From this player you can listen 24/7, day and night, our fine music, check out upcoming bands, our associates and follow the producers and their live shows. Some of genres we broadcast are Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Indie and especially suitable music to accompany you in your work. Hit the PLAY button or listen straight from your pc by clicking --> here <-- and Enjoy!



The Old School Project started at March 2013 as a traditional coffeehouse in Thessaloniki.

Among other ideas web radio prevailed and after a year of preparations started to broadcast, at 30/5/2014, transforming The Old School Project at the first traditional coffeehouse in Greece with its own built-in internet radio station.

Unique and innovative special feature is the combination of the coffeehouse and the radio station who gives the opportunity to customers to see and listen the producers live, thanks to a specially designed studio.

Priority of the station is to promote bands and their work by broadcasting their songs, promote their events and setting up gigs.

In the context of events The Old School Project successfully organized two all day Slingshot Festivals in Panorama Thessaloniki on 21.09.2014 and 09.05.2015.

Another activity of The Old School Project is the H.I.T series (Handy Ingenious Tools).

The H.I.T series consists of unique handmade products of everyday life, made with care with a view to give a helping hand to the daily needs. Each product is unique because our basic principle is to create products with different design each time.

Finally  there is a Trading Library in the coffeehouse with the purpose to trade books of famous writers and also give the opportunity to the new ones to promote their books.

Goal of The Old School Project is to expand the relations with the music world, be an elegant part of the people who surround it and enrich its activities with innovative ideas so that in the end you could say that it offers as much as possible in what is called Creation.

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