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The Cubes - Liverpool / UK

The cubes is a band covering different projects of Jacob Solarek who writes and performs his own music. The cubes were founded in 2012 through instrumental jamming with couple of friends. Later on, after a few life changing circumstances, the cubes made a few appearances in Poland. Those appearances were a result of meeting the frontman with a rhythm section (which at the time made up Mateusz Michalczak on bass guitar and Michał Śmierzchała on drums).
Unfortunately the band could only function on rare occasions while all the members got back home for Christmas break. Moreover, Jacob was living in the UK.
Therefore their next appearance took place several months later, during the “Experyment Festival” 2014 in Zbąszyń (Poland). This festival’s performance featured Nine Lives Thomas – Liverpool’s harmonica player. After couple of other performances, the band was facing another upcoming change. In 2015/16 bass guitarist Simon Smith joined who gave renewed life to the songs. Drum sticks and stool was given to Anthony Longworth. The band started gigging in Liverpool in places such as The Cavern Pub, Zanzibar, Lantern Theatre and the Soft Scoop event held in The City of Liverpool College. The cubes also appeared at Liverpool Sound City Festival 2016. Soon afterwards Julia Manley has joined the band to play the piano. This lineup then suspended its activity.
Jacob formed another version of the cubes, this time prioritizing making a record first. Therefore the band with Chris Jones on bass and Danny Kirkham on drums, started rehearsing.
After months of preparations, the cubes entered Crosstown Studio in Liverpool to make a debut EP. The EP is entitled “Fall Out” and it's released online as well as physical album.
Meanwhile, the cubes is working on their first LP.

We hope to see you at the gigs!

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