

Malte Sandbjerg, Lead Vocal / Guitar

Jonas Tange, Drums / Backing Vocal

Anders Hagedorn-Olsen, Bass / Backing Vocal